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September Update Report

He Has Provided For His People


HalleluYah! The Father has provided for a second print run which is coming along quite well. Amazingly, this print run has produced 10,000 additional copies, doubling our 1st printing. He has provided all the costs for every part of the print run before it was needed!

We are just putting the finishing touches on the files now and then off to the printer they go! Truly, He is a wonderful provider and has heard the cries of His people.

A huge “Thank You!” to those that have made this happen. We have always said that it takes a special person with a heart after the Father to help with this project.

Those that have donated funds know how important His Word is and how urgent it is to get it out to those that have never had a copy and cannot afford one. These people are well aware of His Torah that forbids the selling of His Word. Scripture abundantly reveals that never once has the Father or His Son sold their teachings or Word or heal-ling’s, and this should be no different today!

There is nothing more important than His Word as it has all the answers that people are looking for. As times get tougher for people they will be seeking more answers. HalleluYah… He has provided those answers in His Word. Giving the HalleluYah Scriptures to these people is truly leaving a legacy of love that is unquestionably irreplaceable and a gift worth far more than all the gold and silver in this world.

Although encouragement is much appreciated, please do not thank us or praise us, as we are only working as His vessels… HALLELUYAH! Truly, we are nothing, He is everything. It is the Almighty Father who has provided and helped you not us.

To Him be all praise and esteem forever.

Updated H.S. website

Website Makeover

As you can see, the HalleluYah Scriptures website has been redone. While the majority of our content is intact the layout and organization of the site is totally new, fresh and user-friendly. We are so excited to have this done. We feel it is now easier to read and understand.

Our new volunteer web developer has indeed done a remarkable job and we as a team are so “barak” to have his skills applied to our site. He truly has gone the extra mile to make the site so alive. If you are new to the site and have not navigated through the site, please take the time. We trust you will be as excited as we are about it’s ease of use, HalleluYah!

Since our new web site has been up and running and more user friendly, we are told we have increased our exposure 100 fold! Many have commented that the site is much easier to understand.

global distribution

What’s New With The Missions Team

We are pleased to announce that our Missions Team has expanded in a short period of time adding another ten people to the team making it a total of 20 people, all working hard towards one goal and that goal is to share this very important project with the world.

We now have a team that looks after orders from prisons, homeless and Third World countries. This team was set up in August 2011 and has been extremely busy.

They are working on two very important tasks:

  • The Prison Project
  • Fellowship Finders

The Prison Project

Prisoner in cell reading H.S.

The Prison Project entails getting a copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures into every prison library beginning with prisons in the US. We are seeking believers in other countries who can help get a copy into prisons within their country. Please contact us if this is something the Father impresses upon your heart.

HalleluYah Scriptures have been inundated with so many orders from prisoners. These prisoners are making orders through their Chaplains or Messianic groups (who are going into the prisons), and through believers who are writing to prisoners directly. The request of so many copies by so many prisoners is wonderful to see.

prison libraries

The missions team is making calls to over 1500 different prisons in the US to organize a copy for their Library. The Father led us to put this in place and it is beyond exciting to see. This is a huge undertaking but one of great importance! Have a look at a few comments from some of the many prisoners requesting copies:

“Shalom Friends, I want to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing and offering your Bible to our prison ministry. I have recently received numerous requests for the HalleluYah Scriptures from inmates across the nation and would like to request that you send us 2 more cases for our ministry. The men and women I am hearing from are very excited to learn about the HalleluYah Scriptures and we are thrilled to be able to provide them these beautiful bibles. Thank you again! Blessings & shalom.” — LH, USA

“We had the privilege of bringing in the boxes of scriptures today to the prison, to introduce your ministry’s heart and vision. The ladies were sooooooooo blessed, the excitement was in their eyes and it was precious! Chap Norm let them know that those who have attended and completed the Torah classes and embraced Yeshua and His Torah lifestyle will be given one as a graduation gift from the class. This way, they are distributed to those who are serious about Torah.” — NW, USA

“A very heartfelt “thank you” to the HalleluYah Scriptures ministry. Because of their generosity, we were able to bring in boxes of Hebraicly restored name scriptures to the ladies at Lowell Women’s prison yesterday. These ladies have been learning Torah through our friend, who is their full time Chaplain there. You should have seen how excited they were to know that they were getting a copy! JOY!!! A Torah congregation… in prison!! No wonder YHVH is pouring out favor.”

Fellowship Finders

fellowship finders

Fellowship Finders is the second project the Missions team is working on — which was given by the Father through much prayer.

The objective is to contact all known Messianic fellowships, groups, and ministries in the US and inquire about travel, that they might have planed, to any Third World countries — and if so, can we contact those planning on traveling in order that we can arrange to have stock go with them.

Additionally, the team will be asking these groups if they know of any brothers or sisters that are currently in a Third World country that may be in need of his Word. We see this as key to reaching many more people for the Father… many who have never had His Word.

