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Cards Of Hope & Hand/Wrist Bands & Book Marks Order Here & Share.


CARDS OF HOPE NEW IMAGE“Proclaim the Word! Be urgent in
season, out of season. Reprove, warn, appeal, with all patience and teaching.” 2Timotiyos/Timothy 4:2

HalleluYah, the long awaited Cards of Hope are here for you to order and share with the world. This is an easy way to share the Father’s Word to those who are not aware of truth.

These are like tracts but are high quality glossy cards with only Scripture on them, for it is the Father’s Word that changes lives forever. These are wonderful to have on you as you go about your day. It is an easy way to share the Father’s Word and truth. Leaving these in different places is like sowing seeds, for you never know who will pick it up and come to know the truth.

There is a space on the other side of the card for you to write your details on, contact number and name if you want. The space is there to be used.

Some believers do not like to talk to people about truth as they feel uneasy, so this is a great way to reach the lost and allow the Father’s Ruach to convict the heart of that person.

card of hope banner

Please order as many as you can give away in your town, city or country. There are 12 cards in a set so you have a variety to share. They are in English and Filipino with the Spanish being printed soon.

If you can afford to donate or even cover costs of postage that is wonderful as we would like to send thousands of these all over the world to those who cannot afford to donate. Many want to share the truth in their country but have no means to do this, so these cards will help and we are praying about having them printed in a number of languages. We have them in English and Spanish at this stage.


Cards of Hope 1We want to be able to print these in many languages for those who are not aware of truth in different countries and intend to work on them in the near future. We will be doing other card sets for you to share and some for children so they can learn Scripture.

We are going to start work on a children’s coloring-in sheet with the 10 commandments on it for them to learn easily. We intend to work on a song for them to learn as well and make it available on line. Please pray about this as this will be quite special for children but it needs time to put together and we have a number of projects we need to complete first.


You can order the hand/wrist bands with the Father and His Son’s Names in Paleo Hebrew. Please order as many as you can give away and share with those seeking and wanting truth. Proclaim the Names by wearing these wherever you go.

HalleluYah Scriptures Review + Parallel + Hebrew Bible + Sacared Bible + Restored Name Bible + The Best Bible & Devine Name Bible + The Scriptures & Cepher Yahweh & YahwahWe here at HalleluYah Scriptures feel it is important to proclaim The Names and we have had so many wanting these hand/wrist bands to share and wear so they can proclaim the Names.

HalleluYah-Scriptures-Restored-Name-Waterproof-+-Review-+-Restored-Name-Bible-Review-best-Bible-+-saraced-Bible-hand-bandsWe have sent thousands of these to many countries and believers really enjoy wearing these. The new ones come in purple with white wording and they proclaim both Names boldly.

HalleluYah and all praise, honor and esteem to the Father and His Son.

It is an honor to provide these to those who want to share the Truth.



HalleluYah for these special high quality bookmarks with the 10 Commandments in English/Paleo Hebrew on them. These go out with each copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures when avaiable. You can order as many as you want to share and give out to those that are not aware of truth. We have them in English, Filipino and Spanish. We are working to getting them translated into another 5 other languages so that we can send them to many countries for believers to share and enjoy. We have printed well over 150,000 of these.

bookarmarks- HalleluYah Scriptures Parallel + Hebrew Bible + Sacared Bible + Restored Name Bible + The Best Bible & Devine Name Bible + The Scriptures & Cepher Yahweh & Yahwah

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

Please keep us in your daily prayer.

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