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We Urgently Need Your Help Now – Up Date Message From PR – HalleluYah.

HalleluYah for the HalleluYah Scriptures. We need your help urgently, so kindly take the time to read the following urgent need. As part of our vow, we cannot use HalleluYah Scriptures donations for this need as those that donate, donate towards the printing and shipping of His Word. As you all know there was a series of very violent earthquakes in Puerto Rico recently with many collapsed buildings and homes and there is no power or services in most of the country and many of you would remember the serious hurricane that swept through Puerto Rico a couple of years ago destroying many homes and buildings. The HalleluYah Scriptures old building we use as a warehouse was still standing in perfect condition with the buildings on each side destroyed. Our fulfillment center was in perfect condition while other homes around it were flattened.

It was a devastation on a large scale, but all praise, honor and esteem to the Most High for preserving His Word. We shared with you a couple of months again that the building we have had cheap in PR was being sold and that we had outgrown it, so we had been praying and were led to move to New Jersey where a couple of other team members reside. We requested help to find the right place for HalleluYah Scriptures and with your prayer and fasting the Father found the perfect place for His Word.

The place YHWH provided is so wonderful and perfect with so much office/fulfillment space. We have two large places in one, so that the postal agent family has a place to live on site, HalleluYah. We were going to take this move a little slower and wait for donations to trickle in for the move and to build a warehouse that is needed, but with the earthquakes and no power or phone services we just cannot operate out of Puerto Rico anymore, we all feel the Father wants us out of there faster. 

We are now seeking support in our urgent move out of our warehouse and fulfillment center in Puerto Rico. 
As you know, we are moving after seven years there and thought we would have had more time on our hands. We feel an urgency to move sooner and get the bulk of the HalleluYah Scriptures material out of Puerto Rico and into the US mainland.
What we had planned at our new location, was to prepare an area to build a large warehouse to house all the stock, but the shipping costs and building the warehouse for HalleluYah Scriptures material is delaying this vital move.

Through much prayer we felt to move but needed the support to do this and now have a place but need urgent support to move the material and postal agent family, who have been faithful in this project for 10 years, having been postal agents for seven and three years previously on other parts of the project.

We really need urgent help, as the earthquakes are very bad and there are worse to come to Puerto Rico so it is time to move out.
We, as a team, work full time for this project and have only requested help occasionally where it was urgently needed, like the trip to Israel to get stock into the country and make contacts with those who are spreading His Truth. Over the past 10 years we have only asked a small number of times for urgent help.
This move is urgent and important and yes, the Father has kept His Word safe in Puerto Rico through some extreme weather. As stated in other messages, the warehouse and land that the HalleluYah Scriptures has been using is being sold and we have outgrown the place and we have looked for many years for cheap storage in Puerto Rico, but nothing has come up or far to expensive. Countless hours has been spent on looking but we feel the Father wants us to leave Puerto Rico.
We need help with the costs of shifting/shipping the HalleluYah Scriptures stock and equipment and also to build our warehouse on our own land we have and other urgent costs pertaining to this move. The amount we urgently need to do the above, including the warehouse build and outfit, is $60,000.

As you know, we are all volunteers working freely, trying to do the best we can with the huge amount of work we do each day and are not complaining, as it is a great honor to do this work for the Father and you, his children. The HalleluYah Scriptures belongs to the Father and not to us, or any man.
We pray you can help with this situation, as it is urgent and we would like to move asap as our postal agents are in Puerto Rico and are quite concerned.
Thank you for supporting this urgent and important work and being a part of dealing with His Word. We can do nothing without the Father and we pray He will move you to help this move.

You can visit this link for donation options which includes our address.

Please be assured that all donation go to printing and shipping unless specify by the donor. You are not supporting lifestyles or peoples material wants as this work is so important to us all. The donations that are gathered for this need will go to this need.

Please can you kindly pray for the project needs and also we as volunteers need your prayers.

To view the work of HalleluYah Scriptures, kindly watch the video at the top of the HalleluYah Scriptures main website. This video will show the amazing work that has been done over the years. May it touch your heart as it has ours. Also, take your time to read some of the 150 articles on the website and peruse some of the 7000 uplifting comments on the Comments Page. You will see tens of thousands of believers all over the world receiving His Word freely. 

The video on top of the website looks like this.

A special message from our fulfillment center team family in Puerto Rico - received today:

Shalom Family & Team,

I pray this email gets thru as I'm attempting to send this via a remote area where there's a weak signal, up on a high mountain.
First of all, we praise YHWH for His loving care towards us. We are fine and the Fulfillment Center & Warehouse are saved by The Father's mighty hand once again - HalleluYah!
Due to the continued earthquakes, the island suffered a lot of severe damages. Therefor we're still without any services of Electricity, Water, Internet and Phone services in both of our locations here in PR. We was told that the southern part of PR will remain without Electric Power for about a year and the main Electric Plants are at the south, but since we live at the north-center of the island, our Power comes from the northern Power Plant which is supposed to be in full operation (25% now) within a week - as reports say. All praise, honor and esteem to the Most High for His hand of mercy upon the project and team.
Thank you for all your prayers and please Praise and give thanks to our Father for always taking care of us, as all the esteem and splendor belongs to Him only - in the Savors Name - HalleluYah!
Much Love to you all, and YHWH barak you!
Thank you once again to those that have supported this wonderful and special project with prayer, fasting and donations, we are honored to come to know so many wonderful brothers and sisters who are really encouraging and uplifting, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you and many He show you favor always.
The HalleluYah Scriptures Team


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