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Praise YHWH! Rejoicing His Word in Kenya, Nigeria, India and Japan

“And you shall serve YHWH your Elohim, and He shall baraḵ your bread and your water. And I shall remove sickness from your midst.” ~ Shemoth / Exodus 23:25. 

HalleluYah, ALL praises to Your Name YHWH, for you have done an amazing work in Nigeria. We have been working with those in Nigeria in a fellowship for a number of years and what a wonderful and trustworthy group this is. They have a deep love for the Father and His people. It seems that in countries like Nigeria, people are seeking His Truth and wanting it with all their hearts. Hardships bring people to His feet asking for Truth and love that can only come from our wonderful Father. It can be a harsh country and one that is under pressure and persecution and our brothers and sisters and all the groups need our prayers. To date, there has been much work done in this country and surrounding African countries, but we strive to do even more. 

I admire and adored your work on freely providing the most precious gift that a human give to a fellow human being which is the word of YHWH. I will pray for you to continue your work on awakening the human race by providing an the life giving word YHWH before the end comes. May YHWH bless you in YAHUSHUA name Amen.

“See now that I, I am He, and there is no Elohim besides Me. I put to death and I make alive. I have wounded, and I heal. And from My hand no one delivers!” ~  Deḇarim / Deuteronomy 32:39


How good to see the growth in Kenya. We have been working in Kenya though an elderly sister who lost her husband and went on her knees to seek the favor of our wonderful Father to use her – and He did – for many years now. She has worked so hard in getting the HalleluYah Scriptures out to tens of thousands of groups, brothers and sisters and those seeking His Truth. She has made contact with many to assess their needs and visited a number to encourage them and take His Word, the HalleluYah Scriptures. Such a small elderly sister has been able to reach so many over the years and with a big smile and full of love.

HalleluYah for Kenya. We have been so honored, as volunteers on this project, that belongs to the Most High, to do this work for many years now. It really has been a wonderful journey. Our prayer is that the Father has been honored and lifted in praise by tens of thousands, as He deserves it all. We, as volunteers, want no thanks or praise in any way, as we are not worthy of any thanks, as it belongs to Him.

Toda Raba for the wonderful and magnanimous gift that we received… May ABBA YHWH always give berakah and protection for all of you who share his words without any value in return.. In behalf of my brothers and sisters here. Thank You very much.. YHWH barak all the time.

“…and My people upon whom My Name is called, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I shall hear from the shamayim, and forgive their sin and heal their land.” ~ Diḇrěy ha’yamim 2 / 2 Chronicles 7:14

HalleluYah for children. They are so special to our Father and to ourselves and we are always praying for ways to reach children and help them understand that the Father loves them dearly. We have been honored to produce the Children’s materials like the Children’s Books, Children’s Coloring Books and the Children’s DVD’s – all Scripture with no man’s opinions. Children all over the world have enjoyed the Children’s materials. The project completed the Children’s Festival Coloring Book, to share with children the Yah’s Appointed Times. The 3rd edition of the coloring book  will be printed and sent out in Nov 2021.

Thank you all who serve in HalleluYah Scriptures Team. I greet you all in the Name of YHWH. First, I appreciate your reply of my request for free copy /copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures Bible.

“Show favour to me, O YHWH, for I am fading away; O YHWH, heal me, for my bones have been troubled.” ~ Tehillim / Psalm 6:2


Brothers and sisters all over the world are very passionate about the Father and His Son and love and enjoy sharing the Truth through the HalleluYah Scriptures. We have always felt it important to provide free copies of His Word to those who cannot afford, which is provided by those who can afford. They are so excited to get free copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures and materials, for there is no way they could ever afford these materials to help themselves or their families.

Shalom HalleluYAH, with lots of joy and dancing, I want to say a big thank you for the copy of HalleluYAH Scripture Hebrew/English I received. May the ALMIGHTY Father bless you for your kind gesture. I promise that we will make good use of it in our synagogue.

