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Last Days Booklet – Order Freely & Share Now – Share PDF Available

We feel there is an URGENT change taking place in the world and we feel it is more urgent for us to get this special high quality last days booklet out around the world for believers to share.

There are millions of people around the world that are seeking answers and a huge percentage in the world are in shock and stress like never before and are seeking answers and we feel it is important to let the world know that we have His answers for them, rather than leave them to look to man and governments to help them, for we know where this leads.
Things will not be changing for the better and there is no going back to “the good old days,” as we are on the threshold of the last days. Most of you will understand this, as you will all be familiar with Bible prophecy. It is time to prepare and get our lives right before our Father, forsaking the world as much as possible.
As a team, we are always thinking of ways to reach those who are seeking or wanting Truth, as we were all in that place ourselves before we came to Truth and someone took the time to reach out to us.
As we know, there is no other time in history that every country has come together in agreement like we are witnessing and no time in history has buying or selling been threatened worldwide. This is in Scripture, and we have been forewarned, and if you do not have what they are enforcing, then you will not be able to buy or sell, let alone be able to leave your home.
Due to what is happening, we felt led to put together a small glossy high quality booklet that is half the size of the Names Meaning Book (approx A6) that will help His people to share some of the prophetic warnings and solutions and to leave them in places where those seeking Truth will find them. This booklet is important, as it will have the answers needed so that people will seek His Ways, get a peace and not be troubled by these unfolding events.
Many believers are waking to the fact that there are some serious times ahead for all of mankind. While the Church in the western world has been preaching of a rapture that will save us out of persecution and hardship, much of the world’s believers have been going through these for centuries! What makes us think we will not suffer the same?
The Scriptures warn that what has been taking place will pale in comparison to what is coming through Ya’aqob’s Trouble. (Jer 30:7)
“For then there shall be great distress, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.” – (Matt 24:21)
While the majority of unbelievers and atheists etc. will be in bewilderment, there will be those who knew the Scriptures and had prepared, or at least been forewarned, and will face what’s coming without fear and absolute trust in the Most High that He will deliver many through it all.
How amazing it would be for one of those fearful, bewildered individuals to stumble across, or be given a small booklet that outlines much of what is in their face, giving answers and hope to them in a desperate time!
The small booklet will be filled with Scriptures and prophecies that even Yahshua spoke of and warned about, which will give answer to the question of “Why are all these things happening?” and also giving them the solution through repentance from wickedness and rebellion to seek forgiveness through Yahshua.
The booklet is professional as it reflects on our Father and His Son, like this is no easy task as some prophecies appear literal, yet some are clearly allegorical, so much prayer has gone into this work so as not to cause more confusion rather than providing answer. Please pray for us and this new booklet as those going through some very hard and stressful times will be eager to hear His Truth or find it in this booklet.
We have had donations to print a large amount of these, so we need help with the shipping, so if you want these booklets to hand out and share, would you kindly consider helping with shipping?
We have been sending these all over the world to believers all over the world to every Country for believers to share with all those around them. The project has now printed 100K of these and have been sending them all over the world and there has been thousands downloaded and shared. Many have shared it on Social Media to those seeking Truth. All praise to the Most High.
A time is coming soon when we will not be able to even send parcels in or outside the USA as lockdowns are going to be harder and many countries are forcing people to be locked down until they take the their solution. If this happens, then all shipping will be stopped, so we are urging you now and not by fear, to order copies to share and use in the last days, as you will not be able to do this soon. It is important you prepare yourself spiritually and physically, as Scripture makes it very clear that it will be very hard for us all. The shutdown of the Project will be sudden with no time to ship at the last minute, so we are kindly asking you to consider stocking a few copies for those times, as there is a great famine of His Word coming soon.
As you well know, we have postal agents in nearly every country of the world, and they would send the booklets out to believers to have and hold for those times. 
We would like to send these all over the world for believers who cannot afford so that they can reach those who are seeking and needing Truth. The only way we can do this is if those that can afford, support those who cannot afford to receive freely. HalleluYah, we have been given donations to cover thousands upon thousands of these to be printed, but we need help to ship these into many countries to those we help.
If you do not want the booklet but want to support others that cannot afford you can by donating to help ship stock to these brothers and sisters, we have a number of brothers and sisters around the world who do outreaches on the streets and cannot afford materials to give out freely and we have a number who smuggle materials into countries and they have been very grateful for the support and free material.
If you are considering an order of one or two of these for yourself, you are missing the point, unless it is to see if you think it is suitable for your needs. These are for ordering in bulk for mass distribution and giving to those who are in need of answers, not so you can have one on your shelf to look at.
We have to limit these booklets as we have to spread them around the world to many believers.
*All prices given are in USD

USA: $10.00 – 50 copies max
Canada: $25.00 – 50 copies max
International: 25.00 – 50 copies max
If you want to donate more to help others you are welcome to do this. HalleluYah


We have been in prayer in how to reach even more with Truth before it is to late. We feel to put the Last Day’s Booklet into a PDF for you all to email out to all you know, people who are seeking Truth, people you have talked to in the past that are interested in seeking the Most High, also to email out to every single person you know and ask them to email it out to all they know, this is not for believers as we have His Truth, we need this out to those who are seeking and wanting Truth and answers.

Let us all be challenged to get as many emails out as possible daily, let us seek and check under every rock to seek and find the lost as our Savior did for us. Let us never give up on anyone and let us all be lead by the Ruach to find all we can to share the booklet.

The images in the booklet are from shutterstock, the project uses shutterstock for certain images that are needed for buttons on the website or booklets like this one.
Download Last Days Booklet PDF
If you download the Last Days Booklet, you agree you will not sell it or take any funds what so ever for the booklet. You cannot print it and sell it or take funds for printing it. The images in the booklet are licensed by Shutterstock so the booklet needs to be kept together. 
If you want to donate more to help others you are welcome to do this. HalleluYah

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