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Donate & Order Without Forms

donate to order side of web siteGreetings All Supporters,

We pray you are all well. We have a new system put in place to make it faster and easier for you to donate to order items.

All you will need to do is give us your email address and the amount you want to donate with what you want sent, we will do the rest. It is as easy as that.

You will receive a request for your donation and you can review your order in the comments box and add any of the free items below.

Just remember to include the following with your order like these below as they are free for you to share, order as many as you can give away;

1. The audio – include what Name you use for the Father so we send you the right audio.

2. Do you want copies of the Children’s Book in English or Spanish. To give to children – one per family and can you take one or two copies to your local public library?

3. Do you want sets of Cards of Hope or Bookmarks sent? if so include how many you want sent.

We want to say a very special thank you for your donation as it will help us to help those who have never seen or owned a Bible and have no means or options of affording. This is the heart of the project. We can only help others if you donate for us to do so.

This is not the form for free copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures. Please be considerate when donating so that the costs of the items are covered for.

If you have any questions you can add it to the comments/message box below.

Any donations after covering costs go to helping the project.

Thank you and may the Father show you favour always

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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