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His Name & His Word Spreading To The Nations Uganda

Mar 16:15  And He said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Good News to every creature.” HalleluYah Scriptures is the ONLY FREE Restored Names Scriptures. Thousands of free copies and materials have gone out all over the world to those that have never seen nor owned a copy and have no means or options of affording. The enemy is so angry, but we rejoice for those that followed our Savior considered it a great joy to be hated, abused and beaten, we as a team feel the same. We will not break His Laws, Deut 28:47 and be cursed so will do this work with joy and gladness in our hearts no matter what. HalleluYah

Each day brings wonderful GOOD NEWS, and we are so honored to serve the Most High with His Word. There is nothing more fulfilling then serving the Father and you, His people.

We understand that the world is getting darker and that many are doing the work of the enemy. We cannot change the hearts of the wicked, so we leave it with the Most High as He has always battled for His Word and has always won. This is because His Word belongs to Him. No man’s name appears on the HalleluYah Scriptures nor on the website as ALL praise and esteems belongs to Him. We have such a peace that can only come for our Father and we praise Him each day.

Above, teaching the little children from the HalleluYah Scriptures Children’s Coloring book and reading them His Word.

HalleluYah for the Ruach is moving all over the world. We want to share about Brother Philip and his group from Uganda, we want to share the amazing works he is doing for the Kingdom.

We came to know Brother Philip in Uganda around 6 months ago, he so reminded us of those in Scripture as he came to Truth in 2018 and came to know about the HalleluYah Scriptures 6 months ago. He has spent some time with our postal agents in Uganda.

The postal agents shared a few things that were important to his walk and then he and his motorbike went full steam ahead to sharing the Truth with the HalleluYah Scriptrues stock in his hand. There was no holding back this brother, you will see that when you read about the amazing things the Father is doing through this brother and those that are His in Uganda.

We will share some of his messages with you in this article and some amazing pictures that tell the story. We are so honored to be able to help Brother Philip with his mission to reach as many as possible. You will see that he also has traveled to other countries around him, one being the Congo. We will share this in other articles.

A Message From Brother Phillips – July 2022

Shalom, yes I am Phillips I joined the Torah believers in 2018 but after that I keep sharing the truth with the rest around me and many people are coming to the truth and all they want is bibles so we kindly request for some. YHWH bless you.

To start with the project sent a few copies for him to share with those in need as many they share with speak and read English, many may not know but those that went to school in these poor countries are taught English so can read and understand English and if they cannot they have a family member that can read English, but in saying this we have received many emails over the years from people who shared that their family member or friend could not read English nor speak English but yet could pick up the HalleluYah Scriptures and can read it and understand it.

This is the Ruach. You will notice with Brother Phillips and those in 3rd world countries are patient, humble and wait on the Father to provide, they are demanding, hateful and abusive nor are they greedy as they share their one copy with others.

Here are his replies to those copies. July/August/Sept 2022

Shalom we have received ten HalelluYah Scriptures and we pray that YHWH bless you abandonly for standing with us through His word and we pray for those who did not get the HalleluYah Scriptures because of many numbers of leaders from assemblies are in need. We believe they will receive when YHWH will provide us with more next time.

We would like to request you to help us with HalelluYah Scriptures because we also preach Torah to many people here but we don’t have bibles to give them. We have 21 assemblies with leaders but no bibles and many people are still coming to the truth including those who can read English version here.

Please we kindly request stock from you. We are very happy because we have received ten HalelluYah scriptures in English version but it was not enough for every leader from many assemblies. May YHWH bless you abandonly for standing with us really you have made it very easy to share the truth with many people. A message

These are the leaders from assemblies holding HalelluYah Scriptures but it was not enough for all the leaders.

We are very happy to send our photos especially for those who have received the HalelluYah Scriptures.

We have given him more stock to share with them and many other materials.

We received many pictures and confirmation, so we have been able to get him a large number of copies to share, around 100 copies and other materials. We are working on getting a large shipment to our postal agent in Uganda as they are extremely low in stock as the needs have been urgent and we will send extra for Brother Phillips who is sharing Truth with any groups and believers that have ears to hear, he is part of a group in Uganda that has a passion to do the will of the Most High.

He has been sharing Truth to assemblies and also has shared about the HalleluYah Scriptures with such excitement. When he received the stock to share, he went back out to share the free copies and materials with the assemblies. The elders of these groups were very open and loved the HalleluYah Scriptures.

He has also shared the Truth with those that have ears to hear along the way. Many are so shocked that the Father and our Saviors Names are put back into Scripture, they get so emotional and excited to see this. Many over the years mention that it is easy to share the Truth when people can see with their own eyes.

Praises to the Most High for the brother that donated for the Last Days Booklets as we were able to give these to Brother Philip to share in Uganda. He shared copies with each group so they can request their own to share with the lost sheep.

Another Message November 2022

Today we were invited by some Bishops from Pentecostal church of Uganda to go share the truth from the HalelluYah Scriptures that we received and we shared with them the book of Shemoth 20 the whole chapter, Psalm 68, Deuteronomy 25:4 , 1st John 3:4, Roman 7:7, and Zacharias 14:9.

Finally very many people received the truth with joy. And we also passed out some wonderful news from the Scriptures to some ophans whom we are taking care of. So we ask you to pray for the African people especially Uganda because since we received the HalelluYah Scriptures, we can not take rest of sharing the truth with many. Really the Father is doing amazing work here in Uganda may YHWH bless you abandonly for standing up with His Word. We are not afraid to share his goodness with people. Shalom, Brother Phillips.

