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South Africa, Uganda & Zambia – Delighted By His Word!

“I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Ḥai. No one comes to the Father except through Me. Yoḥanan/John 14:6” HalleluYAH! All praise and esteem be to our Father, for He is good and His kindness is everlasting. It is joy unspeakable to see that people throughout the world are receiving the free gift of His Word: the world’s greatest treasure because it has the power to give us life eternal, and its pages contain the mind of the Creator of all things! Thanks be unto YHWH for His love and for His Ruach uniting us together in Mashiaḥ to bring His Message of peace and reconciliation to all the regions of the world.

If you are reading this, it is no accident, rather, it is the leading of the Ruaḥ ha’Qodesh. We pray you take time to read through and see this great work that is happening around the world: the work which Mashiaḥ, the Word that became flesh, came to do. And as we follow Him, we labour in prayer and tears hand-in-hand with our numerous supporters to bring the Word of YHWH to the poor, the destitute, the broken-hearted, and the captives of the earth. HalleluYAH!

South Africa

HalleluYAH for South Africa! Brothers and Sisters in South Africa are delighting in the Word of YHWH as thousands receive their free copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures as a result of the generosity of the HalleluYah Scriptures supporters all over the world. We are able to reach many South Africans and bring them the comfort in this present life and peaceful expectancy of the future, that only His Word can give.

Thank you so much HalleluYah Scriptures!!!! I just got my package today completely unexpected and it’s beautiful! I can’t believe how nice the bible is I can’t imagine how hard you must all work to do what you do and not only that I received 2 small books for free with a lovely bookmark I’m so grateful really made my day god bless you all and good luck with everything thanks again oh and it only took about 3 weeks to get here. I’m not sure what else to say but much love to you all take care and hope to order more of your lovely items the parallel Hebrew English one originally caught my eye would love to learn Hebrew now. Thank you HalleluYah Scriptures.

These I have spoken to you, that in Me you might have peace. In the world you have pressure, but take courage, I have overcome the world. Yoḥanan/John 16:33

South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is the southernmost country in Africa. With over 60 million people, it is the world’s 23rd-most populous nation and covers an area of 1,221,037 square kilometres (471,445 square miles). South Africa in size is three times the size of Texas and five times the size of Japan. Interestingly, approximately 20% of the world’s gold is mined in South Africa.

Thank you for the HalleluYah Scriptures and other FREE material I received from you. We will give out the bibles to people who cannot afford to make donations. We will also provide you with a picture of every recipient of the FREE bible and FREE materials. May YHWH baraḵ you and keep you.

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. Romiyim/Romans 12:15

It brings me joy seeing my Father’s Name restored in the scriptures. People are beginning to wake up. The veil is being lifted, be it His Will. I do enjoy seeing the Paleo-Hebrew version better than the modern Hebrew. The style he wrote with when he gave Moshe the law – Praise YHWH, thank you and beraḵah.

And the Elohim of endurance and encouragement give you to be of the same mind toward one another, according to Mashiaḥ Yahushua. Romiyim/Romans 15:5

Shalom HalleluYah Scriptures team, All praises to YHWH through His Son Yahushua. I received the HalleluYah Scriptures today and I am really thankful to the whole team. May YHWH bless you and continue establishing your steps as you continue with your ministry. (Free Copy)

But I have written more boldly to you, in part, as reminding you, because of the favour given to me by Elohim. Romiyim/Romans 15:15

This is why we are humbled and encouraged by their love for the Father and His Word. It is heartwarming when we encounter people whose lives and joys are so simple, and whose love and kindness are so sincere. Words cannot express the joy and gratitude by which they receive the free yet priceless gift of YHWH’s Word, illuminating them with the Light of His countenance. HalleluYAH! 

South Africa has a special place in our hearts and it’s history with His Word shines brightly, we praise the Most High for South Africa.

People are becoming more and more aware of the lies of the enemy regarding the real names of the Father and His Son. It is such a privilege to be part of a team to bring the Truth to people. Thank you HalleluYah Scriptures team for all your work in this regard!! May YHWH baraḵ you and keep you!! All the receivers of the HalleluYah Scriptures cannot believe that it is possible to receive a FREE Bible! They are very, very grateful.

So accept one another, as Mashiaḥ also accepted us, to the esteem of Elohim. Romiyim/Romans 15:7


Uganda is delighting in YHWH’s Word! Brethren in Uganda are experiencing the birekoth of YHWH’s Word. There is much gratitude and joy in the faces of those who received the HalleluYah Scriptures for free. We thank all our benefactors around the world who have so selflessly and lovingly given to the efforts of the project. Uganda has been a part of this project for over 12 years and we just love their excitement for our Father an Savior.

