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HalleluYAH! We are so excited to share with you about the All the Children’s Books, Coloring Books & Movies: “HalleluYah Scriptures Children’s Books” The project has 2 Children’s Books and a number of Coloring Books based on Scripture.

The HalleluYah Scriptures has completed a number of very high-quality  books and coloring books with posters. This HalleluYah Scriptures Children’s materials are truly one-of-a-kind and has never been done in the history before! Another first in history with Restored Names.
Just like all the other projects of the HalleluYAH Scriptures, it has been done according to His Word and Commands — they are given for FREELY to those who  who cannot afford, supported by those who can. Those in 3rd world countries and the truly poor in this world.  The Children’s Book Movies are in a number of subtitled languages for the children around the world. This is wonderful for the deaf as well as the movies are in many languages.

Stimulate the young mind of your child with timeless truths, vivid illustrations and value-forming stories from YHWH’s Word! These unique Children’s books have the following features:

  • No pagan titles– The Names of the Father and the Son are restored to their rightful place in the original Paleo-Hebrew. As explained in the Glossary section, a number of Hebrew words have also been used to replace certain English words pertaining to the Father, Son and His people which have pagan origin — thus, giving some “Hebraic flavor” to the story.
  • Hebrew Names – The names of individuals throughout the Scriptures have been transliterated phonetically to match the Hebrew pronunciation rather than the traditional: i.e. Yeshayahu (Isaiah), Dawiḏ (David), Yahoshua (Joshua).
  • No man’s doctrine – Stories are quoted straight from the HalleluYah Scriptures, and not a “paraphrased one”. Parents are encouraged to diligently teach their children as they read the Children’s Books and materials together so it will be doubly-fun and educative for both the parents and the child;
  • Life-like pictures – Stories are illustrated as they appear in reality, so that children are exposed to real-life illustrations (not cartoons).  When children see cartoons they think His Word is a fairy tale or not true.
  • Interrelated stories – Each book is a topical book (not chronological) containing two parallel stories : one from the First Covenant and another from the Renewed Covenant. As the Scriptures are ONE single, undivided and inspired BOOK, the Children’s Books are present correlating stories from the First and Renewed Covenants as interrelated/connected, meaningful and timeless. Readers will clearly see the connection, continuity and relevance of both the First and Renewed Covenants to our day.

CB spanish coverOn the left is the Children’s Book in Spanish. This is book number one.

We have completed the first book titled : “The Creation, the Fall and the Promised Redeemer”. in Spanish. Children will see clearly how His Word flows and connects throughout.

We have been able to print thousands of these over the years and ship them all over the world for children who cannot afford to cover the costs, many have come to know His Truth through these materials that have gone into nearly every country.


We shall release each book as we finish it so that the children and their parents can immediately enjoy them – HalleluYAH!

We need to be able to fund these important and urgent books for the children of the world who have no means of. These are truly a legacy of love to the Father’s children and our children’s children as it is life changing as it is His Word only! 

 We have printed the first book in English, Spanish and Filipino editions and the others only in English. Just imagine the far-reaching impact of your donation to help children around the world!

Please help us to help these children so if you can afford kindly do not take freely as it effects the very poor and needy. These books are quite expense to print, but it is the shipping that costs so much.

Part of the vision that was given by the Ruach was a picture of very poor children on the side of the road in the Philippines, India, Africa etc, and these children just sat there day in and day out with nothing but a blank look on their faces and the Ruach showed how important it is that these children come to know our Father’s Name and truth and one book can do that. It can change that one child’s life forever.

It will be the greatest treasure that they will own, as they will have very little, and it will be of great value to them as they own nothing. Many children in 3rd worldwide countries just do not have the options as we do in the western world.

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Childrens Books Titles

The Creation, The Fall & The Promised Redeemer.

This Childrens Book covers the following, The Creation, The Fall & The Promised Redeemer. All Scripture with amazing artwork.

