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January 2012 Update Report


Please Join us in Praising the Father

The Father has done a wonderful thing in providing for His people! He deserves all the praise, honor and esteem for this project. He has provided through His people so that our brothers and sisters will not go without His Word. We ask you all to praise Him and thank Him as often as you can for this project. We as a team desire no praise, no thanks, no nothing… only that you give all esteem, praise and honor to the Almighty.

Instead of just handing out a copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures to people who can easily get access to a computer, have them come to the site and watch the videos so they can see that the Father has provided. This way He receives so much more praise and esteem and they will value the gift that the Father has provided more.


A Special Thank You

We want to take the time to thank you all for praying and fasting and donating to this very important project. There is a sister we know that fasts one day a week for this project and is bringing up two young boys by herself, yet she manages to put aside a donation each month to support those in need. This sister lives in conditions that most people would say is desperate. She  prays daily for this project as she knows how important it is to the Father and His people. We praise the Father for her and her family, for others like her and for everyone that prays for, fasts and/or supports this project. We pray daily for you all and ask the Father to "barak" you and keep you and your family protected and provided for. Many of you give unselfishly and go without to see His Word into believers hands. There are no words to express how grateful we are and we know you do this for the Father and not some tangible reward nor for us, His helpers.

consider donating

Supported Needed for 3rd Print Run of 20,000

The need is so great from brothers and sisters all over the world that have lived and walked with the Father but have had no means to have a copy of His Word. Most of us would never know what that is like, but we as a team know first hand what it is like not to have His Word. We have witnessed brothers and sisters who have received a copy and weep so deeply for the gift that you, His people have given them and they praise Almighty Elohim. It is truly wonderful to see the joy on their faces.  Honestly, there is nothing better than His Word! By investing in His Word you can never go wrong.

We want to start working towards a print run of 20,000 copies so that we can reach even more people. Please help us to reach this stage. You will "barak" the Father and His people. We know we keep mentioning this but there is nothing more important than His Word which is the best gift you can give His people.

halleluyah hands up

Many ministries ask for donations, but having taken your donation, turn around and sell His Word and books which they asked for donations for! The HalleluYah Scriptures will never be for sale. This is His Word and he gave all for us and deserves so much more. When you donate to this project you are donating directly to His Word and your donation goes to printing and shipping of his word alone. These are the only costs, and there will never be any other costs. The main team of HalleluYah Scriptures work full-time on this project and will never ask anyone for funds for any personal reason. We would rather go without so that his word is printed and shipped out to those in need.

There will come a time when we may not be able to print any more copies and feel it is important to print and store up as many copies as possible for that future time. Many of you know there is a dark time coming and His Word, the HalleluYah Scriptures will be the light in these dark times.

Stock Delayed

The latest shipment is delayed as the seas are rough for this time of year but expect to receive the shipment middle to end of Feb. Kindly bear with us at this time. We will then start getting the back-log of orders out.

There are large shipments going to Third World countries and we need to start getting this ready as soon as the shipment arrives. It takes 2 months to arrive to these places, so they will be waiting longer then those in other countries.

world wide distribution map

Getting Stocks to Other Countries

We really need your help. If you are part of a fellowship or group of believers, could you kindly share about this project and ask if anyone knows any fellowships or groups in Third World countries that love the Father's name and obey, or are learning to obey His Torah. We want to reach as many brothers and sisters around the world that do not have His Word and it is something that is so important that we are trying hard to contact these believers. Can you kindly help us by sharing about this project and refer people to the videos on our site so they can see the project first hand, and if they know anyone that is in urgent need they can let us know.

We are aware there is a great need in the Philippines at the moment. If you know any messianic groups or fellowships or believers in the Philippines, can you let us know as we are working on a shipment to this country when the new shipment arrives.

Mission Trip - Nigeria

A brother went on a mission trip to Nigeria and Africa. There he shared the Torah with many believers, some who had never received a copy of His Word until now. Check out the pictures as they are encouraging. HalleluYah to the Father and His Son, and thanks to His people who made this happen! Our desire is to reach every brother and sister in all these countries to give them a copy of Halleluyah Scriptures as many of these people do not have a computer nor means to contact us for stock.

Nigeria missionsNigeria missionsNigeria missionsNigeria missions


Prison Orders to go Through a Prison Ministry

prison light from above on halleluyah scripturesWe are receiving many emails from brothers and sisters who want us to send the Halleluyah Scriptures to prisoners. We are working with a number of prison ministries and we will get you to confirm (with a large prison ministry that we support) so that double-ups are prevented from going into the prisons that might result in others missing out.

When the newest shipment has been sent, a large amount will have gone into prisons for brother and sisters who love his name and are leaning Torah. HalleluYah!

stacks of halleluyah books

Donations Vow

We want to share with you, His people, about the vow made by us when the vision was given by the Father.

We are to be good stewards of His Word and the donations that are entrusted to us for this project.

We will never use the donations for anything else but printing and shipping.

There are no other significant costs even though those that work on this project work long hours each day (except Sabbath) and do not receive one cent for doing this job. It is an honor to work for the Father and His people. All equipment and other costs are met by each team member. If any extra costs come up we will always put a special plea out to his people for help and we have done that with the storage.

We have received all that was needed to cover the costs for the storage for the year. HalleluYah!

When the Father called the main team of HalleluYah Scriptures to do this work we were called to be good stewards and are not to throw His Word to swine, but to make sure they go into the hands of those who love and call on His Name and obey or are learning to obey His Torah — those that have never seen nor owned a copy and cannot afford. He has provided for these people.

