Restored Paleo Hebrew Name Scriptures , No Footnotes , No Man's Doctrines , No Paganisms , Literal Translation , Closest To The Hebrew , Not For Sale, Free To The Poor, Prisoners and The Very Needy, Supported By Those Who Can Afford. 80% of Added Words Removed

Let The People Speak In Their Own Words – HalleluYah

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-2“For if I bring the Good News, it is no boasting for me, for necessity is laid on me, and it is woe to me if I do not bring the Good News! For if I do this voluntarily, I have a reward, but if not Voluntarily, I am entrusted with a management.” – 1 Corinthians / Qorin’tiyim 1 9:16-17

Firstly and most importantly, all praise, honor and esteem to the Most High and His Son. We want to take the time to share the many comments that have been left on the website. The comments page has only put up towardthe end of 2016 so is still new to the HalleluYah Scriptures website. We have received thousands upon thousands of wonderful comments giving ALL praise, honor and esteem to the Most High and His Son for the Word and this project.

There is no other project like the HalleluYah Scriptures, which means Praise Yah for His Word, it has been a great honor in being part of this project to be able to be used by the Most High. Many lives have been changed forever all over the world, free copies have gone into many countries and places that we have been amazed at, and although we still have much work to do, we will do this until YHWH has no more, for there is a time coming that His Ruach will be removed from this earth, and what a very sad time it will be.


Let us share from those who have received… Most of the comments are from those that have received freely and it is because you, His people, have had a heart in helping those who have never seen nor owned a copy and have no means or options of affording. We, like all those you have helped, praise the Most High YHWH and pray for you regularly. Kindly know, you have done an amazing thing.

Although we receive very little photographs from people who receive freely in the western world (and we have sent out thousands upon thousands of free copies to the western world) we do receive many comments of thanks from these people, but not photographs.

We are all so blessed to have such an anointed copy of His Word. We have never seen Yah’s Word with His Name, this is so exciting. What a great honour to own such a gift as this. We have been praying for many years to own such a book. We have been rejoicing and praising daily over this gift. A very special thanks to you all and those that have donated. HalleluYAH!!! Hong Kong Thanks


Dear Halleluyah Scriptures,

Thank You for the Most Valuable Gift!!!

Praise [the Father] for the most wonderful work you have done and for the wonderful gift. I am eternally grateful for your bible. I love it so much. Once my financial situation turns around I would like to be a donor for your ministry. Eternally Blessed, A. T.

Thank you Halleluyah scriptures Mission Team for distributing Halleluyah Scriptures.

I don’t believe that I will get such a good and wonderful words of YHWH in this small village i stay. YHWH bless you all.

Thanks for all the materials we received from Mission Team through brother Paominlen, I am happy and satisfied. May YHWH bless all of your who work for the kingdom of Yahshua Messiah.

Thank you Halleluyah Scripture Mission team. I am longing to have this Restored/Scriptures for long, today I got. Thanks and long live. Philippines

Praise the [Father and His Son], our Bibles arrived this week. We had a friend from Taiwan visiting who the Spirit wanted us to give a Bible to. He and his family have been under financial attack for about 7 years. He was so thankful to receive this Bible. Thank you so much. We will be distributing the rest as we see our people this month. Hong Kong


Prisoners are important to YHWH and His Son, and this project has been honored in being able to send in thousands of free copies over the years. Here is just a small handful of comments from prisoners.

Greetings Brethren,
I want first to thank you all for your prayers for my son.
He was released this morning from the Amherst County jail and will be
residing with his grandfather. I am very grateful for your loving kindness in sending him the HalleluYah Scriptures and other resources. Also pray for each of you and all whom you love, thanking Abba for your labor in His Kingdom and His favor upon your work. May your reward be rich and great in eternal glory!! Thank you again, abundant blessings! – Paula H. (USA)

Blessings in the wonderful Name of Yeshua! I just received my free copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures and I am so so happy! Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service to these who cannot afford them! May the Father continue to bless your ministry and use you to reach many others! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! – Mario L. (USA)

I want to thank you for the Bible you sent as it is very nice. I was just informed today that you also have a compassion on study for the Scriptures of Yah. – Brian S. (USA)

The halleluYah scriptures team, thank you very much for the HalleluYah Scriptures. I wake up praising YAH and go to sleep praising YAH. I am a true believer in the Messiah. – Howard C. (USA)

Shalom Mishpah. I wish to thank you very much for your wonderful gift of the HalleluYah Scriptures. Shabbat Service we passed it around and read, it was enjoyed by all. – Hubert L. (USA)

Praise the Name of YHWH! May His favor and mercy be upon you all. I recently received my copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures and I wanted to send my prayers and my most humble gratitude. It is wonderful blessing to have my own cope of our Father’s Word with the restored Sacred Names. – Kevin B. (USA)

My father received his free copy of the scriptures in an Alaska state prison. Thank you Team.