We have believers in many of these countries now that can organize getting these books out to children by the thousands. We have printed tens of thousands of copies so far with most of these going out freely around the world. This is truly very special and something that is needed for the children of the world. This was only possible because of you His people.

Instructions At The Two Mounts

This is the second Book in the series and is titled: ‘Instructions At The Two Mounts.’ This also covers the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes and goes hand in hand with the Children’s Coloring Book, as it covers the same topics but in greater detail. The Children’s Book 2 is the second Book in the series that brings His Word to life for children. We continue to work on material for children so check this page and the website regularly for new items.

The HalleluYah Scriptures Coloring Books have a pull-out poster for fellowships, believers or children to put on their wall to learn the 10 Commandments, Laws and Festivals. They are explained in a way to make it easier for Children and parents to learn the Commands Bright and colorful so the children will have fun learning along the way.

The Commandments & Beatitudes Coloring Book




The Appointed Times of YHWH

Continuing with our characters introduced in the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes Coloring Book, we continue with the Festivals of YHWH in the second Coloring Book. As with the first, there are parallel Scriptures from both the First and Second Covenants with a color sample and an outline drawing for children to color in while learning the Celebrations of YHWH’s calendar year.

Signs & Fruits Of The Ruach of YHWH

This is the third Childrens Coloring book in the series that is all Scripture. These are so special, and we pray that all esteem and praise go to the Most High.

“Train up a child in the way he should go. Even when he is old he turns not away from it.” – Mishlĕy / Proverbs 22:6

Theee are two DVD movies one for each book for you all to enjoy with your children.

We had two professional illustrators Brothers for the project that did an amazing job.  YHWH Yireh indeed!

999031_526556854076481_1291934537_nA scene above from the Children’s Book DVD.

Please consider donating to the Children’s material so we can help those who cannot afford, brothers and sisters in 3rd world countries and those in the western world who truly cannot afford, this is who receive freely. Pray that it will also cause others to look into the Festivals of YHWH rather than worldly pagan celebrations.


The vision to complete the audio of the HalleluYah Scriptures was given in 2011. We prayed and fasted about what Name to use for the audio, and this is what held up the project in the beginning.

We felt through prayer the only option was to do two audios to cover both Names so that people have an option of which one they want to listen to.

So, for this Children’s Book-DVD project, the same principle was applied on the Name.

We do not want to bring contention to anyone and feel we have tried our best to come to this conclusion on the Names. We could have used the short form ‘Yah’ when transliterating YHWH but the Ruach put it on our hearts not to do this as it would be bringing His Name to nothingness (as people will not know His Personal Name at all) and we do not want to do this as we would be in violation of His Torah.
May we continue to keep in mind that all of us are coming out of Christianity and other forms of falsehood, we are all learning bit by bit as the Father wills and leads… may we be patient and compassionate with one another as the Father is with us.

Cost Only To The Project – plus Shipping
*All prices given are in USD

Children’s Books Costs Only – USD5.00 each plus shipping
Coloring Books  Costs Only – USD7.00 each plus shipping

(Shipping can be up to $10.00 for 1-3 books as the books are large and heavy.)

Other books lined-up in the future if time allows include:

1.“The Passover, Wavesheaf and the Death and Resurrection of our Messiah.

  1. “Noah’s Ark and the Messiah’s Return as in the Days of Noah”
  2. First Covenant Messages and A Series of our Saviour’s Parables, such as:
    • “Repent and Live and the Parable of the Prodigal Son”
    • “Kingdom Prophecies and the Ten Virgins”
  3. “Blessings and Curses in the First Covenant and the Promises of the Renewed Covenant”

May YHWH barak you for your good heart!

“For He raised a witness in Ya’aqob, and put a Torah in Yisra’el, which He commanded our fathers, to teach them to their children; that it might be known to a generation to come, to children who would be born, to rise up and declare to their children, and place their trust in Elohim, and not forget the works of El, but watch over His Commands.” 

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