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New Ordering System – Text Your Order

We are offering a text order system for those that are donating for orders, as a number of you are wanting to order multiple items and some get confused with the ordering system, so we want to help those that just want to make an order by texting. 

We will trail this new system, so if it gets too hard for the team, we will need to stop it.

Please Note:

This system is not for free material, as we need to be good stewards of His Word and donations given, so we have to check all free orders due to undesirables taking them to destroy. 

If you want a free copy or other free material, kindly order on the website. Do not order free material on the text system as it will be deleted automatically.

When you text your order can you do the following:


  1. Name & Address (double check your address)
  2. Phone number & Email Address
  3. Include what you want to order
  4. Your donation amount & What service to you want to use.
    Paypal Account Or Credit Card Through Paypal or Credit Card
    (Do not Text Your Credit Card Information)
  5. Text to +1 518 300 3670

We will email you an invoice, and once donation is received we will send your order out. We will email you a tracking number so check your junk mail if you do not receive it.

Please keep your message brief with your order as we are all volunteers with a heavy workload. It also costs the project 15 cents a message so help saved funds you can email us anytime with long questions.

No Voice Messaging, Texting only to avoid mistakes.

We pray this helps you and if you have any questions, kindly message us on the website.

This service costs the project, so if you can ask questions through this link, this will save on funds.

Thank you,
The HalleluYah Scriptures Team.

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