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The Greatest Treasure To Own In The World – HalleluYah Africa!!!


“Be still, and know that I am Elohim; I am exalted among nations, I am exalted in the earth!  YHWH of hosts is with us; the Elohim of Ya’aqob is our refuge.” Selah.
Psalms/Tehillim 46:10-11

Africa is rejoicing over YHWH’s Word the HalleluYah Scriptures. Hundreds of free copies have gone into Africa and Africa is REJOICING. We are so excited to share with you these special pictures of our brothers and sisters who came together all over Africa for Sukkoth, they were all rejoicing, laughing and praising the Father and the Son for the most amazing gift they have ever owned. HalleluYah!!!

All they are interested in is the Father’s Word for it is His personal love letter and instruction book. This is the greatest treasure to own and more important to them than any other thing in this world.

1-sukkot2013 kenyan group

This could only happen when those that love the Father and care about those without His Word have made this happen. These believers know that  His Word is more important than any material thing in this world. What a great honor to do this for the Father, His Son and His children.

2-son of sis harriet in red shirt distributingWe are looking to printing in Africa so that His people can have His Word at hand faster and it will save a lot of funds on shipping. We are working with a number of believers to have the HalleluYah Scriptures printed in a number of countries so that we can print more copies for the needy. This will be the fastest way for us to reach even more in poorer countries. We are seeking His people to come forward and help us to achieve this as it is so important.


This way when harder times come and there will be no internet the Father’s Word in hard copy will be in a good number of countries and at hand with believers who can share then with new brothers and sisters who come to truth. This is so important as the Scriptures say that a good number will come to truth through those harder times. This is why we are seeking a larger print run of 40,000.


There are very few meeting places with dirt floors in the western world. These brothers and sisters count it a great joy to meet together and not worried about where they meet. So many waste money on buildings and material things that are used for a few hours each week and do not even stop to think of thousands upon thousands without the Father’s Word all over the world. Nothing in this world is worth close to the Father’s love letter, His Word.


The smiles and the tears were spilling over the day our brothers and sisters received freely the Father’s love letter. Let us share some of the letters and emails we have received, messages of thanks and rejoicing, messages of tears and heartfelt gratitude to those who donated to make this happen.


“Oh Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate you all. Thank you again for the best gift of my life. I mean that with all my heart and love.”

“Dear HalleluYah Scriptures Thank you so much for providing the most valuable resources on this earth. I am excited about receiving the HalleluYah Scriptures bible and sharing with others your ministry that our ELOHIM YHWH did inspire you to do. Peace Be With You.”

Please praise the Father for His Word and please thank the Father for His children who have helped all these brothers & Sisters.


“Shalom,  am rejoicing in your commitment in serving our KING YAHSHUA; I am also very humbled and i give the glory to YAHSHUA for only by the RUACH can we function properly and have our being united in YAHSHUA. YAHSHUA has given you a great vision to follow HIS commission and serve according to HIS ways; You Are Truly Blessed. Yes i am excited about Freely handing out your CD Books and the Children’s Book as well; Yes indeed the Spiritual Hunger for the WORD OF YHWH is greater than the physical Hunger for food; Amazing; YHWH IS GOOD. Abundant Blessings to the entire staff at Halleluyah Scriptures and to all those who have received the RUACH OF YHWH and those who are to receive in the future; YHWH continue to Bless your work and increase your harvest to the ends of the earth YAHSHUA LOVES You; Halleluyah”


 “Shalom to you and everyone who worked so hard to put HS together! I am so greatful to all of you, your letter made me cry. I appreciate all of you so much and a very “heartfelt” thank you for all you have done! May our heavenly Father bless all of you greatly and continue to show His favor on you too!!!!!”


“HalleluYAH, this truly is one of the most TORAH following ministries I have been lead to. It is ALL about sharing HIS LOVE story at all costs….Your ministry is inspiring and makes me want to do more!! Thank you for fighting the hard fight, and YAH bless”


 “HALLELUYAH!!! Abba is amazing!!! It is because of HIM that we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and will not faint, and though we tread through troubled waters, HE is with us each step of the way. YAH bless every brother and sister involved with this ministry and all of Yisra’el. Peace Grace and Mercy.”

photo8 photo2

 “I just wanted to say that may YHWH barak you all for taking that forward step to bring the Truth to the Muslims! It demonstrates that there is a heart for them and not hate. Everyone deserves a chance to know the Father through our Messiah. There are so many in this truth that shun them and perceive these people as such a enemy they don’t even seem like they even WANT them to be redeemed! Todah Rabah to you all for showing softness of heart, YOU ALL are a breath of fresh air. May YHWH give you all double and things you all need!!!”

We all must have a heart after those seeking YHWH’s truth. It does not matter what race or colour a person is, it is what truth they want to follow, it is not for us to judge or decide who is saved and who is not. The Father is so compassionate that He saved us all and led us all to truth thru His Son;  remember He chose us for we did not choose Him.


 “Haleluyah ! May our Father YHWH bless you all, I believe He will make a way for all of us. Doors are continuing to open . . . no one can deter us from proclaiming His Name ! I will also pray for all of you ! Thanks for the love and care from all of you HS.”


Thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team


sukkoth kll;


26 U

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