Restored Paleo Hebrew Name Scriptures , No Footnotes , No Man's Doctrines , No Paganisms , Literal Translation , Closest To The Hebrew , Not For Sale, Free To The Poor, Prisoners and The Very Needy, Supported By Those Who Can Afford. 80% of Added Words Removed

Topical Book – Hundred’s Topic’s Thousands Verses

This special book has taken over 4 years to complete, and we pray you enjoy it as the internet may not be with us in the near future which will make this book valuable to believers.
“Praise YHWH. I am pleased to let you know I have received your Topical Index book a while ago. I rejoice for this book. The volume of this book is much thicker than I thought and it will be such a handy reference in times to come. Also, I had wanted a Scripture reference book for some years now, and I rejoice to see that this book contains the Father’s restored Name, His Ben and the Ruah ha’Qodesh. This makes the book so unique and set apart from others. I can see so many years and devotion has gone into the compilation of this book, and it is so worth it, as it will be very useful for times of study for I love the Word so much. Thank you once again for your project with HalleluYah Scriptures. The work which you are all doing is amazing and so restorative to those who desperately need to hear of the Father’s Word and of His deep love for mankind. May YHWH continuously barak you deeply in many profound ways and may your wonderful ministry be baruk always. With much love and birekoth to you and your ministry, HalleluYah Scriptures.” Georgina – UK
The book has hundreds of Topics and thousands of references for you to use to share with others. We believe it will be a very useful tool providing you with all those much needed Scriptures at hand when you need them and have no access to the internet.
The great thing of having a book like this is that you can find the Scripture you want fast when you are studying or sharing His Word. It also makes you more hungry for His Word as you start learning so much more through topic’s.

This book is priceless and worth so much more than what it is offered for as we ask for costs to be covered. It has over 340 pages of hundreds of topics and thousands of verses.

We pray you will find it in your heart to donate extra so we can give these freely to the poor and needy around the world in poorer countries and those in the western world like prisoners, homeless and those who just cannot afford.
This is the heart of the HalleluYah Scriptures project so if you would like to help others receive a free copy kindly consider donating extra to help them as this book is worth much more than what it is offered for which includes shipping.
This book will be so important in the last days as there will be no computers or Apps for His people.
*All prices given are in USD

Cost Only To The Project – Includes Shipping:
USA – $19.90
Canada – $35.00
International – $39.00

Any donations after covering costs go to helping the project.

Thank you,
The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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