Restored Paleo Hebrew Name Scriptures , No Footnotes , No Man's Doctrines , No Paganisms , Literal Translation , Closest To The Hebrew , Not For Sale, Free To The Poor, Prisoners and The Very Needy, Supported By Those Who Can Afford. 80% of Added Words Removed

Thank You!


HalleluYah for the Father’s faithful!

We would like to thank each of you and praise the Father for all whom support the HalleluYah Scriptures through prayer, fasting and donations of finances and time—without such generosity we would not have gotten this far! HalleluYah for your heart for the Father! This project could not exist were it not for believers like you. Truly you have found the pearl of great price and are enabling others to receive it as well. We and they praise the Father for our brothers and sisters like you whom heed the voice of the Father and strive to pass along such a gift as the HalleluYah Scriptures! As you know, there is no better gift that you can give to His people; as His Word is everlasting, has all the answers and gives us comfort, joy and hope.

Please know you are helping to reach so many all over…truly the team and helpers are working feverishly to reach the Father’s children whom are scattered all over the globe. We receive letters from the four corners of the earth, as well as a multitude of homeless and prisoners on a regular basis whom love the Father and are learning His Torah, halleluYah! These brothers and sisters are so excited and thankful to learn of this project and how the Father is providing…their letters would make you weep. The majority of these believers do not have the means to work to afford to donate and they are praising the Father for the only gift they ever wanted which is His Word. We are in the process of getting some of these letters up on the main site to give you a glimpse at how many the Father is reaching with His Word, the HalleluYah Scriptures.

We are so grateful to the Father for your continued support…truly there is a remnant shining forth the heart of the Father and the character of Messiah, halleluYah! You recognize that which is of the Father and are obedient to His call to help our brothers and sisters in desperate need of His Word. Indeed, most of copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures go to those whom DO NOT DONATE! Clearly, this is only possible by believers like yourself; those whom heed the call of the Father and are faithful to give as He wills—thank you, it is wonderfully refreshing to experience such selfless generosity and love for His children. Truly, the Father has raised us all up for such a time as this! May we each do our part to faithfully support this historical restoration work unto the end and may our Father, the Creator of all, continue to barak you as you seek to serve Him!


The team at HalleluYah Scriptures

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