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Big Battle Won & Praise Report – HalleluYah & Thank You

You who love YHWH, hate evil! He guards the lives of His kind ones,He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked. Light is sown for the righteous, And gladness for the upright in heart. (Tehillim / Psalms 97:10-11)  We pray that you, the HalleluYah Scriptures supporters are all well. You have been in our prayers.
The following is the update regarding our relocation and how the enemy tried to stop the move and stop the Project, but first we have to say a huge “HALLELUYAH” to the Most High. Please join us to say a BIG HALLELUYAH.

When we were going through some of the most stressful and pressured times in the project and taken to the very edge and having gone through this for a number of weeks we thought, why is this happening?

Then we looked to the Scriptures and saw how many years the blind man would have suffered until the Savior arrived to heal him (John 9:1-3). His condition was so that the works of Elohim would be manifest. Then we considered El’azar (Lazarus) who had to die with his family mourning for days (John 11) all for the esteem of the Father, so we see a glimpse into why we had to go through the most stressful and pressured time of our lives so that you might all praise Him for bringing His Word, the Project and the volunteers through this very hard time.

You truly would not imagine nor believe the stress and pressure it was to move 22 pallets and 2 containers that were well overweight.

We are not a big team in the USA, but only a handful trying to do the best we can with the hours given to us each day by the Father. We are all volunteers working 6 days a week and sometimes up to 16 hours a day and through this stressful moving time, we were working longer hours, and some were only getting 3 to 4 hours rest each night.

We truly want to do so much more before it is too late, as things are heating up in the world and we just never know when the doors will be closed, and our allowable service taken away. Yes, we have procedures in place to get His Word out in those times which is why we moved the project, but we need to do all we can while we have standard means available to us.

We do not want nor to ask anything for ourselves as a team, as we all live a simple life and have no need of material things, for ourselves as the Father provides our daily bread and basic needs.

We have always tried our hardest to do the best we can in the Project with donations given and like to be good stewards of the funds donated to print and ship as many free copies as possible to those who cannot afford such as: prisoners, homeless, those in 3rd world countries and those who cannot afford in the western world. We don’t really get many pictures from those who receive freely in the US, but we do get a lot of comments from them.

Please know, we have used your donation/s exactly as specified for the relocation, with all funds given being used to get the stock moved to the new location. We could not have done it without you, and you know who you are. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts as you heard our cries for help.

The following is the report for the relocation: As you read, please praise the Father for all that has been accomplished, so that He receives as much praise and esteem as possible, and the enemy is pronounced defeated.

Two overweight containers and twenty-two pallets of HalleluYah Scriptures materials have been relocated! This does not include the pallets and shelving and office stock that was taken by a team member in a U-Haul to keep the orders moving daily. The orders have tripled over the period of moving and this year, but we had a number of back-up postal agents in the USA ready for this event, who have kept up with the increased pace and maintained the Project/orders running smoothly, HalleluYah!

No one could ever understand or comprehend what we have had to go through, and 2 containers and 22 pallets sounds simple enough, yet we never though it could be so hard and truly was one of the worst attacks we have had in the entire history of this Project.

A number of members stood in the gap to help and are totally burnt out from their efforts in getting these delivered.

Sadly, it has taken a toll on us as a team and just trying to share it is very difficult. When one sits back to assess the job: 2 containers and 22 pallets – easy job, pay the costs and they deliver! Trust us, when we say that it was not easy. No company would do the job without payment up front as they had been burned over the years and it was their policy to have payment up front.

It started with us going on a site to list your job, good reviews and been online for many years, a week before we were to move, going back 6 weeks Sept 2022), where you enter your freighting jobs on their site and transport firms bid for the job. We thought it wise to save funds, as that is always on our mind, saving as much money as possible, as it is voluntary donations we are using for the move.

A company gave a good price and took 10K from us. They did have twelve good feedbacks, but they played us right up to the hours before pickup and then cut off contact and ran off with our funds without doing the job, while our team was waiting in place ready to load the stock from NJ.