Thank you so much very thankful that I had receive this HALLELUYAH SCRIPTIRES AND I DISTRIBUTES THIS TO MY CO FELLOWSHIP NOW WE CAN LEARN TOGETHER. SHALOM. I already receive my free orders thank you to all of you Yah Baruch Shalom to Everyone.

I give thanks to You, for I am awesomely and wondrously made! Wondrous are Your works, and my being knows it well. Tehillim/Psalm 139:14

Uganda, is a country in east-central known for its troubled record of political conflict, environmental problems and the ravages of a countrywide AIDS epidemic. And although it has become one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, the effects of its turbulent past, are still reflected in the lives of the almost 19M people living below the poverty line.

This is why the team is persistently working to face the challenge of giving away, to those who want to obey His Word, as many HalleluYah Scriptures as we can for free to those in need and who cannot afford to cover the costs. With the help of our many supporters, thousands of copies have been provided to the people of Uganda. Along with these, we are working with our brothers and sisters there, to provide various materials for Ugandans of all ages that will help them grow more steadfast in belief and be able to share the comfort of YHWH’s Word to their families and friends.

Thank you for supporting us, the members of our kahal is very grateful for having a copy of HalleluYah Scriptures, now they can read the Bible near in the original Hebrew language. The receivers of HalleluYah Scriptures are so blessed and grateful for all the supporters of this kind of ministry. May YHWH bless you and keep you. shalom!

Love is patient, is kind, love does not envy, love does not boast, is not puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not seek its own, is not provoked, reckons not the evil, does not rejoice over the unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth. 1 Qorin’tiyim/Corinthians 13:4-6

We cannot put emphasis enough on the significance of the work at hand and the impact it continues to have on countless lives, and at such a time as this. We are baruk with brothers and sisters in Mashiaḥ with whom we share this burden, and from whom we have received unwavering support both through prayer and monetary donations through the years, so that countless others may receive the free gift of His Word. Indeed our hearts are full. We remember them always with thanksgiving, praying constantly with all prayer and supplication in the Ruaḥ.

Greetings With a grateful heart I would like to say thank you for Bible, I received it and am really excited and humbled to be one of the people to be impacted with your ministry. May the Father richly blessed you.

And now belief, expectation, and love remain – these three. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Qorin’tiyim/Corinthians 13:13


Indeed it is a wonderful thing to experience His love. And one cannot experience such love unless he or she knows Him through His Word. Hence, as we have freely received His Word, we also must freely give, so that those who are yet in darkness may come to the knowledge of the Creator and be reconciled to Him, so that they, too, may thrive in His love and favour. We have had a wonderful family in Zambia who have been the postal agents for many years and who have been honest and upright in all their dealings with His Word.

Shalom HalleluYah scriptures team, greetings in the Matchless Name our Aḏon Yahshua!! We will really appreciate for getting more bibles from you!! Right now we need 100 bibles for the seven churches, l will be faithful to send you pictures as I will distribute the bibles. Sent more free copies.

Seek YHWH and His strength, seek His face continually! Remember His wonders which He has done, His signs and Right-Rulings of His mouth. 1 Diḇrěy Ha’Yamim/Chronicles 16:11-12

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those who continue to support the project with prayers and monetary gifts of love. YHWH knows you by name, and will not forget the love you have shown towards His people. Those that receive His Word are so excited that and weep sometimes for days over that free gift.

Shalom, Thank you for this copy of HalleluYAH Scriptures. Thank you for this blessing. All praise, thanks, and honor to Father YHWH and His Ben YAHSHUA. Thank you and be blessed!

Watch, stand fast in the belief, be men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Qorin’tiyim/Corinthians 16:13-14

The HalleluYah Scriptures are given to newbies how are starting on this path, so lets pray for them and prisoners as well who are seeking this way of life.

Thank you to all our hardworking volunteers, whose sweat, patience and tears are never in vain in YHWH as they like us work freely as volunteers.

HalleluYAH for His Word! Because of which we have been changed from darkness to light, that we, who were once in darkness, may be able to bring His light into this dark world.

I am so Grateful that I have received and already have a copy of restored Paleo Hebrew names. The HS Bible will help me to grow my faith in the Almighty YAHUAH and his Savior Son Yahushua. AMEN. Thank You ! HalleluYAH !!

For we walk by belief, not by sight – we are of good courage, and are well-pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Aḏon. 2 Qorin’tiyim/Corinthians 5:7-8

HalleluYah Scriptures – Orphans and Widows Feeding in India

HalleluYah for the orphan and very poor programs that the project helps through the small handful that donate towards the basic needs. A very special thank you on behalf of those that have been helped. HalleluYah.

Again, we want to say a huge thank you to those that have supported this important and urgent project over the years. It has not been an easy job, but one that is so urgent and so important and we, as volunteers, praise the Father and His Son daily for allowing us all to do this special work. There is still much work to be done and we ask for your continued support so that we can send even more HalleluYah Scriptures around the world.

Thank you,

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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