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Kenya, Indian & Philippines Rejoices Over His Word!

Bro Stuart with Pastor Roy2The brethren in Kenya, India and Philippines greatly rejoiced and kept praising Father YHWH and His Son for receiving copies of HalleluYah Scriptures! YHWH’s Good News is brought to the poor (Luke 4:18) and what a joy this brings!

Just this first quarter of 2013, hundreds of copies of Halleluyah Scriptures have reached the grateful hands of many families living in these third world countries. They have been joyfully sharing their copies to other family members, brethren and many others seeking His Truth.

Kenya Update:

In Kenya, an American brother (elder) graciously brought several boxes of His Word and personally distributed them to different Kenyan elders and workers of YHWH.

One of the recipients is a sweet Kenyan sister who is part of our Missions Team in Kenya. She organized not only the distribution of His Word to congregations where she belong but also reached out to other assemblies who have just started in embracing the Sacred Names and YHWH’s Torah. In Nairobi, she gave bibles to an elder, a member, and a lady who has about 5 children in the congregation. In Migori, she sent not only the much needed copies of His Word, but has also walked "an extra mile" by sending elders to teach these assemblies more about YHWH’s commands.

One congregation was overjoyed to receive copies of His Word with the Names of YHWH and His Son restored to their rightful place.

They said that it is very important to have bibles with Sacred Names because

“it is very hard to share to people about the Names when they see that your own bible only contain pagan titles.”

(we receive many comments like this above and it is so true)

You will see from the pictures presented here the indescribable joy in the faces of our Kenyan brethren! They may not be materially rich but they truly understood that YHWH’s Word is far more precious and everlasting than any other possession this world can ever offer.

RowKenya01 RowKenya02 RowSisHarriett

India Update.

We have managed to get a good number of copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures into India.

Here is a couple of pictures of believers getting His Word — the HalleluYah Scriptures — for the first time. We have much work to do in India and we are excited about getting a few boxes into Indian over the past 2 years.

RowIndia&Thai01 RoWThai01

A big HALLELUYAH for the gift of YHWH Word — Special thanks from Bro. Ratnapaul Paladugu and the brethren in India who have been sharing the Father's Name and truth with many who are excited to receive the truth!

The people in India come to learn English as it is compulsory and many believers can read and understand English so the HalleluYah Scriptures does benefit these people. YHWH’s Word not only teaches us — it brings life! It is a lamp that brings light, correction and instruction to our way of life (Proverbs/Mishley 6:23).

Philippines Update:

YHWH’s Work continues to do wonders in the Philippines. In a country dominated by Catholics and Christians, many brethren hunger for YHWH Pure Word with the Restored Names of the Father and the Son rightfully in place.

RowPhil01 RowPhil02

A dear brother from the Philippines shared the following updates :

Shalom! Eternal thanks to our Father YHWH through His Son! and to all of you for your prayers cause the result of it is great. We have just finish our Mission in Sn. Rafael Bulacan, Baliuag Bulacan and more and more Church leaders and key persons are now interested in knowing our Father's true Name [May His Name be blessed forever] through HalleluYah Scriptures, this is great. Now our team next target is Mindanao! our Team leaders are already been there preparing the way, and His Word the HalleluYah Scriptures was given to a church key person who was seeking His truth. Pray for this plan of ours to reach those in Missamis Occidental Mindanao! I have attached pictures of those who received HS. Please pray for my family and fellowship that the Father will continue to use us to reach those with ears to hear.

Thanks again for keeping in touch! Were exicited to meet HalleluYah Scriptures mission team organizer, her husband and family… May Our Father bless all of you in the name of His Son!

Love you all in the name of our Father!

Pastor Ramel travelled far from Infanta, Quezon Province where he currently shepherds the Servant of the Lord Church. We thank and praise YHWH Elohim for sending him to fellowship with us last Sabbath day. His is a heart oflove with Elohim’s True Names and he is for YHWH's Qodesh Word which he will be bringing to share back home. Inspired by bro Jerry’s teaching on bible history, he invited all [brethren of our congregation] to visit them next time!

