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November Update Report

hands around the H.S.

Help Us With The 3rd Print Run of 20,000

We are already seeking help to print the next 20,000 copies and are half-way to the total for this print run! That would mean the Father has provided 35,000 copies of His Word within a year and that is something we need to praise Him for. The need is great and there are many brothers and sisters that are yet to be reached with His Word. There is nothing more important than His Word; more important than anything and it is an everlasting gift. Those that receive His Word wail and weep and they truly praise the Father for those that have made it happen. It is a joint effort on all our part.


Let Us Praise His Name

Let us sing His praises!!! He has done an amazing thing. Truly none of us on this team could have or would have dreamed of getting His Word into the Countries and hands He has gotten them into.

In 7 months the HalleluYah Scriptures have started to reach those who have never seen nor owned a copy of His Word and cannot afford.

These people are praising the Father and rejoicing over His gift and His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures. No human has done this and we all praise His Name and the Name of His Son. He is a wonderful Father who loves His people so much; there are no words to express what He has done.

Please praise the Father for what He has done so that He will “barak” this project even more. In just 7 months the Father provided the first 5000 copies, a 10,000 print run which arrives soon in the USA and half the funds to print the next run of 20,000.

There will come a time we will not be able to print so we want to print as many as we can now so there is stock for the hard times. The HalleluYah Scriptures now has our address in the back so that people can write in and order a copy.

HalleluYah Scriptures Missions Team

praise His giftThe Missions team has been working hard searching out cheaper shipping costs to many countries, especially Third World countries. The cost to ship a box of 20 is currently $200. Through much prayer we have felt led to track down companies that will send larger stocks for lower prices. We have managed to track down a company in the USA who ships to the Philippines and can send 3 boxes for $75 instead of 3 boxes for $600. HalleluYah!

Now the Missions team is working hard to find other companies that offer similar rates to India, Africa and others. If you know anyone that is traveling to any country in the world please contact us so we can have them take stock. We would arrange a pick up from the airport they are going to so they do not have to be troubled. If you know anyone that is going on a Missions trip to visit His people, can you kindly let us know so we can give them stock to take as there is nothing more important than His Word for His people.

The Prison Library Project is going really well and the team has been able to get many copies into the libraries. The sister who is doing most of the calls had a miracle last week… she called a prison in Arizona and explained about donating a copy to their library and got to talking to a gentleman who said he was in charge of 64 prisons in the area and allowed a copy into every one.

HalleluYah, The Father is amazing! When He called the team to do the Prison Library Project He knew people would want His truth in the prisons and He also knew there would be no problems in getting them into the libraries.

Let Us Share A Miracle

Why are the HalleluYah Scriptures purple and why is the HALLELUYAH name so large down the spine?

The name of the HalleluYah Scriptures was given by the Father’s Spirit. The color purple was given to different team members in dreams and the HALLELUYAH down the spine was given in a dream also.

We are now starting to realize why.

Some of you know the Missions Team is working hard to get His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures into every prison library starting in the USA and the Father has had His hand upon this – another vision by the Father to reach prisoners with His Word. Prison libraries have very few books in them and it did not hit us until now why He had this color and the HALLELUYAH down the spine.

prison libraries

There are very few books in any Library that have such a vivid color and it will have the boldest name that will stand out and above all it will be giving praise to the Father’s Name.

He has planned this perfectly. This will also help when they go into all the Bible Colleges around the world.

The team will be starting this part of the project in the near future so please keep this project in your prayers and if you have some spare time to help the Misssions teach with research please let us know. HalleluYah!!!

handing out H.S. in Ghana

Who is Receiving The HalleluYah Scriptures?

Sister Nance Whitaker’s family trip to Ghana to take large stocks of the HS to our brothers and sister in the refugee camps in Ghana was a success. These people are so desperate and they live in conditions that are so bad though they continue to take in orphans and feed them even through they have hardly any food for themselves. It makes the Father weep. They have received His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures for the first time and are rejoicing and praising Him. Brothers and sisters in prisons and who are homeless are receiving hundreds of copies. Many brothers and sisters in Philippines, India, Nepal, Ukraine and Africa and a number of other places are now starting to receive His Word for the first time. A brother just left for Nigeria to take the HalleluYah Scriptures to His people. The Father is moving to get His Word to His forgotten people; people who have been weeping for years for His Word. He is an awesome provider and cares so much about His people. A word from Nance and her family will be added to the site soon. There will be photographs and a short video.

A small note from Nance and her family.

