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YHWH’s Word Brings More Smiles To The Philippines

Philippines -Apr2013All praise to Father YHWH and His Son for the many copies of HalleluYAH Scriptures which were recently distributed to a number of Sacred Name congregations and needy brethren in the Philippines!   From end-March to mid-April 2013, there was a volunteer couple plus two elders who personally distributed YHWH’s Wordto several believing families from variousassemblies in Metro Manila (such as Montalban, Quezon City and Taguig City) and in Davao City. Copies are joyfully shared by families, many of which don’t have Restored Names bible or are truly poor.       RowPhil-Apr01   RowPhil-Apr02 You can see from the pictures the bright smiles and the joyful heart of those who have received HalleluYAH Scriptures— oh, halleluYAH!. Like cold water to a weary soul in that very hot season of the year, the glad tidings brought by the Father’s Word have certainly refreshed the spirit and brought smiles to these Filipinos! RowPhil-Apr03Many of recipients have been praising YHWH and our Messiah in awe and amazement as they could not believe receiving His Word with the Sacred Names totally FREE. RowPhil-Apr04 They have been thanking the Father and the supporters of HS for thinking about their spiritual needs. One elderly man tearfully thanked as he testified that he has been praying for many days to have the Father’s Pure Word and was surprised to have his prayer answered right before his eyes. RowPhil-Apr05Another recipient was a professor of Hebrew and was just so happy to receive a copy with “Hebraic Flavor”. Still another recipient could not contain her happiness to receive His Word for FREE as she could not afford to own a copy. One brother working overseas is glad to bring a few copies to brethren in Middle East. RowPhil-Apr06We want to share that we have received so many emails from believers that have been praying for years and years for a pure version of His Word and when they received their copy they said they feel to their knees praising the Father as they had waited all their lives for the greatest gift they could ever own.

“Oh Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate HS. Thank you again for the best gift of my life. I mean that with all my love Jt”.

RowPhil-Apr07In the meantime, another active volunteer of the HalleluYAH Scriptures gave the following wonderful report with some pictures which we have shared in this write-up: Yesterday a pastor and his wife came to my house bringing with them a friend, they’re became a believer of the Father’s Qodesh name when I shared the HS Bible we discussed the Set-apart Name of the Father for 3 hours, and they really appreciated to receive the HS Scripture. All glory belongs to the Father and to His Son Yahshua !… Now we are planning to share HS to the engineers of [a renowned Telecoms company] in Makati City, be cause of of the Senior Engineer is already a believer of the Qodesh name of the Father, I’ll send you the picture of it after we have accomplished it. RowPhil-Apr08Indeed, there is nothing as precious as YHWH’s Word for it is our hai (life) – Debarim 32:47… Nothing can give us everlasting “smiles” than His Word – HalleluYAH! We all praise the Father for His Word and it is He that reaches those in need of His Word.

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