Shalom brethren,
Thank you so much for information and work you are doing. May YHWH guide and lead you always with his Ruah ha qodesh. In the Love of YAHSHUA The Messiah – (from India)

This is a donation to your wonderful organization. Please send bibles to as many souls as possible! Much love and appreciation for the incredible work you do – Jennifer

Shalom brothers,
On today, I received the HalleluYah Scriptures; it is beautiful as well as the children’s book and DVD. They are all a great blessing! I haven’t heard the audio yet but I look forward to it. I will pray and fast as Ruach Ha Kodesh leads. I support your work and am grateful for your service to our King! Thank you for your contribution to His work! Shalom Shalom – Daniel F. (USA)


And I say to you, everyone who confesses Me before men, the Bĕn of Adam shall also confess him before the messengers of Elohim. But he that has denied Me before men shall be denied before the messengers of Elohim. – Luke / Loqas 12:8-9


Greetings my dear friends, I am excited to receive this gift and I must say what an amazing work of YHWH you are doing. May His marvelous blessings be on you and your work. Thank you very much. (USA)

Thank you for your work. I pray for your staff often. We have received many of the HalleluYah Scriptures bibles for ourselves and to give others. My husband teaches an adult class at our local church. Just this last week he started a new class using the HalleluYah Scriptures and we gave each one a HalleluYah Scriptures standard bible. We’ve been reading and enjoying receiving new revelations from HalleluYah Scriptures since last September. We’ve been believers for all of adult lives (40 years) but we both see and feel the difference, the anointing that the Father gives on His Word through HS Scriptures. – Renae C. (USA)

Shalom! Thank you for my precious and beautiful Scriptures! – Sonia (South Africa)


Shalom, just wanted to let you know that I received my copy of HalleluYah Scriptures, thank you very much. it is amazing, I love it. I would like to get a few more copies to give to all the people I know. thanks again and may YHWH keep you and guard you. Shalom. (Africa)

Hello brothers and sisters, greetings thank you for your prayer and support we are on praying for you and we do appreciate your work. Thank you YHWH bless you. –  (Kenya)

Shalom Dear sir/madam, I would like to greetings you and I hope are you doings well there am happy to received HalleluYah Scriptures here from Gambella ,Ethiopia ,East Africa . I received last week. Thank you for kindness. Hashem Barak you all. – ETHIOPIA

My brothers and sisters in Ha’Mashiach,
It is always such a wonderful berakah to hear from you and to know all of the great work you continue to do for the Kingdom. My wife and I make our contributions out of the love that our Abba YHWH has put in our hearts for our fellow believers and for the lost. We love you so very much and we know that the work you are doing is arguably the most important work in the world, especially in this late hour. So many souls thirsting for the Fountain of Living Water that is the Word of Elohim and you are providing that for them by His providence and strength. As long as you continue to do this critical work, my wife and I will continue to pray for you and will continue to support your mission financially because we love you, we love those precious souls to whom the HalleluYah Scriptures are being given, and of course, because we love the Father and His Ben more than anything. Keep going my HalleluYah Scriptures family, and be encouraged. Your work is producing much good fruit :) – Your family in Mashiach.


I live in South Africa and have been privileged to get a copy of the Halleluyah scriptures. Many thanks and blessings. – Michele (Nigeria)

Where ever HalleluYah Scriptures feels led by Elohim to barak any part of your ministry. We are in agreement with… We are not asking for anything in return. Only for Elohim’s Word to get out to as many people as possible. Our love and gratitude really go out to you. You are the only ministry in alignment with Elohim. This what it feels like to us. I wouldn’t know where to give to Elohim… You have barak our family and as long as we are here on this earth we will barak Elohim through your ministry. We send our love and hugs and continual prayers of protection over the world and every single person and vehicle working in alignment for the kingdom of Elohim. – Tiffany

Birekoth to The HalleluYah Scriptures Team for the wonderful work being done. . Shalom. Thank you. – Mairyn


Thanks brothers and sisters for the information of you guys carrying out such wonderful works. I just need you to continue including me and my family in your prayers. – Gwen M.