“Praise and glory to the Father!!!!!! We have just arrived home today and words cannot describe the joy of the marvelous things He has done in Ghana with the planting of the Torah into fertile ground and the strengthening of our brothers and sisters there because of your ministry’s generosity. Video and photo’s to follow… The congregation at the Liberian refugee camp was so blessed with the HalleluYah Scriptures! Exceedingly, abundantly more than we could have ever asked or thought, that is what YHWH has done!!! THANK YOU!!!
Baruch Adonai!!! What an honor to partner with a ministry like HalleluYah Scriptures, their selflessness and generosity has made an eternal impact in Ghana and those precious people in the Buduburam Liberian refugee camp. Surely Our Father has seen and is smiling upon our unity and giving.” – Sister Nance and family

Ghana brothers

Here is what those in the refugee camps said:

“Shalom Brethren, We want to use this time to Thank HalleluYah Scriptures Ministry and all those that have been donating to them. We are very grateful for the teaching materials especially the scriptures that were sent to us in Ghana, W/Africa on the Buduburam Refugee camp by a Torah Loving Sister and her family. They came to Ghana today and visited us at the refugee camp and give us all the scriptures that were sent to us. We are very very much happy for such a blessing and We pray that YHWH will bless and make provision for all those that are of help to his Kingdom. Words are not enough to express our thanks and appreciation to all of you. Please keep up the good work.” – Shalom and Love

“Baruch HaShem. We are very grateful to HalleluYah Scripture and also to Sister Nance and her family for being so much a blessing to our Assembly. May our Creator greatly reward all those that are helping HalleluYah Scripture.” – We Love you all

“Baruch HaShem in your hands I commit your servants who came to W/Africa on a lives changing mission. I thank you so much for their stay and I pray for your travel favor to be with them. May you guard and protect them as they get home safely. I pray that all the teaching presented to your people here will not go in vain. May you increase them in understanding and wisdom as they continue to teach the good news to the poor and needy. I pray that you will barak (bless) them so that they can also be a blessing to your service.” – HalleluYah, amen

There are hundreds of brothers and sisters worldwide who have never seen nor owned a copy of His Restored Name Scriptures and cannot afford who are now starting to receive copies. There are many praising Him and rejoicing over His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures because others cared enough to donate to give them that gift of everlasting life. Have a look at this sister who has received a copy and is telling the world. To be so excited about His Word is so refreshing she is like a child and the Father loves that. May His Name be praised and all honor and esteem go to Him.


Brothers & Sisters Praising The Father For His Gift

A number of brothers and sisters see and understand the HalleluYah Scriptures project and are putting videos together to share with others and designing web sites and social network pages to promote the HalleluYah Scriptures and reach His people in need.

This is not always an easy job and we do come under attack. We weep daily with the heavy responsibility of this project and that is why prayer is very important to us. We believe in being good stewards with His Word and the funds that supporters have donated.

We know that those that support this project with donations want their donations to go to those in desperate need or those that have never owned a copy first and this is what we work hard to do. There are many in great need and a number of them are starting to receive copies and praising the Father. A brother put a video together on YouTube about this project after reading the site and asking a few questions and this has helped as it shares what the project is about.

Have a look at this sister who has received a copy and is telling the world. To be so excited about His Word is so refreshing she is like a child and the Father loves that. May His Name be praised and all honor and esteem go to Him.

H.S. eBook coming soon alert

Good News HalleluYah Scritpures E-Book

The team has been working hard to put the HalleluYah Scriptures onto e-book for people to download to their Computer. You will be able to view the HalleluYah Scriptures in large print and also search for words and verses. This has taken a number of months to put together but it will be even more exciting once it is completed. This will go all over the World and reach many who need to hear His truth.

progress notice on Spanish eBook

Spanish Translation

The team who is working on this very important translation are working hard to see this translation completed. It will be a number of years in the making. As books are completed we will be adding them to an e-book our for Spanish brothers and sisters to use. Once completed we will be asking for support to print the hard-copy so that our brothers and sisters who cannot read English can have a copy of His Restored Name Scriptures. This translation is asked for every week. It is the second most requested version and is really needed for His Spanish people. If you can read and understand Spanish and have a few free hours each week and would like to help on this translation can you please fill out the form for translation help. The more people we get to help the faster the version can be completed.