A brother on the team who is a supporter fought with these people who stole the funds, but they kept promising to do the work, but this was only to give them more time to get away with our funds. We are not experts in using moving truck companies and we simply took it for granted that when you pay for a job and they stay in contact daily, that they would actually do the job. Yes, some of you may know more than us, but this is what we have done over the many years on the Project, with multiple shipping companies worldwide, where we pay, and the job is done.

So, over a week of phone calls and stress over that theft and many tears, we reported it to the police. A supporter who is in law enforcement is helping with this, so pray with us that we get those funds back, as we could really use them. They have the couple that did this, meaning they know where they are, and action will be taken. HalleluYah

One brother on the team, exhausted from the packing of 5000 plus boxes onto pallets with the small handful of supporters, which took a week or so, got on the phone and rang around to find a second company. After a few days they found another very well-known freighting company, and having the job was described to them confirmed they could do this and would be there the following week… So, we waited another week to get the 2 containers picked up, giving us hope to have them moved with no further hassles.

The second company rolled up on the Tues-day, and despite the fact that they were fully informed and were aware of the need for a crane etc. looked at the two containers and said, “We don’t do containers…”

The mouth of the brother, who has many years’ experiences as a trucker knew what the job entailed, he shared and responded that the job was fully explained. They simply replied, “Sorry. we don’t deal with containers.” and so this is the second company took our funds without even lifting a finger and refused to return them. This is being sorted by a supporter who is a lawyer.

This is where we turned once again to our supporters to help us, as we could not use HalleluYah Scriptures donations, and we never feel comfortable to ask for donations unless it is very serious. It is something we just do not like to do.

There were many other things we were faced with daily to keep the Project going, as we are so busy with our work around the world and do not just work in the USA but worldwide. But HalleluYah the Father had us put a number of US postal agents in place 2 months before this move and they have been kept so busy with sending out a huge number of orders each day.

We put out a call to supporters to pray and fast and for volunteers to possibly bring a truck to help, and HalleluYah, many offered prayer and donations, but no one could take the containers. We now had the funds again to move them, so went to the internet again, but this time checking reviews, and even though the first people did have good reviews, they were apparently falsified.

We ultimately ended up contacting a broker online, who was a very stressful man and with four parts to this job, he accomplished three very well and we were to pay each company not him for each job. A crane company was hired who turned up to lift the containers, but they were so very heavy, the truck could only manage one container. One truck was loaded and departed, but the team had to wait 3 to 4 hours for a second truck to be available.

The broker found another truck at short notice, but the crane was on overtime and were going to pull out, but we begged them not to leave and offered extra funds to wait. They did wait and the second truck was loaded and in turn also departed. The amazing thing is that the owner of the crane firm wrote to us the next day to say she was not going to charge us the extra $600 for the overtime of the crane but donated it to the project. We could scarcely believe it, but when you’re at the bottom, a little bit of light gives you added impetus, HalleluYah!

So here we are with 2 containers in transit and 3 weeks gone by with a ridiculous amount of phone calls and stress and many attacks from the enemy. One team member was traveling back and forth from Virginia to New Jersey, but remained dedicated, as he felt it was urgent and important to get the containers and pallets to their new home.

Admittedly, we were not only somewhat low and weary, but confused, not knowing why this was all happening. We knew we had faced many attacks over the Spanish Edition over the last 10 years and that it was due to arrive, which was another stress in itself, as no one was at the new location to unload it and had to get 2 brothers to travel 14 hours to do this. All praise to Yah and special thanks to the volunteers, after nearly 10 years and constant prayer and fasting and much stress, we received the first ever shipment of Escrituras HaleluYah in Spanish, HalleluYah! The Spanish has arrived and now begin working on the many back orders. You are welcome to order the Spanish, as it is now in stock. Thank you to those who worked freely on this translation over the years, you know who you are, taking no funds for your efforts, may the Most High show you favor for your reward is with Him.

