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Israel Trip – All Praise Honor & Esteem To The Most High

HalleluYah Scriptures 2“It is good to give thanks to YHWH and to sing praises to Your Name, O Most High; To declare Your kindness in the morning and Your trustworthiness each night,” Tehillim/Psalms 92:1-2

A huge HalleluYah to all those that have donated to make this urgent and important mission possible. It is full steam ahead. We are now organizing this trip of a lifetime with plenty of stock being organized and sent into Israel. Because of the love of His people, this trip has now been made possible and those that donated know how important this mission is and how important it is to get His Word out in Israel. This is a very important time in history and there will be dangers in doing this work, but we all know who is in control.

A number of people have emailed us not to go, stating that you can’t get His Word out in this country as it is against the law. Sadly, they do not know the power of YHWH and that He is in control, not man, and that it is His Law we must obey. Remember the answer given when they were commanded not to teach or speak in the Name of Yahushua? They replied, “we must obey Elohim rather than man.” The Messiah’s followers considered it all joy when they were persecuted and attacked for proclaiming Truth, we as a team and those that support this project feel the same. Time is short and there is no time to sit back and wait there is a work to be done.

Let us remember that He has even used a donkey to proclaim His Word. We know the dangers and are well aware of the issues, but this will not stop the trip. It is all go, HalleluYah!!!

HalleluYah Scriptures 7

It has always been our aim to reach as many people as possible all over the world in many countries, towns, cities and remote places that many do not visit. We feel it is important to get His Word into as many hands as possible so that people can have His Instruction Book for direction and guidance, for a time is coming soon when it will be harder for people to find ways to acquire His Word. We as a team feel an urgency to do this important mission to Israel and to take a large amount of stock so that His people in this country will have it on hand. There are still many to reach in this country and we know with YHWH’s help it will be possible. We have a lot of stock that has gone out into many countries, but very few into Israel by comparison which is why we prayed about this and feel it is very important.

HalleluYah Scriptures 11

We have received warnings regarding this trip, that it would be dangerous and you supposedly need to build relationships for years, etc. However, YHWH is doing this work and we are only vessels for Him to use. We need to be obedient and do what He has asked, for He has provided the funds, provided a person to receive the stock into Israel for this trip and has also answered many other prayers that were before Him to make it possible, so we cannot let Him down for we would be repeating Jonah’s error. When YHWH says go and provides for it and answers the prayers to have things sorted, then who are we to say NO? That would be disobedient.

HalleluYah Scriptures 1

Tens of thousands all over the world have been weeping before YHWH for His Word. As we have shared before, many who are in their 60’s, 70’s and right up to their 90’s have been waiting all their lives for a copy of His Word yet have had no means or options of affording. They have been before the Father and waited patiently all their lives just for His Word, and when given a free copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures, they rejoice and praise His Name!

That is why it is so important to get His Word into as many hands as possible, and Israel is no different, they are in need of His pure Word in their own language which will go a long way in reaching those who are not aware of The Messiah. YHWH’s Word is alive and powerful and sharper than any two edge sword able to teach, guide and lead a person to Truth.

We as a team truly give all praise, honor and esteem to YHWH for you who have supported this special, once in a lifetime trip. It has taken a number of believers who have donated to make this happen and each one of you has been a huge part of this mission that was ordained by YHWH and His Son. We have not had to beg for donations, as each one of you donated quickly and things fell into place quite rapidly. When it is His will, there is no stopping what He has put in place, and we must solider on.

HalleluYah Scriptures 8

A huge thank you for the prayer, as the couple will need it, for they will be in situations that may not be safe, but that will not stop them. They are not scared and will not bow to fear. There is no time for comfort and entertainment on this trip when people are dying around you and they have this burden upon them and it will drive them on.

If we were worried about what people think and try to give answer to all the attacks against this project, then no free copies would have gone out. We allow YWHW to fight our battles, as we know this is His Word, it is His battle, and if the project is not His will, then He would have shut it down a very long time ago. By not bowing to fears and attacks, tens of thousands have gone out freely all over the world to many waiting hands, and this would not have been possible with fear.

We are not to fear man but to fear YHWH, and if we do not do this trip that He has called us to do, then we are being disobedient and will be answerable to the Most High.

This is a team effort which you, His supporters are a big part of, as it takes a team effort to accomplish this mission and work, and as one supporter said, “One sows, one reaps… and it cannot be done without you.”

