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Hong Kong Thankful For The Most Valuable Gift of All.

  hong kong 1 Andrew with Bible"And it is YHWH who is going before you, He Himself is with you. He does not fail you nor forsake you. Do not fear nor be discouraged.” Deuteronomy/Debarim 31:8 The Word of the Father and His wonderful Son is travelling fast around the world. We are so excited to share with you some of the messages we have received. All esteem, praise and thanks to Father YHWH and His Son for giving His People His Word, which is the Wonderful Gift of All! "Praise the [Father and His Son], our Bibles arrived this week. We had a friend from Taiwan visiting who the Spirit wanted us to give a Bible to. He and his family have been under financial attack for about 7 years. He was so thankful to receive this Bible. Thank you so much. We will be distributing the rest as we see our people this month.  We also had some other friends visiting from Canada. They will be ordering some Bibles because I showed them this one and they loved it. Blessings." hong kong  2Graham bibleOn the top right is Bro. A, who is just one of those who joyfully and gratefull  received a copy of HalleluYah Scriptures. He said: "All praise be to our  Father YHWH and His Son YAHSHUA for commissioning you to do His sacred work. " Many others we deal with in these types of countries cannot have their faces shown as it is dangerous for them and their families as they do not have the freedom we have but are so overjoyed and grateful for such a special gift. Many say "Oh to hold and touch and cast your eyes upon this amazing gift is so awesome and we are speechless as there are no words to express how grateful and thankful we are to the person that gave a thought for us. It is so touching to think that someone cared enough to donate to allow me this most treasured possession. Thank you so much and my prayers will always to thankful to the Father for you." Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not look around, for I am your Elohim. I shall strengthen you, I shall also help you, I shall also uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness.” Isaiah/Yeshayahu 40:10 angel hong kong nov 2013Many brothers and sisters cannot openly show their love for the Father and His Son for they will lose not only their lives but their families and friends lives. That is why some of these pictures do not show the face of the believer. A special comment below:  "We are all so blessed to have such an anointed copy of His Word. We have never seen Yah's Word with His Name, this is so exciting. What a great honour to own such a gift as this. We have been praying for many years to own such a book. We have been rejoicing and praising daily over this gift. A very special thanks to you all and those that have donated." HalleluYAH!!! Bob Bible hong kong nov 2013Here is a message from the couple who received the copies  of bibles in Hong Kong. ".. we cannot require people to give us their  pictures or names to you because many of them are refugees and also in China, people are persecuted for their faith.  ... We promise not to sell the  books and we would ask our receivers to not either." How sad this is. All over the world people are persecuted for their colour, race and what they believe in. Many believers are attacked for loving and using the Father and Son's Names, they have to hide for not only their lives are at stake but all those around them. We in the western world will not know what this is like but we know first hand what it is like to live like this. David Bible hong kong nov 2013Here is another comment.
"Dear Halleluyah Scriptures,
 Thank You for the Most Valuable Gift!!!
 Praise [the Father]  for the most wonderful work you have done and for the wonderful gift.  I am eternally grateful for your bible.  I love it so much.  Once my financial situation turns around I would like to be a donor for your ministry.
 Eternally Blessed, A. T.  "
Sadly those who are in genuine need who cannot afford and have no options of affording really want to donate to help others but just cannot afford as their wages are around $1.00 to $3.00 a day. It pains them not to be able to help others in need.
Dee Bible hong kong nov 2013
The HalleluYah Scriptures team is working very hard to get the Halleluyah Scriptures into many countries, countries that forbid YHWH's Word. We know we are racing against time as it is getting harder and harder to get His Word into these places. We stand in awe in what the Father is doing and how He is working to reach all those who are without the Father's love letter. We are coming to know brothers and sisters who are so desperate and that can only be the Father's doing for we could not have found these believers in a million years.
Roland Bible hong kong nov 2013It is not easy to live in countries like this and be open to preach on the streets to proclaim the Father and His Son's Names. It is an honour to live in a free country to be able to do this for the Father. Please pray for our brothers and sisters all over the world for some of them feel so lonely and if they know that others are praying for them then they would feel such a peace and joy.   Selia Bible hong kong nov 2013We receive so many messages and letters  from all over the world. We are so grateful to those that take the time to let us know they have received freely the Father and Son's Word. Here is a lovely message from a believer. "Amein! HalleluYaH! Praise YaH! Psalms 68:4 thank you HalleluYaH Scriptures for not forgetting me thank you for sharing your posts.  todah rabbah for your understanding and concern."GAL.5:22 We received this wonderful and special message from a brother in Hong Kong. This can only be the Father and His Son's doing as there is no way we could have set this up. We only just sent this shipment to Hong Kong (this month) and this brother goes to this fellowship on the day the HalleluYah Scriptures arrived and was put on display. Read what he said. To all the Faithful at Halleluyah Scriptures, Last week I attended our local bible study group meeting here in Hong Kong. As usual I took along my KJV Bible which had been presented to me in UK by my local junior church way back in 1960. But what's this? On the table in front of me was a purple covered Bible titled 'Halleluyah Scriptures'. I looked at the Elders as if to say, 'Not another so-called translation?' For weeks previously I'd been scouring the internet for a modern-english untainted version of the Bible without success. The widely used Jewish Publication Society's 1917 Hebrew translation is in fact based on a revised english KJV under instruction to  “remove all un-Jewish and anti-Jewish phrases, expressions, renderings, and usages…” and introduce traditional Jewish interpretation to reflect Jewish feeling, law, faith and tradition. It got worse with the publication, headed by non-Christian Jew, Harry M. Orlinsky in the 60's, of The Torah, and in the mid 80's the NJPS edited by 'scholars from USA  and Israel'. Need I say more? Even the KJV, itself being the result of several revisions to the original Tyndale, leaves one to question whether it is a truly accurate and unbiased translation from the Hebrew and Greek of its time. Yet that is the best we have - until now it seems. So what a joy it was to receive an as-near literal translation of the Hebrew text, particularly the Old Testament, uncontaminated by rabbinical interpretations, traditions and Zionist reflection. Now we are able to follow and be enriched by the true Word of the Father. May the spirit and vision of the original visionary live within all your hearts at 'HalleluYah Scriptures' and may your endeavours continue to be blessed in His Name. Blessings and thank you all, Bro G. (edited to protect names of believers) Please help us to help even more in countries like this. We can only send the Father's Word when His people raise up and support such an important and urgent project. HalleluYah. You can use this link to help us print our next print run which will help so many more freely all over the world. What better gift you can give to another. Thank you The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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