Two weeks later, Michel Hill’s dad Wilfredo joined his son to worship YHWH Elohim, to listen to the Qodesh Ruah’s voice on our latest “Family” Sabbath Day at Quezon Circle park, and received the HalleluYah Scriptures. Welcome, daddy Hill! HalleluYahushua.”

In another update, this Filipino brother joyfully gave the following message:

A glorious day for YHWH Almighty! We found new friends and brothers. We were awe-inspired by the Ruach of Truth and Wisdom that Elder Florencio Nevado and Bro. Benny shared with us on our first meeting. Bro Dennis handed them copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures that were meant for them.

Last Sabbath worship day, we received guests from Messianic churches (Roger Walkwitz, Ted Franco, Edith Tria & Siat Furnesier) who were invited by bro Dennis. HalleluYah, brother Jerry C took the opportunity to give them a couple of copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures to bring back to their own congregations. As we pray for them, we thank YHWH Abinu for the grace to serve [in declaring] Elohim’s Word great throughout all the earth. HalleluYahushua!

Bro. Narcing Pablo joyfully gave a copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures to Bro. Johnny Balahibo, a Jehovah’s Witness. Dadi said it took quite a long time to get this mission done, but everything’s perfect in YHWH’s way, will and time. Dadi seldom smiles like this. This is what makes him happy. :-) HalleluYah!

So much is happening in the Philippines and the Ruach is moving all over the and to the outer villages where His Name is being shared and many are coming to His truth and sharing their copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures.”

Another volunteer for His Word is a family who gladly distributed copies of the Halleluyah Scriptures to brethren scattered around Metro Manila and far-flung province like Pangasinan and Negros Occidental. Many recipients are materially poor-yet-rich-in-faith whose only prayer is to have a copy of YHWH Word. One sister was so thankful and amazed to have her prayer answered while she did not tell anyone about this prayer. Another recipient, an elder, who has been in the faith for a long time could not contain his gratitude. He said:

“Truly we are blessed to have this pure translation, no paganism-christian translation, it’s absolute 7 X purified word of YHWH as described in Psalms 12:6 Again my sincerest thanks to you.”

On the other hand, we have an Australian brother who is now staying in the Philippines and who has the heart to seek out and to distribute copies of Halleluyah Scriptures to those Filipinos who are in genuine need, including widows, orphans and the sick. He was also used by YHWH as His vessel to share His Names to several Christian evangelists. Here are some of his updates :

“Thank you for the copies of Halleluyah Scriptuures and we look forward to receiving even more copies as I had requests from two families yesterday and one lady came to know YHWH at our fellowship yesterday and receive Him into her life. We had been talking re the Fathers heart for the Widows and orphans and then found out she was widow and has medical problems… So thank you Father for your love and care for this widow.”

“[One of the recipients is a Pastor] from Irosin in Luzon Philippines. He started his walk in the Catholic Church Seminary some years ago but recently he came to receive YHWH as his savior and master, and was immersed… [Another pastor and his wife received Halleluyah Scriptures after praying for the True Name of the Savior for sometime... When they learned about the Names], they have put up His Name in Paleo Hebrew and removed the large Cross they had on the stage...

There is so much work going on and distance and times are a bit restrictive to get to see everyone when they meet. Some are still at His Name stage and some are at keeping Sabbath stage. Thank You Heavenly Father for wherever each one of us is at and keep us close to You. “Salamat” (Filipino word for “Thank you”) also to the Halleluyah Scriptures.”

This Australian brother has also shared copies of His Word to 7 Sacred Name assemblies, including “Assembly of YHWH” in Sorsogon established in 1979. He shared:

They are very blessed to receive HS as they have been using whatever addition they could find. There is no money there but they are rich in Joy and have been lead in all they do by the Ruach and had no external resources at all, unlike in the western world with PC and thousands of teachings on every subject imaginable.

Truly, there is no precious thing in this temporal world than receiving YHWH Pure Word which lasts to eternity. A huge thank you to those that have donated to help all these brothers and sisters receive a copy of His love letter. There is no better gift you could give another than His Word. It has all the answers and gives peace and joy.

Thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team


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