“Crying out, and YHWH heard, and delivered them out of all their distresses. YHWH is near to the broken-hearted, and saves those whose spirit is crushed.” ~ Tehillim / Psalm 34:17-18

We are so honored to be able to send free copies to all Africa. The HalleluYah Scriptures has been able to reach most African countries with His Word and as we have shared before, we never know where they are taken, but we have received many stories, over the years, of those receiving a free copy in countries that we had never heard of.

This can only be the Father that has done this wonderful deed. So many in Africa have been praying for many years for a copy of the Father’s Word with His Name and His Son’s Name restored. To them, it is a great honor to own such a valuable gift and they treasure it with all their hearts, reading it and learning from it daily, while they praise the Father for the brother or sister who donated for them to own the best Gift in the world.

Good Day my Brethren,

I’m so happy to know that the package is ready to pick up. It such a blessings for us. And I’m so thankful you help us. I promise to send the picture after I get the package right away. May YHWH always bless all of you.

“YHWH sustains him on his sickbed; In his weakness on his bed You bring a change.” ~ Tehillim / Psalm 41:3

A Few Wonderful Comments:

Thank you so much, the HalleluYah Scriptures arrived today, all the way here in Cape Town South Africa, and so fast. It’s the fastest international delivery ever. I am excited to get into the work, Thank you once again for your incredible vision.

Thank you so much for proving this amazing bible! I recently got a Bible but learned later that it was missing scriptures, a friend had this Bible and said the scriptures that were missing in my Bible she found in the halleluYah Bible. So I am very pleased and encouraged and blessed to have a Bible that does not have scriptures taken out.

I look forward to studying and knowing the Father and His Son better! Thank you for restoring and all the work you have put forth to further His Kingdom.

May YHWH bless this ministry. May the expansion of His kingdom happen through this project!

I wanna thank 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 and The HalleluYAH Scriptures team for your amazing support to those who cannot afford 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 word. I pray that 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 continues to use you to keep spreading the Besorah to the 4 corners of the earth HalleluYAH.

I appreciate all you are doing for the kingdom of the Most High! My hope is to assist others with overcoming depression and develop relationships, all while bringing glory to the Name of the Almighty! I know these materials will grow me into the individual needed to get the job done. Thank you!


Todah rabah, we will join in your fast. I sent the pictures as best as I  could. Please let me know the steps I need to make to get the other shipment. Todah Todah Today. Very Grateful for free copies.

“As for me, I said, ‘O YHWH, show me favour; Heal me, for I have sinned against You.’ “ ~ Tehillim / Psalm 41:4


HalleluYah for India. We have been working in India for over 10 years now and have enjoyed seeing it grow so fast in Truth and a thirst and love for His Word. Tens of thousands of copies have gone into India and are being shared all over India by many groups and believers. We have connected in a personal way with brothers and sisters in India while believers in this country have a deep love for the Most High and are beaten for their walk in this Truth. Many have been beaten to bleed and brought before the police to give an account. Let us keep them, and all believers, in our daily prayers.

The receivers actually can’t believe that you grant our request its an answered prayer. They really want to thank you personally because even if you don’t know us personally it wasn’t a hindrance for us to grant our request. You all trust us that why were so thankful to all of you we really need copies of scriptures. In our country its really rare and few of Messianic’s own that scriptures. Again a million thank you to all for free copies, YHWH be with you.

“He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” ~ Tehillim / Psalm 107:20

HalleluYah, we have been able to send another 1000 copies that have been spread out to a couple of groups who are working hard to share His Truth. One of the brothers and his group has a wonderful ministry in feeding the very poor and forgotten in this world. It has been sad to see many of those who they feed and help, but hrough the HalleluYah Scriptures feeding and basic needs programs we have been able to help many who are left to die in the streets. A special thank you to those who have donated towards this work.

They were so happy and very excited to open the bibles. And also our elder and our pastor was so happy to receive the children’s storybooks for the children because we have now something to show and to teach to them that has in it the restored names and pictures of the Yisraelites people.