I am so glad to hear from you YHWH sure has barak us all. May YHWH baruk you and all your families for all of my brothers and sisters for all your hard work in getting His sacred Name and word out. – Brother Don

I thank you for always responding quickly. I pray Abba YAH will continue to baruk and increase you all in the work you are doing for His kingdom. – Melick K.

I’ve been looking for this kind of bible for long and finally founded, I really can’t wait to read the right word of YHWH. Thanks! – Reeta M. (Canada)


I have enjoyed reading the Halleluyah Scriptures Bible. I never received the Names of the Father book, but have been satisfied with everything I have received. Thank you so much for all that you do. May Almighty bless you richly for all that you do. – Charlotte

Thank you and we pray for all involved in your project. It is a wonderful undertaking and you are producing great fruits!!! May YAH shine His Face to you and be gracious to you! Shalom.

Shalom dear brothers
Thank you for your prayers all is well here and we are prayerfully grateful for your very important work. Your work has helped us in our growth tremendously. We are using every means possible to equip the Qodeshim here including teaching Ibriy. Thank you once again for your tireless efforts. Yah Bless your team. – Anthony


Thank You. We pray that you all are well. Thanks for all you do!

I wanted to say thank you for everything that you’re doing. – Justin (USA)

ELOHIM BARAK YOU my family in Yeshua’s Name and to Him be all the glory forevermore! Much Love, Brother Jerome. Shabbat Shalom!

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-africa-worldwide-574x431 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-the-best-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-waterproof-bible-hebrew-zambia-2

May YHWH Elohim and His Ben Mashiach Adon Yashua be praised and all honor and esteem be given to Them for all They have done for Their people through your team. May He always show your team favor. Thank you for sharing that my donation was a birekoth for my brothers and sisters to the Glory and Esteem of YHWH Elohim and His Ben Mashiach Adon Yashua I will continue to donate as we are to be prepared for Mashiach Adon Yashua return Shalom! – Sheila

Thank you so very much for all your team does to share the Word. May you be blessed abundantly to continue this work. I pray I will be able to help you again financially soon as times are tough now, but will indeed lift all up in prayer. Shalom! – Deb

I received my copy of the incredible HALLELUYAH SCRIPTURES today and cried while reading El Shaddai YHWH words and learning the pure , true truths in each of his beautiful words meaning. I can’t express my love, gratitude and thankfulness to the entire team for all your love and unwavering dedication to insuring YHWH Elohim and his ben Yahshua our Mashiah are reached / sent out to all those who would not otherwise of found a way to see or hear the loving guiding words of YHWH and our treasured history with The Only ONE YHWH Elohim. Sincerely with great Love! Wishing all of you many birekoth 


Blessings I would like to share I just received my blessing/HALLELUYAH SCRIPTURES And I am so humbly grateful I was counting down the Days HALLELUYAH All praise honor and glory to YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH amen Thank You so very much May YAH bless you all exceedingly And more than you all can imagine Blessings. – Rosemary (USA)

Shalom, our family is so excited, and have been so blessed by the family of Halleluyah Scriptures! Abba knows! In our beloved Messiah, – Jacob (USA)

I have enjoyed the scriptures that I received from you. Bless you all for all that you do to bring to us the word of our Heavenly Father And Creator. – Dean (USA)


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in study, and to share prayer and supplication and support. – John

Yes, that’s it. Thank you for prayers, we are praying for u as well. Yah’s favor over you and the team in what you all do. Blessings. Shalom! – Scott (USA)



Hi there! Thank you again so much for HalleluYah Scriptures that you sent for the girls at the “His Girls” house!!!! I have been meeting with them and they are SO into the Word! They have also been watching Alan Horvath’s videos which is really helping them to grasp a fast understanding of the original language!…Thank you so much for all you do!!! – Tiffany (USA)

Thank you for my HalleluYah Scriptures I really appreciate how quickly I received it here in the United Kingdom . May Elohim bless your ministry . Please can you send me a list of your bibles. – (UK)

Thank you Team, I have received my copy! Thanks to YHWH and HalleluYah Scriptures Team. – Sujith K. (United Arab of Emirates)


You are in my daily prayers. The Booth of Elohim is with men and He shall dwell with them & they shall be His people and Elohim Himself shall be with them & be their Elohim. It is my privilege to be a part of the project as you continue to do the Father’s will in His work. I pray in unity with you, May the nations come to His Truth & see the love He has for them. I seek Him with all my heart, soul, mind & strength.