Back to the containers, as shared above, this was a four-part job which seemed simple enough, but keep praising the Father while reading, as the enemy fought us every inch of the way… The crane in New Jersey did its job and the 2 trucks were on their way, but with a number of hours between them, so when the first truck arrived at its destination where the crane was to lift them off, they had to wait for the second truck.

It was getting late, and Shabbat was approaching the next day so the man whose company owned the crane suggested to unload the containers in his yard and I would sort them out from there. Although several team members felt uneasy, they really were left with little choice…

This second crane company spent one and a half weeks just finding a truck to take the containers to the property 20 minutes down the road and gave us a price. When he informed us, we were so sick to the pit of our stomachs. He had them unloaded at his yard and was now claiming thousands more to complete the job. We have no options but to pay to get the containers.

Again, we asked for help with this from you, our supporters, and reluctantly gave the go-ahead. The next day he called and said his crane was now unable do the job, even though he had previously lifted them off and knew how heavy they were.

His solution was for us to empty the contents by hand and move the entire stock piece by piece in a U-Haul so he could then charge us to lift empty containers and transport them to the site! This was obviously impossible and would have taken days, bringing team volunteers from across the country to expend a lot of energy and strength with multiple trips back and forth costing so much more in funds, time and energy and hiring U Haul’s to do the job, on top of this it would have taken days.

This individual with the crane and containers refused to work with the broker claiming he was an angry man and could blow his head at anything, but we felt it prudent to call him and inform him of the situation. Needless to say, he was quite shocked at what this crane company was charging us, so we asked him if he could help to which he replied positively and contacted the crane man to arrange to have the containers picked up the next day by a company they knew and trusted to do the job…

The crane man replied that he would not let the containers be released until he received a few thousands of dollars plus taxes in his hand and keep the loading and unloading fee as well. One of the team called the crane man, who said he was keeping them until we gave him his money, even though we explained that he had done nothing but take the containers off at his yard and taken over a week and a half to find a truck to carry them to the property yet were unable to complete the job.

He said we had to pay almost a thousand dollars for a truck that had come to pick up the containers but did not do the job and the rest was for him, close to 4K so total was around 5K. So, here we go again. We were forced to pay him before he released the containers for pickup and delivery and the broker found the cheapest, he could find at almost $4k for a new crane company and trucking company to pick up the containers with one truck going back and forth twice with the crane.

The other crane person took much more than this for doing next to nothing, but we had no option but to pay to get the containers and stock. We praise the Most High, as a wonderful brother who was not aware of this last situation donated funds to cover this. We truly praise the Father, as we just could not ask for help again, for you all had helped already, a number of times. Please sing a huge HALLELUYAH to the Most High so Praises are given to Him and nothing is wasted and this situation was not a waste of time. HALLEUYAH. He always comes through for those that love and obey Him.

All and all it has been an incredibly stressful period and the attacks were so heavy on top of so many other things and trying to keep the Project going. Again, we ask from the bottom of our hearts, that you stop now and praise the Father with as much praise as you can muster so that all these situations are turned around for the good and the Father receives much praise and esteem! HALLELUYAH!

As you read this, the containers have arrived and are in place. A huge HalleluYah and a very special thank you to all those that made this happen. We truly could not have done this without you and sometimes we get a glimpse of what it must have been like in the early days of the assemblies described in Acts: working together with people giving so that none went without. You were with us every step of the way, wiping our tears away, thank you for battling with us over these situations and believing in us.

We have come out of this much stronger and with one mind and heart to get as much stock out as possible. We have had one more container arrive, and it was unloaded, and we have 2 more containers of stock arriving in November 2022 with more arriving in Jan 2023. We are printing so much more, and stock is arriving regularly. We have made good changes to the project and will share about this in the coming weeks. These changes will allow us to ship even more pallets overseas and to handle the hundreds of orders we get weekly.

This is the account of shipping 22 pallets, which does not include the office/orders pallets and shelving and office stock etc. driven personally by a volunteer and team member by U-Haul.