“O YHWH, by these are life, and my spirit finds life in all of them. Restore me and make me live.” ~ Yeshayahu / Isaiah 38:16

It really is a time of rejoicing with singing and dancing before the Father and His Son for this wonderful free Gift that is everlasting for the poor and needy in this world. It has all the answers that a believer needs and it gives such comfort and joy and it is cheaper than sending a person on a trip to do a one-off talk.

This type of trip can cost thousands and it is only short term for the money spent. We could print tens of thousands of HalleluYah Scriptures and send them to believers in need of truth for the cost to fly a “preacher” to another country. His Word in hard-copy is far more lasting and provides them with the Truth within reach at all times! It is more beneficial to invest in free Bibles, as they reach more people in many countries than one person can. Trusting in His Word is what He asks and what can man add to that?

Shalom HalleluYAH Scriptures Team,

We would like to thank you very very much from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful gifts you have given us, the word of Elohim which is the HALLELUYAH Scriptures. No amount of words can express how truly grateful we are to freely received the said scriptures. Please do give our gratitude to the following people who are responsible for this projects. We are so baruk to have this kind of charities.You have truly touch the lives of those who are in need of the Word of Elohim and of the Mashiach that gives life, reaching even to those who are at the ends of the earth. I and my brethren are in one accord in saying that these scriptures would further our studies and even learn more deep things through these bibles. And we pray for more kind-hearted people to donate for this kind of projects of yours. May YHWH barak and keep you all!

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the being, and healing to the bones.” ~ Mishlěy / Proverbs 16:24


HalleluYah for believers in Japan. We have been touched by emails and pictures from our brothers and sisters in Japan. What lovely people they are and so full of joy and excitement when they receive His Word. Japan has also grown in Truth over the years and we are hearing from those in Japan even more now. Let us keep our brothers and sisters in prayer in this country that we claim for the Most High.

Receivers are surprised when they see it, they say this is very anointed version, it’s not other Bibles, we need this Bible, specially this HalleluYah Scriptures have the true Name of Elohim and of Messiah, it’s very important to be spread out to the Earth. And some are expecting and asking to give one more Bible, because they are in one place while their families are in other places. We could understand easily, not like other Bibles, and if we had got it before, it would be very helpful for us, we have missed it many years. Now we praise Elohim, thankfully to the team of HalleluYah Scriptures.

“For great is YHWH and greatly to be praised; and He is to be revered above all mighty ones.” ~ 1 Chronicles/ 1 Diḇrěy ha’yamim 16:25

The smiles on the faces of those who receive a free copy is priceless and so rewarding. There is no better gift you can give another brother or sister than His Word and there is nothing more important or valuable to own. We are so thankful, as are those who receive a free copy. We would like to send even more to this country, so if you know anyone in Japan, or in any other country that is in need, kindly let us know as soon as possible.

Good morning Thank you so much! the HalleluYah scriptures are the greatest gift anyone has ever given me thank you so much. Shalom! 

“Who is building His upper room in the shamayim, and has founded His firmament on the earth, who is calling for the waters of the sea, and pours them out on the face of the earth – YHWH is His Name.” ~  Amos/ Amos 9:6

HalleluYah Scriptures – Feeding the Poor

HalleluYah for the HalleluYah Scriptures feeding and basic needs programs. We pray you are touched by these pictures and the work that is being done for those in need. It really is an honor to help those in need. Kindly keep them, and those that help the very poor, in your daily prayers. HalleluYah.

Our primary desire and passion is to get His Word out all over the world and we will never stop doing this work until the day YHWH stops it and closes the door. We believe there is so much more work to do and we are open to do all we can to help those in need. We have a number of other ideas to reach even more around the world and ask that you continue to pray for this urgent and most important project that is reaching tens of thousands.

Those that have received your free gift are so very thankful and grateful to you and keep you in their prayers, as we do as a team. We want to take the time to say a very special, “thank you” for your support, kindness and encouragement over the years. Your prayers, fasting and donations have made this possible. We pray for you daily and ask the Father to show you favor as you have shown many of His people much favor.

HalleluYah and thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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