Restored Paleo Hebrew Name Scriptures , No Footnotes , No Man's Doctrines , No Paganisms , Literal Translation , Closest To The Hebrew , Not For Sale, Free To The Poor, Prisoners and The Very Needy, Supported By Those Who Can Afford. 80% of Added Words Removed

HalleluYah Scriptures Shining The Light

Let us praise His Name and His Son’s Name for His Word that is reaching the 4 corners of the world. There is nothing more important or more urgent than His Word in this dark world.

The primary  goal of HalleluYah Scriptures project has always been to see those who have never seen or owned a copy and have no means of affording a copy to receive one, for that we will always be attacked and hated. The enemy hates the Father’s Word and will try anything he can to stop those in desperate need receive a copy. It is hard for many of us in the Western World to understand what it is like not to have His Word, although we can tell you first hand there is thousands that do not have the privilege.

This is changing because His people who love Him and His Word are making sure that those in need receive copies, this is the heart of the Father.. HalleluYah

We want to say a special thank you to those that have a heart after those in need of His Word, who have supported this project. You will be rewarded by the Father. Those that receive your gift of His Word the HS are praising the Father daily for you and your family. We invite you to read some of the  comments from those who have received this berakah under “Where are they going”. You will be touched by each comment.

It is completely unnecessary  to sell His Word and to do so breaks His Torah/Laws and there shows a complete lack of trust in the Father and believing He will provide through His people.

We at HS choose to trust in YHWH and have seen first hand that He provides abundantly. Anyone that sells His Word does not have a heart after the Father or His people but only after profits and lifestyles. We here at HS choose to trust in YHWH for He is an awesome provider. YHWH Yireh!

We are now on the 4th print run ( arrives around Jan) and the 3rd print run has not arrived yet, it arrives in Nov, what a wonderful Creator we all serve.

Nobody on this project benefits in anyway, we like you are all supporters, in time, pray and fasting and donations. We all have one goal and aim and that is reaching the World with His Word.

The HS translation team work near daily to bring His people a translation that is the purest and the closet to the Hebrew.  Please check out the new video: “Why the HS is the superior version” – there is no other nor has there ever been a translation like the HS, the only translation that has been completed according to His Word & Torah – all praise to the Father.

The HS translation team has it on their hearts to restore as many books as possible from the Dead Sea Scrolls to restore His Word as fully as possible.

The team has worked hard to restore Hanok (Enoch), Yobelim (Jubliees) and Yashar (Jasher) and will be working on 1 & 2 Maccabees and then the rest of the Apocryphal writings. These will all be restored in line with the HS.

Larger shipments of the HalleluYah Scriptures  have just left to Yisrael and Manilla (Philippines). We are working on a shipment to Africa soon.

Let us all praise His Name for He has done an amazing thing with His Word.

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