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Large Print in Artificial Purple Leather

HSLargePrintWe are excited to let you know about the artificial leather in large print. These arrive early next year. They are very high quality with silver gliding and ribbon. It is embossed on the spine and front and are really special. Many have approached us about providing the large print and pocket edition as they do not want to support those that sell His Word. Through prayer we have offered these at cost as we would like to raise extra funds to be able to print more standard HS to give to those in desperate need.

We offer these on a donation basis and to give you some idea as to their value, elsewhere you would pay around near $160.00 + shipping for in the USA.

We are asking for a donation on these but they are limited and only a few are coming. Please be considerate when donating for these as they are quite expensive to print and ship to the USA and then ship out. International shipping is around $37.00 each so please bear that in mind.

Please think of others when you donate as the HalleluYah Scriptures main aim is to help those who have never seen or owned a copy and have no means of affording. HalleluYah.

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