Restored Paleo Hebrew Name Scriptures , No Footnotes , No Man's Doctrines , No Paganisms , Literal Translation , Closest To The Hebrew , Not For Sale, Free To The Poor, Prisoners and The Very Needy, Supported By Those Who Can Afford. 80% of Added Words Removed

Mauritius, India, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe Love HalleluYah Scriptures

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-2016-uganda-5“​Come, let us sing to YHWH! Let us raise a shout to the Rock of our deliverance.  Let us come before His face​ ​with thanksgiving; Let us raise a shout to Him in song.” Tehillim/Psalms 9​5​:1-2

HalleluYah! Yes, let us all come together and sing praises to the Most High who had given us life and the air that we breath. His compassion is everlasting and longsuffering and when His people call out to Him in their pain and suffering, He cares and listens to them. We have seen this over the years we have been doing this work for YHWH and His Son. We have seen time and time again how He has answered the prayers of those who have sought Him and His Word. We, as volunteers, stand in awe how He has provided every step of the way. The project has reached many countries that have never seen nor owned a copy and have no means or options of providing.


Shalum dear ones,
May the barakah of Yah be upon you all. I’m sending you the picture of a sister to whom I had the pleasure to give a copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures. She was very touched indeed and says thank you to the team.
Please keep doing this great work. Be barak in your mission to attain far away peoples and share the Word. With love in Ab Yah and hamashyach Yahushua Regards, Joy

We have received many emails and messages like this above, they touch our hearts so deeply and in a lot of cases bring tears to our eyes for we see those that have never seen a copy of His Word receive freely.

South Africa


Our work in South Africa has grown since the beginning and we are working even harder to reach those in need. A new large shipment has just arrived and we will be spreading these around so that those who are without will receive a free copy. It is normally very costly to purchase and own a Restored Names Bible and most in South Africa cannot afford even the postage costs. We feel it is a great honor in providing free copies to the needy.

I received freely my copy. Thank you! I am so hungry to read a close transliteration of the hebrew. Thank you for your dedication to YHWH!

I thank you so much for a copy of your Scriptures. For I have no job and no money right now but I really needed a nontainted scripture. Thank You and YHWH Bless!

I am a humble servant of the Living God of Israel and His son Yahshua Ha’Mashiach. I do not receive any money as a minister so am thankful. I did not have any money to send to you. I will pray and fast before Abba Father and lift up your work to Him and ask His Blessings be upon you.


halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-2016-uganda-5 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-2016-uganda-4

Shalom …I managed to get Bibles thank you so much…Thank you. Todah rabbah and shalom. – MUGISHA

Uganda is a country that has been under huge attack for many years and the people have been abused and attacked for many years and lived in such hardship that most of us would be quite shocked. It is so sad to hear the many stories we receive of believers living in such harsh condition but still strong in their belief and staying in prayer. We praise YHWH to hear wonderful stories from these believers who have prayed for years for a copy of His Word and halleluYah, prayers are getting answered.

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-2016-uganda-3 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-2016-uganda-2




Shalom to you… Please find attached photos of bro. Gideon with the box of HalleluYah Scriptures and also the distribution that he undertook. (Bro. Gideon will send more pictures. HalleluYAH!) – Br. Lawson.



India has been a fast growing country for YHWH and His Son. We started to work with one brother (below) and it grew from there. The project has been able to send thousands of copies throughout India for groups, fellowships and believers to receive and share. India is a very poor country and has become even poorer with the government taking 1000 (14US) and 500 (7US) bills from the people and removing them altogether, so the poor who do not have bank accounts and saved these over the many years of hard work, have lost them as currency. This created a lot of suicides as the people lost everything and became even poorer.

im-with-pastor-ratna-babu-and-his-wife-kalakota-village halleluyah-scripturesbro-ratnapaul-india-125

It is not an easy place to live, as most live on the streets, and if they can afford, they may get a tin roof over their heads. Most in the western world who think they are poor, really do not have any idea, as most we deal with have no car, phone, computer, home or even a comfortable bed to sleep on, and in many cases, do not have 3 meals a day. Our heart must be like our Savior towards the truly poor and needy, orphans, widows and prisoners, for this is what we will be judged on. Check out Matthew 25.


halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-india-110a halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-india-festival-13a halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-146

This brother above has delivered many free copies to fellowships and believers, and goes the extra mile in taking the HalleluYah Scriptures to those who will share them with the poor and also has a feeding program for orphans and widows and those who are hungry for food and the Word. It is very important to us that we not only feed them with the Word, but also food .