Aramaic Greek open Scriptures

HalleluYah Sciptures translation Team

The HalleluYah Scriptures translation team work daily on the HalleluYah Scriptures translation. They are continue to learn Greek and Aramaic to get a better understanding of His Word and to bring a purer version to His people. This is important to them and they work hard to make this happen. They believe that the Father and His people deserve the very est and they will continue to do this for His people as it is a great honor to be called to do such a work for Him.

importance of The Name

Name Meaning Study Help

While working on the HalleluYah Scriptures over the years the team has worked for a number of years on a name study. There are nearly 2500 names, places and their meanings. Every names and place has a meanings and some are very interesting and you will learn and understand so much more Hebrew ( and some Greek) with this Name Study. It has been a number of years in the making with a lot of research going into the study and has been important to the team to have them as accurate as possible. We are sure you will enjoy this name study and it will be added to our e-book program for you to view soon.

plastice sleeves for H.S.

HalleluYah Scriptures Plastic Sleeves

As the team was praying and seeking the Father on how to protect the HalleluYah Scriptures from wear and tear the Father’s Spirit gave us the idea of a plastic sleeve. We rejoiced as that was a fantastic idea. The new shipment that arrives will have the plastic cover. The cost per sleeve is $1.00 US. Anyone that would like a plastic cover for their current copy of HS please send a self address stamped envelope with your $1.00 to the box number below. They will be not arriving until end of Dec 2011, but it would be a good idea to order as soon as possible as there is limited stock. Please send your self addressed envelope with $1.00 to:

HalleluYah Scriptures
P.O. Box 7625
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-7625

This just covers the cost only.

Monthly & Daily Prayer Team Help Need


This is the most important part of this project. Without continued prayer we truly would not have been able to do all that has been done. This project requires a lot of strength and energy and good health. We want to thank those brothers and sisters who pray and/or fast once a month and the brothers and sisters who have unselfishly prayed daily for the needs of this project. If you want to join our daily prayer team that prays for this project for a few minutes each day please let us know as we would welcome your prayer.

If you would like to join our monthly prayer and/or fasting group then please can you fill out the form here. If you cannot fast for that month we kindly ask that you would pray throughout the day. A special thank you once again.

Are You A Part of A Fellowship Or Group That Meets Together?

raising the HalleluYah Scriptures

We need your help to promote and let others know about this important project. The more people, groups, fellowships and ministries that know about this important work the faster we can get His Word – the HalleluYah Scriptures into the hands of those in need.

There are many fellowships that used to buy other versions but are now donating that amount to the HalleluYah Scriptures and receiving more copies for their fellowship, and they also support so many others that have never seen or owned a copy and cannot afford.

Where as other versions sell their copies and keep the profits, the HalleluYah Scriptures uses all the funds to print and ship, as those are the only costs in this Ministry. Please let your fellowship know about this important project so that they can help many other brother and sisters as well as provide for themselves.

New Video About The HalleluYah Scriptures

When the new print run arrives a brother has offered to put a special video together on “Why are the HalleluYah Scriptures the purest and closest to the Hebrew in English than any other version.” The video will explain a number of things in the translation so that you can see how wonderful the Father has been to bring His Word to His people. Never in modern English history has there ever been a version done like this. The HalleluYah Scriptures is the first English hard-copy that has ever been done according to His Word and Torah and that is all praise to the Father.

Bible Colleges To Receive Copies Of The HalleluYah Scriptures

The Father has led us to place a copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures into every Bible College, beginning with those in the US and Canada. This will help a number who are seeking His truth and they will come to know His Word the HalleluYah Scriptures. We have received an email from a Sister who said she came to know His Name and truth through someone donating a book to the Bible College she was attending. Please pray that this will go well. We hope to start this project soon through the Missions team. One of the team members will be organizing this and knows the Bible College industry well and how they work. She also knows a number of people who are in Bible Colleges in the US… so this is a good start.

Please Share This Graphic On Your Web Site Or Social Network Pages

This is a group effort on the part of all His people. We kindly ask that you would feature a link on your web site or social network pages so that others will come to know about this project and how important it is. This way the Father also receives so much praise, honor and esteem. Please encourage people to watch the videos and read the site and become involved. If we all do our part we can reach the world with His Word the HalleluYah Scriptures.

Can You Help For A Few Hours Each Week? Working For The Best Boss.

Do you have a few hours each week to help the Missions team? Can you dedicate to the Father some of your time to help this project to reach His people. The Missions team need help with phone calls and research on the internet. There is no traveling or costs. Investing your time in this project ensures a legacy of love. Our Savior gave all He had to us so please consider giving some of your time back to Him. It is the most worthwhile project. Your reward will be given to you when you stand before Him.


Let us praise His Name and never forget what He has done for His people around the world. HALLELUYAH!

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