Restored Paleo Hebrew Name Scriptures , No Footnotes , No Man's Doctrines , No Paganisms , Literal Translation , Closest To The Hebrew , Not For Sale, Free To The Poor, Prisoners and The Very Needy, Supported By Those Who Can Afford. 80% of Added Words Removed

Praises To The Most High For Zambia, Taiwan, India and Uganda

halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-the-best-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-waterproof-bible-hebrew-zambia-4Sing to YHWH, barak His Name, proclaim His deliverance from day to day. Declare His esteem among the nations, His wonders among all peoples. For great is YHWH and greatly to be praise, He is to be revered above all mighty ones. – Psalms / Tehillim 96:2-4

We greet you all in the great love of our Father, His Ben and the Ruach. “Hallelu-YHWH, all you nations! Extol Him, all you peoples! For His  kindness is mighty over us and the truth of YHWH is everlasting.
Hallelu-Yah!” Tehillim/Psalms 117:1-2. 

Barak (Blessed) be the Name of the Father and His wonderful Son, we will praise them forever for giving us life and guidance and daily protection for this project and all the volunteers. Thank you for the time you take to pray, fast and donate, for it means so much to us and all those that receive His Word. We have been so excited to be able to work with a group in Zambia who have a deep heart to reach those open to Truth and who have ears to hear.


Shalom HalleluYAH Scriptures Team,
It is yet another tears of joy the Ruah Ha’Qodesh has shed in the hearts of the recipients of free copies of HalleluYah Scriptures and other assorted gifts through you as you have freely given us free copies, which is the second parcel of gift I received from the HalleluYah Scriptures Team.

Many cry tears of joy and excitement when they receive a free copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures, their eyes light up and a big smile comes upon their faces, for they have never seen a Bible with The Names that have saved them. They are so thankful and full of praises to YHWH and His Son for all praise, honor and esteem belong to Them. This has only been possible because of those that have a deep love of YHWH and His people – their brothers and sisters.


Praises to the Most High. Here in Zambia, particularly the recipients of the free copies in Lusaka are appreciating and pledged to be praying with you so that the truth of YHWH’s Word can continue burning in our Country and beyond.

HalleluYah. As HalleluYah Shabbath Assemblies group, we are wishing you long and good health; and YHWH’s berakoth so that this wonderful YHWH has put in your hearts can spread even further into many other languages and Countries.
YHWH barak you and yours, Shalom!


“In order that the proving of your belief – much more precious than gold that perishes, and proven by fire – might be found to result in praise and respect and esteem at the revelation of Yahushua ha’Mashiaḥ, whom having not seen, you love; in whom you exult with unspeakable and esteemed joy, yet not seeing, but believing, obtaining the goal of your belief; a deliverance of lives.” -1 Peter / Kĕpha 1 1:7-9


It really touches our hearts when we see believers so touched by His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures. We know they are so grateful and thankful for the most treasured possession. It is exciting to receive such a gift when you have never seen nor owned a Bible, let alone a Restored Names Bible.

To those that have donated, on behalf of all those that have received your gift, we want to say a heartfelt, deep thank you to all of you who have taken the time to help those who are without.  Your action of love has made a huge difference to tens of thousands who have received His Word freely, those who have never seen nor owned a copy and have no means or options of affording. Many lives have been changed forever because of your love.

HalleluYah For Children in Uganda receiving His Word freely.


HalleluYah for children all over the world. Children as so special to YHWH and His Son, and they are our future. We were so excited when the first Children’s Book was completed and sent all over the world, and we were even more excited to see it translated into Spanish, Filipino and Telegu (Indian dialect) and we pray that funds become available for other languages.


This is the cover (above) of the Children’s Book and one of the pages (below.) Many children have been touched by this Book and have expressed much joy as it is purely His Word and nothing else, and it is His Word that touches and changes one’s life.


HalleluYah For the Children’s Movie, we were moved to complete the first ever Restored Names Children’s Movie which was completed in 2015 and comes in 9 subtitled languages for many children and families around the world. It has been received with great joy by many and has been shown publicly in many countries. We praise YHWH for allowing us to complete these great works and pray they bring much esteem and praises to our Father and Our Savior.

german-3 german-2 messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-movie-2

HalleluYah, the HalleluYah Scriptures project is working on the second Children’s Book and Movie! We are so excited to be able to complete a second Book and DVD. Bringing His Word to life for children is so very important as they love to learn and learn by hearing and seeing. Kindly pray for the work being done as all the volunteers need your prayers.

messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-113a-574x431 messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-114a-574x431 halleluyah-scriptures-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-africa-worldwide messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-india-168a

Thank you for all your support towards the work being done on the children’s material. We are also working towards completing the 10 Commandments booklet for children.

HalleluYah Praise YHWH Elohim,
I’m Elisa from Taiwan I would to thank you for sending my Halleluyah Scriptures. I was able to received it through mail. I have discovered the availability of this scripture to my nephew Rolly. He asked me if I wanted one and without hesitation I said Yes. As beginner of this reading my aim was to know more and grow spiritually. Best of regards and thank’s again Halleluyah Scriptures. ~ Sis Elisa


This sister above is from Taiwan, her nephew shared about this project with her and asked if she wanted a copy, and as you read her message above you can see she was so excited. We have much work to be done in this country, but as with all the work being done, it starts with one person who has a passion and burden for their country that can make a huge difference.

