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HalleluYah Scriptures Given Out In China – HalleluYah!

HS-ChinaThis special sister who contacted us not long ago wanted to take the HalleluYah Scriptures to China to share with her people as she was traveling to a number of area’s. As she mentions below she was nerves and the enemy tried to put a stop to her taking them and sharing them so the HalleluYah Scriptures  supporters prayed and fasted for her and she contacted us to say she is taking them and feels strengthen  by the Father through all the prayers and fasting. HalleluYah. Here is her story.

My blessed trip to China with HS

Before I left for China 3 months ago, I contacted HalleluYah Scriptures  team to ask if I could take some Halleluyah Scriptures to China. They were really nice people. They generously and prayerfully sent Halleluyah Scriptures to my house a few days after I called. I felt so honored and blessed to be entrusted with a mission like that. But the enemy of fear attacked me shortly after that, which made me worried that I couldn’t make those Halleluyah Scriptures successfully to China.  So I wanted to quit, giving a couple of Halleluyah Scriptures  to Chinese and Western people in USA.

China-Trip-2013-023-2At the last minute of my departure for my trip, I was determined to take all the stock of the Halleluyah Scriptures with me. I was not fearful anymore because I knew the Father would protect me and I had total trust in Him.

Since I trusted Him completely, I needed to demonstrate my faith by my action. Since I love Him the best and the most, there will be nothing I won’t like to do for Him. I thought of what Scripture said

“If Elohim is with me, who will be against me?

The fact is that Elohim was and is with me, is my strength and my life, whom shall I fear? I was sure that was with me and He would fight for me and protect me, and deliver me and my son from all our adversaries.

Also I thought of the fact that around 1000 Halleluyah Scriptures brothers and sisters had been praying for me, I would not let them down who loved me so much. So I packed all the Halleluyah Scriptures with me in my luggage, flying to China. My son and I arrived safely there without any stumbling blocks. HalleluYah! I was glad that I had taken all the Halleluyah Scriptures with me.

Under the guidance of the Ruah Ha Qodesh, I gave 2 Halleluyah Scriptures to a brother on my same fight who would arrive in Beijing, and who lived in Beijing. We had some conversation, I found out he was a sincere Christian seeking truth. So I gave him 2 HS and I told him to send one to his pastor in his church. He was very happy to get the precious Halleluyah Scriptures.

I sent  Halleluyah Scriptures out in person almost to all the Christian churches and Christian sisters and brothers in FUZHOU, FUJIAN PROVINCE, CHINA. I told them the True name of our Creator and our Savior. I told them about the Sabbath observing.  I told them how precious the Halleluyah Scriptures  was. They were very thankful and felt blessed!

I sent Halleluyah Scriptures out to the Christian churches  in JIlin and also some of my  friends live there.  All of them felt so blessed and thankful for the precious Halleluyah Scriptures they were blessed with.

I have arrived home safely with my son recently under the protection of our Elohim . HalleluYAH!I thank all those loving prayers made by brothers and sisters on the Halleluyah Scriptures  team.

I FELT SO HONORED AND BLESSED to have taken the Halleluyah Scriptures to China. I felt so blessed and honored to be used by our Elohim as His servant to accomplish His will. My trip to China this time has been the most wonderful because the mission I was entrused with! HalleluYAH! There is nothing better than putting our trust in Elohim completely and love Him totally with our actions! HalleluYAH! This blessed trip has really strengthened my faith greatly in our Elohim and our Savior . HALLELUYAH!!!


We have had a huge number of believers over the past 2 years take stock to many countries that they are visiting. They have been able to reach a good number of believers in these countries with the HalleluYah Scriptures.

If you know anyone traveling to any 3rd world country  and they are willing to take stock with them,  can you contact us so we can arrange stock for them to take.

The heart of the Halleluyah Scriptures project  is to reach those that have never seen or owned a copy and have no means of affording. This is the heart of the Father and His Torah. HalleluYah.

Thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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