A Brother who was new to the Way contacted us, wanting to help with the 22 pallets to be moved, and worked as a trucker for a company in Utah. He said he would ask his boss to help pick up the 22 pallets and deliver them for us, not a problem. We were super excited to get his message during all the other drama and enjoyed our time dealing with him. Such a lovely, dedicated and special brother with a gentle heart.

Well, here we go again… It actually became a huge problem for him, although initially looking favorable, his boss did not answer his requests, even though we wrote a letter begging the boss to help. So, this brother, without us knowing, went and visited a large number of trucking companies he worked for over the years, offering them cash to do this job, but not one replied! He shared with us that he could not believe it, that it was like a battle to get the pallets picked up and delivered.

A week went by, and he said he had made a promise to the Father to do this, so was prepared to walk off his trucking job, fly to New Jersey, hire a truck and drive the pallets personally. He tried to contact his boss again who did not reply, so he rang them again and informed him he was parking up the job and truck he was given and walking away from his job, as he had made a promise to his Father.

He could not believe that others would not do this, as it was the right thing to do, but we assured him that not many in this world would walk away from their job and life to do this for the Father. His boss did come through and got on the phone to us and said they would immediately post the job on the board and get it done and so lined up a company to pick up the pallets the very next day.

We made sure to inform the boss that he had a special person in his firm, who was prepared to walk away from his life even though he could be sued, as you are not allowed to walk away in the middle of a job and stand by his word. There are very few like this in this world and he is a person you would not want to let go. The boss agreed.

So, here we are all smiles, praising the Father until the next day. The hired truck driver got lost and two hours later when he finally rolled up to pick up the pallets, he asked the brother on the team, where all the workers were to load the 22 pallets. Our team member replied that there was only him and he could get this done fast with our forklift.

The driver, who was a contracted worker and not a driver for the boss said that it looked like a scam and was gittin’ outta here! Our brother was taken aback by the scam comment and informed him that he was here to pick up and deliver 22 pallets and had been paid to do so. The truck driver just drove off leaving our brother agape and stunned! The enemy at work again, but the Father was in total control.

We contacted the boss and informed him of what took place, who in turn was equally shocked. The next day, however, another truck arrived and together, with our dedicated volunteer, loaded them all in with our forklift.

There is another part to this story…

Two brothers across the country volunteered their help to come and pick up the forklift and follow the 22 pallets so they could unload them at the final destination. We did not know these brothers, but they were keen to serve the Most High and if we covered the costs for the trip, they would come. We gave them funds to do this and so they headed over to pick up the forklift.

One of the brothers took a head injury while loading the forklift but drove regardless, and then something came over the other brother who became hard to handle for the injured brother. We will leave out this situation, as it was so very sad.

They drove so slowly and one of the brothers forced a halt, so the truck they were to follow, and unload was held up for 2 days and had to wait for these brothers to arrive and unload it. To this point it does not sound like it was stressful, but there were well over 50/70 calls a day just over each situation by the team, to each other and to all these companies and those that offered to help wanted to be called as well, sadly near all were not in a position to help as they were too far away or did not have a truck big enough, but many wanted to help which was lovely.

Ultimately, the 22 pallets arrived and were unloaded into the new warehouse, so please say another HALLELUYAH! and pray for the Brother that organized this and covered the costs for the 22 pallets. Such a special brother with a kind heart.

In brotherly love, tenderly loving towards one another, in appreciation, giving preference to each other; not idle in duty, ardent in spirit, serving the Adon; rejoicing in the expectancy, enduring under pressure, continuing steadfastly in prayer; imparting to the needs of the qodeshim, pursuing kindness towards strangers. (Romiyim / Romans 12:10-13)
The enemy spent all those days attacking the team day and night and never gave up for a minute. It is hard to explain the sheer number and length of phone calls and emails to get these seemingly simple tasks done and to try and fight each company to do what they said they would do while we were put into situations that we could not get out of each time. This was not our own making but was from the enemy but all praise to the Most High He was always in control, it was a test and we feel a very hard one but it has prepared us for the coming last days attacks when the enemy will take us all to the limit, but let us keep our eyes on the Father for He is the only want to save us and protect us through His Son.