HalleluYah For India, our work in India has been so exciting for it started with one brother who had a burden and passion to help His people see the Truth of YHWH and His Son… That was 6 years ago and from that time until now, many thousands have been reached, all esteem and praise to the Most High. It really amazes us how He works and who He works through to get His Word out, no matter how much the enemy and those that do the enemies work try and stop His Word, it only gets busier and more believers rise up to do their part in their town, city or country. HalleluYah!


Father is guiding me to teach his Torah through ruah ha qodash La Shone Ha Qodash Qaddam… ~ Hemant K.

A very special thank you and a huge HALLELUYAH for your willingness to
help those in such desperate need of the Father’s Word through your
prayers. Be assured we pray for you all each day.

Many prayers have been answered over the past week, months and years and your prayers have made it happen, for the Father has shown much favor to the project and us as volunteers.

“I stand at my watch, and station myself on the watchtower and wall, to
see what He says to me, and what to answer when I am reproved. And YHWH answered me and said, ‘Write the vision and inscribe it on tablets, so that he who reads it runs. For the vision is yet for an appointed time,
and it speaks of the end, and does not lie. If it lingers, wait for it,
for it shall certainly come, it shall not delay.” Habaqquq/Habakkuk  2:1-3


HalleluYah, Indeed, we have enjoyed working with many groups, fellowships and believers in the Philippines, India and African countries as their hearts are so dedicated to the projects and their love for the Father and His Bĕn are huge and unchanging, they are steadfast in their love and commitment to His Word and work. They are helping the distribution of the free copies of HalleluYah Scriptures around their area and often they go to the remotest places in their countries.

The truth of His Word is amazing and is essential to every one of us – we need it in our everyday life, as His Word is the most important Instruction to all mankind, and is our spiritual food to be able to live peaceably while waiting for the Reign of YHWH to come. These are our daily life’s directions to do the will of the Father and to follow His Torah through His Bĕn.


HalleluYah, those that are in His Word daily and make His Word a focus in their lives see things clearer and want to do all they can to help those who are in need of His Word – those who have no means or options of affording like those in 3rd world countries, prisoners, homeless and the truly poor around the world. It is the heart of a true believer to help others receive His Love Letter – the HalleluYah Scriptures.


Thanks HalleluYAH scriptures. We are Growing in YHWH’s Word by our bible. Thanks to your mission. We to help in any background work in south India we support. ~ Jyothibasu Y.

Our work in India continues growing fast each day with many coming to understand and wanting Truth as they know there is no other hope in anything else and all the false gods that surround them. When a person comes to Truth feel it in their spirit and know it in their heart as they see it in His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures. There is no other Bible like HalleluYah Scriptures and the thousands of comments we receive from believers who read it for the first time, all say something happens to them, and they feel the Ruach in the Words. All praise, honor and esteem to YHWH the Most High.


HalleluYah, A very special thank you and a huge HALLELUYAH for your willingness to help those in such desperate need of the Father’s Word through your prayers. Be assured we pray for you all each day.

Many prayers have been answered over the past week and your prayers have
made it happen for the Father has shown much favor to the project and us
as volunteers.


“O Death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your overcoming? and
the sting of death is the sin, and the power of the sin is the Torah.
But thanks to YHWH who gives us the overcoming through our Adon Yahushua ha’Mashiah. Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Adon, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Adon.” Qorin’tiyim 1/1 Corinthians 15:55-58

HalleluYah For the Orphan and Widow feeding and basic needs programs.

We praise the Father for the work being done in India and Africa and other countries, and we as a team, and those that donate towards this work know how important it is to reach out to the very poor and needy and this is what we will be judged on. Our number one work is getting His Word out to the very poor all over the world but when confronted with needs like this we cannot turn our head away. We and those that receive freely are so very thankful to all those that have donated to give them the basic needs like food, clothing and water.

messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5d messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5n messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5i messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5g messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5f messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5e


messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5m messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5l messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5e messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5c messianic-restored-names-biible-halleluyah-scriptures-the-scriptures-free-bible-hebrew-parallel-bible-waterproof-bible-israel-yisrael-yahweh-banner-india-5b

HalleluYah and a special thank you to all those that have donated to help the Indian children and widows to be able to have their basic needs meet. All donations towards the orphans, widows and the truly poor go to this work. Thank you for providing these needs.

We want to take the time to say a very special thank you to all the supporters of the HalleluYah Scriptures project, those that pray, fast and donate. May YHWH barak you always.

Thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

halleluyah-scriptures-review-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-the-scriptures-cepher-yahweh-yahwah-waterproof-bible-hebrew-thank-you halleluyah-scriptures-waterproof-parallel-hebrew-bible-sacared-bible-restored-name-bible-the-best-bible-devine-name-bible-cepher-bible-audio-bible-63























































































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