Brother Phillips has travelled to share the Good News and to immerse those that have accepted the Truth in His Word. The excitement and joy on many faces is priceless and only our Father and His Son can do this, and this is what happens when people come to know His Truth and His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures. The joy of owning His pure Word is amazing and life changing and just one copy per family will be shared by many all-around that person and they treasure it and read it daily and is more valuable than gold and silver to them, they are poor but rich in the Ruach.

The HalleluYah Scriptures is the Father’s Love Letter to us all and has all the answers and gives such comfort and peace. Most in the western world have His Word, but there are thousands of believers who have never seen a copy or had one in their lives, and that is why the HalleluYah Scriptures is so important and has proven over the years that it can be done by donations only.

Many of us cannot travel to do this kind of work and that is why praying, fasting and donating is important, as it means that others, like Brother Phillips can do this in their own countries. You have made it possible for them to share His Word, which has all that is needed in our lives, and it costs very little for us, yet unattainable for many. They truly are so very thankful and grateful and express their thanks in emails and comments which are added to the comments page for you to enjoy and be uplifted.

We have been so touched by Brother Phillips work with groups and believers as he is not afraid to share the GOOD NEWS with anyone he comes upon, we will be sharing some amazing pictures of lives that have been changed forever. Many being immersed in the Names & given Truth in His Word the HalleluYah Scriptures, you will see these in up-and-coming articles.

This Brother has such a passion to go and share the Truth with the young and old and those that have ears to hear. Time is very short, and a time is coming soon when we all will be forbidden to share His Word or even get it out, this is why the team is working as hard as possible to get His Word out around the world. We praise the Most High that He does the battles for His Word so that we can work in peace to help those in need.

We are working on 25 pallets to send out and have other groups that are in need so will be working towards helping as many as we can. We are sorting out stock for South American so we can get the Spanish out to believers and those seeking Truth in these countries. If you can kindly let us know if you know anyone in need of His Word or if you know a group/fellowship outside the USA that will want some free stock, can you let us know as we have many postal agents around the world that can send or deliver free copies and materials.

We really need your help to reach as many as possible with His Word so kindly search out anyone that is in need.

Uganda has opened up for us to do a lot of work in with orphans and the truly poor and needy as well as a huge opening in sharing the Truth and His Word the HalleluYah Scriptures, it has been so exciting to get His Word out around the world to those with empty hands, it has been the greatest joy in our lives to see the very poor in this world receive freely, also the prisoners and homeless and those who just cannot afford to cover the costs. Kindly keep yourself updated on the website and the comments page as there is around 12.5K of comments from believers all over the world who are thankful and grateful to the Father for their copy.

The very poor and desperate, prisoners, homeless and those who just cannot afford a copy have been receiving freely for many years as well, and the Project has been able to get a copy into many prison libraries for prisons to view and learn from and then order their own copy.

Many towns, cities, remote villages and countries have been covered with free copies for families to share and learn from. We are so honored to be able to do this important work for the Father and His Wonderful Son who have had so much compassion towards those who are in need. Yes, a time is coming soon when His Word will be forbidden and will not be found, as laws are in place now to stop His Word! This is why it is important to get as many copies out as possible and put aside our differences and bitterness.

We are working on many articles and newsletters to keep you updated. We try and share as much of the work and decisions that have been made on the project over the years in newsletters and articles. If you have any questions anytime kindly let us know.

The project has many postal agents all over the world who receive large shipments to send out to those surrounding them. In Africa we have a good number of believers who are postal agents in a number of countries in Africa, and they consider it a great honor to do these services for the Father and His Son.

They are working hard to send out stock or they even take the time to go and visit other groups to tell them about this special project and how the Father loves them so much that He has gifted them a free copy through His people. The joy and tears that are shared are very touching. The project covers all the postage, shipping and packaging costs in these countries.

It really touches our hearts as we work to see those receive who have never seen nor owned a copy and have no means or options of affording. The project has always been for those who have never seen nor owned a copy and have no means or options of affording and this is the heart of the Father and His Son and the volunteers that work on this important project. We are sending large shipments to many countries; this is keeping up busy as we have a number of postal agents all over the world working as hard as possible to get His Word out before it is too late.

When believers send us a special thank you through the site or through those who gifted the free copy, they are saying THANK YOU HALLELUYAH (Praise Yah) SCRIPTURES (His Word.) All the thank you’s and praises go to our Father and His Son and we add a special thank you to those that donated to make this happen, for they heard the Father call them to help.

We as a team are only lowly, willing servants working freely on this urgent and important project and are only servants and we ask that you do not thank us. We will never proclaim our own names for our names are nothing, but His Name and His Son’s Name ARE important.

When man promotes their name, it brings confusion and people have a tendency to look to man and not to the Father & His Word. We kindly ask that you give all thanks and praise to YHWH and His Son as They deserve it all.

Jas 3:14-15  But if you have bitter jealousy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast against and lie against the truth. This is not the wisdom coming down from above, but it is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. 

Those that have a heart after the Father and His Son will understand the meaning of this project, while those in darkness will never see the wonderful things that are being done, for when a person is in darkness, they will only see darkness. It amazes us how people hate His Word and attack it, for when they do this, they attack the Most High and His wonderful Son who gave His life for us all. His Word is His Love Letter and to abuse it and be hateful towards it is wicked.

All the HalleluYah Scriptures supporters have wonderful hearts and are very giving and see how important it is for those who do not have His Word to receive a free copy. Many receive freely because someone else has worked hard for that copy and has a special heart after the Most High. You will be rewarded by the Father when we all go to be with Him. HalleluYah.

May the Most High show you favor always and may you be touched by the wonderful photographs and messages from brothers and sisters around the world. Please pray for them.

We kindly ask that you keep the project and team in your daily prayers.

Thank you, The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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