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-144 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-145

Many thousands now have received freely all over India and we are praying about sending another large shipment to India, as the needs are urgent, and much more work needs to be done, and we have willing workers but they need the material. We have printed the Cards of Hope and have sent thousands of these to be shared with those who are not aware of Truth, but have a verse in their own language which gives hope in the sight of suffering.

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-240 halleluyah-scripturesbro-ratnapaul-india-125

Boxes like this are delivered by this project, for elders and pastors to share with their group and to encourage them to share His Truth with those who have ears to hear. Even if a family cannot read English, they treasure it and they start to learn the words and their meanings. The Father is an amazing teacher and He teaches them by His Ruach.

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-146 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-240

May He continue to bless you all with your work & your lives.

I’m soo love the HalleluYAH Scriptures. This is the best ministry to support as it gives the word free to those who cannot afford
Shalom and thank you.

I am so glad to hear from you YHWH sure has barak us all. May YHWH baruk you and all your families for all of my brothers and sisters for all your hard work in getting His sacred Name and Word out.
Blessings, Brother Don

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-247 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-246 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-245

“​Come, let us sing to YHWH! Let us raise a shout to the Rock of our deliverance.  Let us come before His face​ ​with thanksgiving; Let us raise a shout to Him in song.” Tehillim/Psalms 9​5​:1-2

To all our supporters, on behalf of the HalleluYah Scriptures Team, we would like to thank you for your generous donations for this important and urgent work. Your kindhearted donations are helping a lot of people all over the world, especially believers that are in desperate need of His Word.

Your commitment to helping us with these important projects is genuinely appreciated. Many lives are now changed and hopefully many more will be changed through His wonderful Words. With the heartfelt support from people like you, the HalleluYah Scriptures will be able to reach many families, groups, assemblies and congregations around the world. Through the dedicated work of our missions team, we have been able to distribute free copies of HalleluYah Scriptures to many different countries abroad. In that, we are spreading His important message – His Words to all mankind.

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-210aa halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-156 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-india-155

“​Please remember the word that You commanded Your servant Mosheh, saying, ‘If you trespass, I shall scatter you among the peoples, but if you shall turn back to Me and guard My Commands and do them, though you were cast out to the end of the shamayim, I shall gather them from there and bring them to the place which I have chosen, to make My Name dwell there.” Nehemyah​/​Nehemi​ah ​1​:​8-9


We enjoy sharing about the HalleluYah Scriptures orphan/widow and poor feeding program that the project has undertaken through a small handful of supporters. We take Matthew 25:36 very seriously, as do those that support this part of the project. We will be judged on this verse, so when we were faced with these problems and also all the prisoners requests we receive each week, we had no option but to help where we could, and we want to say a special thank you to all those who support this aspect of the work. Thank you for allowing us as volunteers to do this service.

messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-2h messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-1e messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-1a

All praises to the Most High for He and His wonderful Son have provided through Their people. These believers are so very thankful for the help and they truly thank YHWH and His Son for the help. They feel their prayers have been heard and that there is hope.

messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-2i messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-2g messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-2f messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-2e messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-2d messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-1b messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-elders-sons-b6 messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-elders-sons-b3

We want to take the time to say a very special thank you to all the supporters of the HalleluYah Scriptures project, those that pray, fast and donate. May YHWH barak you always.

Thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

halleluyah-scriptures-review-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-waterproof-bible-hebrew-thank-you halleluyah-scriptures-waterproof-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-cepher-bible-audio-bible-91a


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