Shalom HalleluYah Scriptures Team,
Thank you for all that you do. I enjoy your mission very much and speak about your work to all that I know. May YaH continue to baruk you in all that you do. Thank you again for all that you do. Shalom and YaH baruk. – Tyrone (USA)

Hi there ,
Almighty bless you and thank you for getting back to me , I appreciate it very much. I am new to the HalleluYah Scriptures so I am excited to learn all about the Hebrew names and meanings . Its something my heart has been desiring for a long time. Thank you may YHWH bless your ministry to the fullest. – Janette (USA)


I want to thank you all for all your obedience to the FATHER. Your obedience has let me see Scripture more clearly. The translation of Halleluyah Scriptures is incredible. Thank you so much!!! Your sister in Messiah, Dora (USA)

Good morning, I thank you for the email I received. I am so excited to begin this journey. I am also thankful to Abba for leading me to Alan Horvath who led me to you by recommending that I order the HalleluYah Scriptures!!!! I am so overjoyed…. I thank you so much for this awesome work that your organization is doing, especially the HalleluYah Scriptures!!! …. Thank You. SHALOM! – Gloria (USA)

I thank ABBA FATHER for the work you doing in His name, it’s my way of thanksgiving to Him for what He has done. the gift may be used in helping to feed the children. I will keep you in my prayers. Shalom! – Catherine


Good evening,
Want to let you know that I received my waterproof HalleluYah Scriptures last week and I am very happy and pleased with it. . . I love the way the letters are printed, really nice. Thank you so much and I wish you many Blessings in Yeshua’s Name. –  (Netherlands)

Shalom again friends! Thank you for your response as to the timing of my delivery. Please forgive me if I have seemed inpatient . I am just very excited about the project and beginning my study of these amazing books. Thank you so much for you dedication in translating them in the Fathers qodesh language. I love you all and am praying for continued success on all the Father would have you to do. – Tina

Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR MY PARALLEL SCRIPTURES!! It is SUCH A POWERFUL WITNESS!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HEBREW NEW TESTAMENT!! May YHWH Elohim barakh the project! No one else offers what HalleluYah Scriptures offers!!! May Elohim barakh you all for your effort! His Torah is LIFE! – Charles (USA)


I received your notice that you sent me another package. Thank you SO much. I appreciate your correspondence and your thoughtfulness more than you know! I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my HalleluYAH Scriptures—I can’t wait to be in the shamayim and meet all you wonderful brothers and sisters, where we can study YHWH’s Word endlessly and completely. What a berekah! I’ll send another donation next month. Thank you again, for your incredible work for the Kingdom of Elohim.


I am really enjoying my HalleluYAH Scriptures. I want to thank you for sending me this free copy. I just cannot afford to buy a Bible with the Names. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your email and your invaluable prayer, HalleluYah Scriptures family :) They are needed and very much appreciated. We continue to pray for you and the critical work you’re doing and we just love you so much and will continue to offer HalleluYah Scriptures our prayer and financial support. It’s always so nice to get your emails and read about the shipments that are reaching the lost all over the world. It is a tremendous honor to support the coming Kingdom of Elohim in this way through HalleluYah Scriptures. Please keep doing what you are doing. I love you and wish all of you and your families an amazing 2017 for the esteem of our Abba YHWH. Yours in Mashiach,


Thank you I have receive my halleluYah Scriptures and I’ve been reading them and I have a much better understanding of what I am reading, and it is very clear to me why this is so popular among those of us that are wanting a deeper understanding of scriptures, it gives me a chance to see the true translation and or the meaning of the paleo Hebrew and the Father’s name and also Yahshua name restored, this book is very well made and it’s large print makes it so much easier to read. Thank you. Shalom

I received my free copy as promised.
It was such a beautiful moment. They even had a book on Hebrew definitions
I am very happy with my order. HalleluYah for beautiful people at HalleluYah Scripture for getting this out to those in need. Shalom


I just want to encouragement y’all to continue to feed the people the true. I love what y’all are doing. We will keep the ministry in prayer.