We do not have unlimited stock like the bible society who receive millions in donations. It is not always an easy job but we do the best we can for the Father and His people and we take all instruction and leading from his ruach.


This is why we cannot just give the HalleluYah Scriptures out "willy-nilly". We are accountable to the father and also to those that have donated for every copy. Those that have donated do not want to support those that already have restored name scriptures, knowing that if people have paid for copies elsewhere, then they can afford to donate to help themselves and others so they are not taking out of the hands of those in desperate need. Please, if you already have a restored name scriptures and want a copy of the Halleluyah Scriptures then please donate so you are not taking from those in great need and using up donations that people have worked so hard to give to help our brothers and sisters as we are commanded in Scripture to do. There is truly nothing better than His Word. It has all the answers and gives us all hope, and no better gift you can give a brother or sister.


Many of us in the Western World will never understand what it is like to not have His Word, but we can tell you first-hand that there are thousands that do not have a copy and all they want is His Word. That is all they ask and pray to the Father for. There are no profits made in this ministry as all donations go to printing and shipping. Invest in His people as they are worth investing in. The team has given up their lives to see his people worldwide receive His Word — those that have never seen nor owned a RNS, and cannot afford. Nothing else is more important to us.


Daily Fast and Prayer

The Father has led us to have at least one team member fast and pray one day a week so that the project is covered in prayer and fasting. We need this covering over the project each day for wisdom, strength, protection and for our health and equipment. We pray daily for those that support this project. We have also put in place a daily prayer team that pray daily for this project as directed by the Father, so the project and ourselves are covered daily. We only ask for a few minutes of prayer each day, so if you would like to join others in this can you kindly click here for form. without the prayer we can do nothing. through prayer comes strength, wisdom and protection.

halleluyah scriptures ebook

eBook - Fix Coming Soon

The hard drive that housed our eBook program had to be sent away for fixing. We have just been informed that the e-book has been fixed up and will be reloaded to the site soon. We shared previously with you about all that happened when it was first completed, after many months of hard work and many late nights, that no sooner was loaded to the site and before we could check if all was working, we lost the program with the hard drive needing to be sent away for repairs. There is always a settling in time for all programs so please bear with us as this is the program we had prayed about and were led to use so please do not ask us to use other programs.

Thank you to all those that prayed daily for the eBook hard drive to be restored and please keep this in your prayers as the eBook is reaching thousands of believers all over the world. The eBook is receiving over 2000 downloads if not more each month and we are receiving many positive comments on it.

Spanish translation help needed

Spanish Translation

The Spanish team needs more helpers to get this translation done faster for His Spanish speaking/reading people. If you can give a few hours each week to work with our Spanish translation team, that would be great. There are so many Spanish speaking people who cannot read English and need this book. We are asked for the Spanish translation every couple of days. See the advert on the main page of the H.S. web site for more details and  form for you to fill out if you can help.

yashar ebook

Book of Yashar

The translation team has been working for a number of months on the book of Yashar. Once this is completed we will be adding it to an eBook for you to download to your computer and read just like the book of Hanok. There have been thousands of you downloading and enjoying the eBooks, which is great. We have had many positive remarks, thank you.

Donation Warning

We have been informed of a couple of people calling themselves believers and saying they have permission to take donations for the HalleluYah Scriptures project. This is not true and we ask that you inform us if you know anyone that has been asking for donations and saying they are part of the HalleluYah Scriptures project.


This is illegal and wrong and it is robbing from the Father and His Word and those in desperate need. We as a team do not look after the donations and we have nothing to do with them, we have an independent team who looks after all funds. No one on this project (and there are some that work 14 to 16 hours a day 6 days a week) take any funds whatsoever and would never think of doing this no matter the hardship. All donations go to printing and shipping only. There are no other costs. If there is a cost that comes up (like the storage) we then ask for funds for that purpose alone as we cannot take any funds out of the regular donations.

It is against Torah to profit off His Word and we must never sell His Word or profit from it. He gave everything to us. Please support a project like HalleluYah Scriptures as your donations go to printing and shipping and you are supporting something that has been done according to His Word. Sadly, there are very few ministries in this world who work this way and supporting people who sell his word for profit does not help those that are truly in need. They call for donations and then sell their items for huge profits when these people do not need donations as they are making profits from their wares.


The HalleluYah Scriptures are not for sale… they are funded by His people. Sadly, many donations are wasted on paying wages and lifestyles.

There is truly nothing more important than His Word! It is the best gift you can give to a brother or sister. It has all the answers and gives so much hope. Many know that harder times are coming and his people will need His Word. Please help us to help those who are in urgent need of His Word.

We are protective of this project because never in modern history has His Word been done in English according to His Torah & Laws.

No footnotes, no added mans doctrines, 80% of italicized words removed and most importantly not for sale.

We fear the Father and would never go against His Torah & Laws when it comes to His Word and that is why he picked the team that works on this project. We are of one mind and one aim and that is to work together in unity and reach his people with His Word.

New Videos Coming Soon

We have been so busy with other things on this project that we have not been able to start any of the videos or audios that we would like to start. The project is so busy and there are so many orders and needs that our time is taken up on this. We have been offered much help in this area but just need the time to put it all together. Thank you to the brother and sister for the new video program they paid for and donated to the HalleluYah Scriptures. The team has been having fun with it and are working hard to organize and think of the next videos we want to do. We will be revamping the videos we have on the site in the near future.

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