It is our experience that people in these Third World countries are amazing to deal with. We find them to be humble, kind, gentle and very grateful. We have witnessed these people work jobs that most people would not, in order that they can get a donation together for HalleluYah Scriptures. They send us their hard earned donation funds and request just one copy for their group while expressing the concern that “there are worse people off than us, use the funds for this cause.” These people do not know where their next meal is coming from. They may receive around $2.00 a week in the more wealthy areas performing hard labor. They do not have cars, internet or a home, and they often only have one set of clothes, yet they want to give! HalleluYah! They do not see themselves poor, as they have the Father and His Son. Of course we send the funds back to them.

We had one group of 15 believers who worked for 3 months to make a donation to cover 3 copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures. They insisted we take the funds saying, “there are many more people much worse off than us.” They would not accept extra copies as they believed they were to work to help others.

While the Fellowship Finders focus is getting the Father’s Word into the needy hands of His children, by mere contact with the many believing groups out there, many of those whom have never heard of the HalleluYah Scriptures will come to know about it as well… HalleluYah! We will see more Fellowships, Groups and Ministries come to know about this project and come to support a cause that is close to the Fathers heart.

third world countries

Are You Traveling To A Third World Country?

The Father, through much prayer, has impressed upon us to keep our eyes and ears open, searching out people who may be traveling to Third World countries. We need your help!

international travel

We are seeking out those of you who may be traveling or know someone traveling abroad to please contact us! We aim to get the HalleluYah Scriptures to our brethren faster while saving a lot on postal costs.

We have had a number of believers in these countries who have contacted us to ask for copies, who as you know, have never seen a copy of His Restored Name Scriptures and cannot afford one. What we have said to them is, “pray and fast to the Father that He will lead someone to us that will be headed to your country.”

Within a two week period we had several requests from Ghana, Nigeria and the Philippines for copies. We said to each group to please pray and fast and we know the Father will lead someone fulfill the role of delivering these to you.

raising the HalleluYah Scriptures

HalleluYah… within 24 hours we had received an order from a lady originally from the USA who currently lives in the Philippines. She had a large box coming to her in the Philippines and she wanted a few copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures. She was a new believer and was reaching out sharing His Name and Laws with people there. She was more than pleased to fill the large crate with the HalleluYah Scriptures for His people.

The other request came from brothers and sisters in Nigeria. We currently have three different fellowships there that have requested His Word, the HalleluYah Scriptures, and we were contacted by a brother who was traveling to Nigeria. We are working with him now to take stock to these fellowships. They are going in November, HalleluYah!

We have a number of believers in Ghana that are in great need. One of believers is starting a group in Liberia and they need stock. They have never had His restored Name Scriptures and are so excited to be finally getting His Word. One of the groups live in a refugee camp. A wonderful sister and her family are traveling and will take a large amount of stock with them to this group in Ghana in early October, which is truly amazing. She is so excited to do this for the Father and His people. We will post some photographs of these brothers and sisters when we can.

H.S. in India

Additionally, we currently have increasing requests for HalleluYah Scriptures in India, and if you or someone you know may be traveling there, please contact us so arrangements can be made. Or, if you would like to sponsor a box of 20 HalleluYah Scriptures for our brothers and sisters in any of the these countries please check the “Sponsor 20” on the form on our Additional Support Opportunities page.

We have had the opportunity to hear a number of stories from missionaries who take the HalleluYah Scriptures to these people. They said the expression on their faces when they receive their copy is priceless. Their eyes are wide and they grab it and put it straight to their heart as if it is their life line. They have tears of joy running down their faces. There is truly nothing more rewarding than giving His Word to those that have never had a copy, and do not even know where their next meal is coming from. HalleluYah, the Father has provided for His people.

His Word will go out to the 4 corners of the world to His people.

A number of people have emailed us to say they believe that the HalleluYah Scriptures fits into the end time prophecy that His people will go into every country and nation and then the end will come. We have a bit of time to go friends. If you would like to offer a few hours each week to help with this task of getting His Word out, please fill out the short form on our Additional Support Opportunities page.

Translations into Spanish will also be provided in eBook format.

Translations Update

The HalleluYah Scriptures team has been working on a H.S. Spanish translation.

This translation has been the second most popular translation requested. This very important translation will bring many Spanish speaking people to His Truth… HalleluYah. Please keep this team in your prayers.

Translation is quite a challenge to perfect, taking much time and effort. The HalleluYah Scriptures team work near daily on the English translation. They have learned Hebrew over many years and are now learning Greek and Aramaic to improve their understanding of His Word.

Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who support us on Facebook and who take our updates and put them on their Facebook walls, and encourage others to do the same, HalleluYah!

Handing out the HalleluYah Scriptures

How Much Does It Cost To Run This Ministry? No Wages Or Buildings.

All we are is His servants and vessels for Him to use to get His Word out. We were born for such a time as this! We ask nothing for ourselves and receive nothing for our full time work for Him.

Most of the team is working 6 days a week and up to 15 hours a day to see this project happen, HalleluYah. Although immensely rewarding, it is not always an easy job. However, we do our best each day and know when we put our heads down to sleep we rest assured that we have done the best we can for Him. All praise, honor and esteem to the Father.

