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HalleluYah Scriptures Audio Dramatization

History In The Making!

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HalleluYah! Book of Ruth Now Completed – Listen (at the bottom of this post) and Support This Important Project

HalleluYah, all praise to the Father for He provides for His people. The dramatization team has been working hard to script books to prepare them for parts and reading. Truly, this is history in the making as it has never been done before with restoring His Name.  We feel it is prophecy from Jeremiah 16:21 —

“Therefore see, I am causing them to know, this time I cause them to know My hand and My might. And they shall know that My Name is YHWH.”

There is nothing greater in this world than His Word and it is such an honor to be chosen for such a job, we all praise and give esteem to His Name for this. The dramatization audio will go all over the world to places and countries that have forbidden His Word. This precious gift will be listened to daily by tens of thousands of people all over the world. When the hard times come and the internet is no longer around, people will have this audio to listen to and come to know His Name and Torah, halleluYah! Please keep this project in your daily prayers.

Audio02aWhat a wonderful honor to be hand-picked by Him for this service! Believers will listen to this while driving in their cars, while cooking and cleaning and going about their daily lives, it will be played all night while young ones are sleeping, and best of all it will be a light to those who are in darkness all over the world who will want to hear His Name and Torah! To be alive at such a time as this is truly a berakah, halleluYah. We have had a vision from the Father that many will be huddled around a player listening to this audio as it will be forbidden to them. It will be smuggled into countries that forbid His Word and many will come to know His Name and truth. There is nothing greater than His Word and there are many in the world that do not know His truth; this audio will help bring them into the light. HalleluYah.

Once completed, we will be getting the audio burned onto disc, packaged and sent all over the world as we now have many postal agents and believers in most countries to help get them into the right hands.

We are finding that many who used to have talents before becoming believers are now using their talents for this project. One brother is writing the music for each book. We do not know what kind of spirit is behind the music in the world so have been lead by the Ruach to have the music written by one of the audio team members. This will help as we will not have any copyright issues it will all be inspired by the Father and belong to Him.

Our workload has increased so much for taking this project on but we feel it is so important and will be used endlessly and have a hand in reaching thousands for His great Name. We need your support for this important project! We cannot use HS donations for anything else but printing and shipping. We need financial help to complete this very important work on audio.  Many who want to help with their voices do not have the equipment, as well, there are programs we need to purchase for people to use and licenses for the software.

We are praying for believers to come forward to help with a number of things. Listed here is the help we need to keep this audio project going:

Prayer & Fasting:

We need all those involved in the audio to be covered in prayer for them and their families. If you can fast once a week and keep the project in your daily prayers we would be grateful, halleluYah.42 U

More voices!

We need more believers to come forward that can do some parts – you do not have to know Hebrew as we are here to support you and encourage you and help you with your parts as it is a team effort on all our parts. We just need your voice and a little of your time. We are short of male voices.

Financial support:

We need donations to keep this part of the project going. Everyone that donates will get copies of the audio when completed. We really need this support as those on the team do not have funds to donate as most of us are working up to 14 to 16 hours a day to see believers get His Word. Please consider a donation or on-going support for the audio project. You would be having a hand in reaching so many with this wonderful tool, halleluYah. We want to start taking donations now so when the audio is completed we can get hundreds of thousands of these burned and sent out around the world.


If you have editing equipment and want to help with editing some of the books as they come available please let us know.

Please know, we are all a team and no one person’s job is better or greater than another’s. This is a team effort so whether you pray or fast or donate you are all having a hand in this important audio project as none of us can do it without each other!

The Name Note:

The vision to complete the audio of the HalleluYah Scriptures was given near a year ago. We prayed and fasted about what Name to use for the audio and this is what held up the project. Some people use Yahweh and others Yahwah and a number will not listen to an audio with Yahweh and some will not listen to an audio that features the Name Yahwah. We felt through prayer the only option was to do two audios to cover both Names so that people have an option of which one they want to listen to. We do not want to bring contention to anyone and feel we have tried our best to come to this conclusion. We could have used the short form ‘Yah’ when transliterating YHWH but the Ruach put it on our hearts not to do this as it would be bringing His Name to nothingness (as people will not know His Personal Name at all) and we do not want to do this as we would be in violation of His Torah.  May we continue to keep in mind that all of us are coming out of Christianity and other forms of falsehood, we are all learning bit by bit as the Father wills and leads… may we be patient and compassionate with one another as the Father is with us.

We have made a sample book of Ruth available below to give you an idea what the whole of Scripture will sound like once it is completed. We want to share with you what we are trying to achieve with His Word. We hope to have the project completed in a number of months, but bear in mind that music has to be written for each book so no copyright is violated. We ask that you be respectful and not download and make copies to sell. The HalleluYah Scriptures dramatization audio is copyrighted for the express purpose of it not ever being sold.


Play Book of Ruth (Dramatization) – pronounced as “Yahuwah”

Play Book of Ruth (Dramatization) – pronounced as “Yahweh”

Play Shemote 2 (Dramatization)

If you can offer any help please fill out the form below.

Thank you, HalleluYah!!!

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