We felt the enemy was battling us so far down that we would not get up, with a sense that the enemy was attacking the funds.  We had to pray and weep before the Father for the last costs as we couldn’t face asking again. It was a loving brother who heard from the Father to send help, who never knew about the funds needed for the last part of this effort, to bring the Father’s Word to its final resitng place. This brother had no idea of this most urgent need but wrote this:

Shalom Everyone,
I know that you are going through a very hard time and the enemy is attacking the work of the Father but they will not prevail. I pray for you daily. Please use the Donation where most needed. Hugs and love. your Brother

This truly confirmed to us that the Father was always with us through this most challenging time, He never left us nor forsook us, not once did He leave us, and this brother had no idea about this most urgent last part of the job as we did not share this with anyone, he touched our hearts deeply and gave us the strength to keep going as it was like a freshness to our hearts. Praises to the Most High for bringing all this together.

We know the enemy hates the Fathers Word and will use anyone to try and come up against it, but they do not battle us, but they battle the Father. The Messiah warned us about these people. As shared in newsletters we shifted His Word to protect it for the last days. We left NJ as laws were changing and they made it hard for us to be totally off grid which was always our vision over the pass years which we have shared with you all. They also banned containers on properties. We are heading fast into the last days, and it is important that we do all we can to seek the lost tribes of Yisrael and get His Word into as many hands as possible. We have a huge amount of stock to send to those in need, kindly help us seek groups/fellowships outside the USA so we can send them free materials.

We saved funds over the years of being in that place, storage is/was so expensive and the amount of room we would have needed would have cost so much more and a number of close supporters/friends donated for the place as the storage costs would have run into the thousands each month. The postal agents who did the parcels and pallets lived in the place, taking up a small amount of room, so that they could do so much more work and be on hand. The funds when the place is sold will go back to the supporters/friends and what is left goes into the next place, which is much cheaper, so it was a miracle and a wise decision from those who gave the advice at the time when we moved from PR after the massive earthquake.  It was a gift from the Father at the time as the house/warehouse doubled in price but there are a lot of repairs to do, but now the project is fully off grid. All we ask is that you pray and fast for the project and team.

You can see more of the old warehouse/storage and stock on several other articles on the website.

It really amazes us how the Most High speaks to His people through His Ruach to help His Word. We, as a team, have always said that His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures – belongs to no one but the Most High. That is why His Name is on it and we are only lowly, willing servants and the lowest of the low. We are so honored to know you all and we thank you for your support through this stressful time and through the years. We are praying for more time to get as much stock out as possible and with our new teams we can do so much more.

We praise the Most High so much for those that helped us through these days/weeks of pressure. We know the Father will receive all the praise for this from you all, and this is what we ask from the bottom of our hearts.

We have made some amazing changes to the Project. Due to the Project being so busy, with a number of postal agents working very hard in the US and overseas, we have made some good changes directed by the Most High. We have two families that have taken over the main postal agents work, so in total have 7 teens/adults that have taken over this work in the warehouse and have been working with the Project fulltime for around 3 months. They consider it the greatest honor in their lives so please keep them in your daily prayers, as their workload is about to be tripled due to 2 more containers of Scriptures arriving soon. The orders and requests have doubled and tripled and continue to increase daily all over the world.

Also, remember to give praise for the arrival of the Spanish Translation and pray for speed in sending out the back orders for these and the planned shipments to Spanish speaking countries. Please keep these and Spanish speaking believers in your prayers.

May the Father barakh you daily and show favor always for the love you have shown towards His Word and His people. We really need more prayer each day, for the Project and for us, the volunteers. We truly appreciate your extra prayer.

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Much love always and know you are in our daily prayers,

The HalleluYah Scriptures team.

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