Your donations are used ONLY for this purpose and will never be used for anything else unless specified. The HalleluYah Scriptures will NEVER be sold! The day the Father does not provide is the day we finish, simple as that. It is His ministry and it is for Him to provide for His people. He has done this without us having to worry or stress. We have never had to beg Him or stress over any funds. He knows the needs and He knows who is weeping for His Word and He said He will provide.


The Bottom line is that He does not give a commandment and not back that commandment up! He says it is forbidden to sell His Word and anyone doing this is cut off. If He gives this commandment, then He has to provide! And, HalleluYah, He sure has provided abundantly, which the HalleluYah Scriptures testifies to.

There is no acceptable excuse to break His Torah. No one is above His Laws. If indeed something is His will, He provides the way!

The Videos

We now have a Media Production design team. The believer that has offered his services has worked for a number of years in cable television and this will be a huge asset to the HalleluYah Scriptures project. You will see a number of new videos being added in a few months.

Videos on YouTube

He will be starting on a 2nd Update video: we will be getting some video footage from a family that is taking a lot of stock to Ghana to a number of fellowships and she will be visiting a refugee camp where we have a number of brothers and sisters. This new update video will cover some amazing things that have been happening with the project.
We will be working on is a special video about the HalleluYah Scriptures and how it differs from other versions. This will be exciting — covering why it is different, and we will point out some very important things so you can see the translation teams work and how they work near daily to bring a even more purer vision for His people.

And we have a wonderful surprise coming in the near future… a very special video. Be assured it will be one you will not want to miss. We will keep you informed.

Brothers and sisters, to reiterate, sadly, we cannot always answer every email. For this reason we have set up the videos, as they have most of the answers that you will be looking for.

Please know that if you do not watch the videos, you will never get a full understanding of this very important project. Everyone that watches the videos says the same thing: “the videos changed their lives and touched their hearts!” HalleluYah!

These videos will make you weep and will make you think more of our brothers and sisters who have never had a copy and cannot afford. By viewing the videos, you’ll soon see, that this project is far more than simply getting a copy for yourself. It is about getting His Word to His seeking children whom are in need, both locally and globally.

Please, may we all do our part. Indeed there is nothing more rewarding than answering His Kingdom call of duty to help our fellow brethren in need receive His precious Word. If you have experience in putting videos together and want to help this project please fill out the form on our Additional Support Opportunities page… the graphic’s team would welcome you.

Comments Page

We are working hard to add some more comments to our comments pages. Please keep your eyes on that section of our site and read what many are saying about this important project. We have large amounts of comments, which give all praise, honor and esteem to the Father, HalleluYah. The comments are truly inspiring and encouraging!

“Todah Rabah” – Thank You Very Much!

thank you to supporters

Truly, we here at HalleluYah Scriptures could not do what has been achieved thus far, without your support, HalleluYah. So many of you support us with donations, daily prayers, and monthly fasts. In such a short period of time, the Father has used each one of you to fund two print runs, covering all the shipping and postage costs… HALLELUYAH! We cannot buy prayer and fasting — they are worth more than all the gold and silver in the world.

Brothers and sisters, indeed, the spiritual magnitude of this project is beyond words and truly we need daily prayers for His Wisdom, for our health and for His protection over our lives and equipment which is under attack all the time. If you are not on our prayer list can you kindly consider this and let us know, thank you.


Praise Him!

Let us all sing praises to the Father for He is amazing, and this is His project. It does not belong to any man.

Never in modern history has their been a version of His Word done according to His Torah and Laws.

No footnotes, no added man’s doctrines, His Name and the Messiah’s Name in Paleo Hebrew, and best of all NOT FOR SALE. HalleluYah Scriptures will never be sold… the Father owns the project and never do you see in the Scriptures where the Father sells His Word or the Messiah sells His miracles or teachings.

“Take no interest from him, or profit, but you shall fear your Elohim, and your brother shall live with you. Do not lend him your silver on interest, and do not lend him your food for profit.” — Leviticus 25:35-37

How much more important is this when dealing with His Word.

“For we are not, as so many, merchandising the Word of – but as of sincerity, but as from Elohim, in the sight of Elohim, we speak in Mashiaḥ.” — 2 Corinthians 2:17

His people who were “barak” with extra gave from their excess to help their brothers and sisters. That is what the HalleluYah Scriptures is all about. Helping those who are without His Word.

“And the group of those who believed were of one heart and one being. And no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had all in common.” — Acts 4:32

“Freely you have received, freely give.” — Mattithyahu 10:8

“And when your brother becomes poor, and his hand has failed with you, then you shall sustain him, and he shall live with you, like a stranger or a sojourner. Take no interest from him, or profit, but you shall fear your Elohim, and your brother shall live with you. ‘Do not lend him your silver on interest, and do not lend him your food for profit.’” — Wayyiqra 25:35-37

halleluyah hands in the air

He has provided every step of the way and it is for His great Name. HalleluYah!

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