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HalleluYah Scriptures Family Journal

HalleluYah, the Journal project was worked on for over two years and nearly completed. A Sister on the team had wanted to do something like this for a long time after her work on the Children’s materials as she is passionate about children and families.

So the Journal was the next thing she wanted to work on. It is more than a Journal it is a family Journal or it can be for one person, where you read the HalleluYah Scriptures in a year as a family as it has a planner for each day. It also has a section on each page that has Prayer Requests, Prayers Answered and Miracles, things that through prayer the Father has done for you and your family.

It has a space for you or your children to do a drawing of your thoughts and also a space to put your thoughts down of the verses you have read including notes or special thoughts. It is a history book that you can look back on and see how your prayers have been answered and how things have changed for you.

A record of your walk with the Most High. You will be able to add your family tree to the book as well. A wonderful record for you and your family. We are just putting the artwork for each page together and also designing the cover. Please keep it in your prayers. If you want to pre order this you can. We pray to have it printed and back to us by July 2023. It is in full color on each page and will be a wonderful keep sake or gift.

This is a Pre – Order – Arrives Around July 2023 – Limited Copies Being Printed
Cost Including Shipping – USA: $39.90 
*All prices given are in USD
Close to 380 pages, full color and high quality

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