HalleluYah Scriptures 5

We have never believed in wasting funds on trips as His Word says it all, but after so much prayer and fasting it seems the only way to reach those in Israel is by going there, and we know the couple going well, as they have been on the team for many year. We also know they are very hard workers and are not afraid and will do all they can to get the work done. They are not there for entertainment and comforts but to get stock into the hands of those that will share it as well as share themselves with others who need Truth.

HalleluYah Scriptures 6

The Jewish people have never had a pure form of His Word with all 66 Books, and the Prophecies Book is very important for them as well. The couple will truly stop at nothing to reach and talk to everyone they come across. They have so many ideas and ways to reach everyone that needs reaching and not one stone will be left unturned to find everyone that needs to be reached.

We will reach fellowships, groups and any believer who is willing to equip them with stock if they are open to it. Then there are the Jewish people who are not aware of the Messiah who need to be reached, and this can only be done by YHWH, as the couple need it to be His Words. Then there are the tourist that come into Israel who also need to be reached, and we have some very good quick ideas that will not take much time in sharing with them. There are also things that we have in place that we cannot share until they are back from Israel.

HalleluYah Scriptures 2

We want to say a heartfelt, deep thank you again for your donations and support as we are able to send so much more stock into Israel and to be able to fulfil many bulk orders for free copies. The support has been amazing and beyond our thoughts, and has been overwhelming and has touched our hearts so very deeply. We stand in awe and are amazed and have no words sometimes to express how thankful and grateful we are for you all.

You have truly given wings to His Word the HalleluYah Scriptures and we know that many who receive this Book will be very thankful and grateful and they will be praising YHWH for the believer that made that happen. We feel that even if someone rejects His Word, they will be accountable to the Most High, and that at least they were given the Truth.

HalleluYah Scriptures 10

This statement is so very true and when we give to help His people who cannot afford to give back, then that is the true berakah (blessing,) for then that berakah has to come from YHWH. Lives are changed forever when someone who receives a free copy of His Word that they never had to pay for, but prayed for. They are so thankful and many weep over that generous gift that is more valuable than all the gold in the world. Thank you for having a kind and loving heart towards His people.


We really need prayer and fasting from now until the end of the trip in Jan 2018. We really need as many believers as possible to pray and fast for wisdom, for YHWH to give the Words and direction and guidance, so that every single person is reached and found and that no place or person will be left out, so that there is no excuse. Please also pray to bind and rebuke the enemy away from this project and trip so that he has no power to try and destroy it or use people to bring fear. Kindly pray for protection for the couple and that all eyes that are in wickedness and only want to do harm will be blinded and they will not see what is happening around them. The prayer is urgent and important.

HalleluYah-Scriptures-Waterproof-Parallel-Hebrew-Bible-Sacared-Bible-Restored-Name-Bible-The-Best-Bible-Devine-Name-Bible-Cepher-bible-Waterproof-Messianic-prophecies-bWe will be sending in many of these Books above that is in both English and Hebrew. It has over 300 prophecies about the Messiah in the First Covenant paired with the Renewed Covenant fulfilment and leaves no excuse not to believe in the Messiah that walked the Earth who died for us. This book is all HalleluYah Scriptures and will be important in sharing with the Jewish people and those who are not aware of the Messiah. We will also be sending in the Cards of Hope, 10 Commandment Bookmarks, Wristbands proclaiming the Names as well as the Hebrew/English Edition and the standard edition.

We will keep you updated on the website before the trip and throughout the trip so that everyone is well aware of what is happening and what is being achieved each day.

If you know anyone in Israel that you feel will want a visit to share stock, can you kindly email them and ask them first if they would like a visit, as it is best you ask first, for you know them.

We also would like a couple of others who can receive stock to hold for the couple to pick up when they arrive in Nov. Even if the person can hold 3 boxes that would be great. Kindly ask them and let us know.

We want to say a very special thank you once again for your trust and support with this up and coming first mission trip we have ever done. We will not let you down, as we are all accountable to YHWH and His Son and you, His Children. We as a team take this project very seriously and we enjoy doing this work as volunteers and know we do not need to put ourselves on the front lines to be attacked, but we do as we team, with you, our supporters and your support  strengthens us all and we thank you for your prayer, fasting and donations. HalleluYah.

HalleluYah Scriptures 9 HalleluYah-Scriptures-Review-Parallel-Hebrew-Bible-Sacared-Bible-Restored-Name-Bible-The-Best-Bible-The-Scriptures-Cepher-Yahweh-Yahwah-waterproof-bible-Hebrew-32-574x1 HSHeaderFB2


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