I feel like I was led to this website by Yeshua himself. I’ve been searching spiritually for wisdom and understanding of Almighty’s Word. I have never come across a website like yours before. It is very unique. Thank you for all you do and I can’t wait to receive my copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures.


I received your amazing gift of The HALLELUYAH SCRIPTURES. I am extremely grateful for the generosity of those who make donations so others like myself can have such a wonderful gift. When I am able I would like to donate as well. thank you all so very,very much.

You guys are great, its a wonderful ministry that you have going on.

If you wanna know the word for what it says and no translation or false names, this is what you need. The only Bible you should have.

I just received my Bible and lovely gift of name meanings. They are wonderful! My heart is truly touched. My finances will improve because my heavenly Father is good, and when they do, I will return the blessing to you with a donation made through your site. Thank you SO much, my wife and I appreciate this more than we can convey.


Thank you so much for all you’ve been doing for Him!! Almighty bless you and the work of your hands!

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your HS Bible. I LOVE it! You all are so kind and have such loving hearts to apply yourself in such ways to get this Bible in the hands of so many people. I pray you will be blessed always. I enjoy knowing what is going on in regards to the ministry, as well and thanks for the fasting and prayer request. Much love to you all.

Thank you so much. Praise the father for the great work he is doing through you all. I look forward to receiving the order.

Shalom my sisters and brothers.I weep each time I see the work ABBA FATHER is doing through your ministry seeing His children all over the world reviewing His true Name and the Son’s name. ABBA continue to baruk you all. shalom again.


I am extremely pleased with my latest order from HalleluYah Scriptures! I am usually able to donate a little something for my orders, but this time I couldn’t. They were still very helpful and courteous all the same! I also got my request way FASTER than I what I was told in the email! THANK YOU so much HS Team!!! I am looking foward to seeing children’s reactions to watching the DVDs while following along in the Children’s Books!

In the past my first HS Scripture was a free one. I was sooo pleased with it, now when I can I gladly order from HS other copies to give as gifts to family members and friends, so they too can learn the truths and the “REAL” NAMES,,, not the pagan names! I am also finding HS has put back in some of the “missing” verses as well. Thank you HS Team again for the excellent work you are doing! It breaks my hearts to see “other” publishers SELLING YHWH’s Word for “profit” rather than “helping spread His Word” Blessings to all!!! Shalom!


I can’t thank you enough for my copy of HalleluYah Scriptures. It has helped draw ever closer to YHWH our Father and Yahshua. I belong to a Messianic Jewish church and have shown it to others who have also ordered it. Again thank you so much.

I pray YHWH bless all involved now on earth and forever more in Heaven, love be with you from us always. Prayers to the world, seek and Find HIM now. . .

Yhwh’s greetings to all who serve on HalleluYah Scriptures Missions Team.
 I appreciate to hear from you about the acceptance of my request for a copy of HalleluYah Scriptures PLUS other materials for my spiritual growth.
 I’m wishing I had already started reading ALL the kingdom resources of the HalleluYah Scriptures Team. You have done an excellent job to help Almighty’s people like me.
 I wish also to partner with you so that YHWH’s word is out there to anyone that can write and read. There’s a famine for Almighty’s word in the land. The flock is starving.
 Consider in your vision. I’m praying for you and your vision every day.
 Thanks for being there for the benefit of many spiritual lives. Pastor Nigeria


I am very very thankful that you all are blessing the masses with the true scriptures! It’s so hard to find scriptures that are close to the original as possible , especially when you’ve come to the revelation of the truth. I thank Yah for leading me here! Bless you all shalom!

I love the HalleluYah Scriptures. I can feel safe that I’m not being drawn into paganism and that it is the best literal translation of the Scriptures. True to YHWH and His Son.

 I`M also very thankful to all of you HalleluYAH Scriptures Team, for giving me 1 BLESSED BOOK.
 I Pray continuously for Abundant, Bountiful, Continuous, Exceeding, Fullness of ABBA YAHUWAH`s BLESSINGS be upon your TEAM & YOUR MINISTRY.
 Thank you Very Much


You can read hundreds of comments on the following link, kindly also consider leaving your own comment so that YHWH is praise even more.


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We want to take the time to say a very special thank you to our all our supporters who have stood by us in the hard times and the good times. Your prayers, fasting and donations have made this possible. We pray for you daily and ask the Father to show you favor as you have shown many of His people much favor.

HalleluYah and thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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