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We Will Barak YHWH Most High – A Miracle & Special Thank You – Update On Move.

"I baraḵ YHWH at all times; His praise is continually in my mouth. My being shall boast in YHWH." Psalm 34 Please rejoice with us. A HUGE HalleluYah, for YHWH has heard our cries and prayers and answered them. Praise His Name for the costs have been covered to build the HalleluYah Scriptures warehouse that will house ALL main stock of the project. This special warehouse will be very large which will allow us to be able to do so much more and have the stock organized in a better way. We are singing praises for this miracle that was an answer to our request and prayer. A couple who have been supporters of the HalleluYah Scriptures Project for many years have offered to cover the costs of the warehouse, which is amazing and really shows how much the Father loves His Word and how this couple heard His call for help. It really is such an honor to come to know those that love and treasure His Word and are caretakers of it along with us. We praise His Name for this wonderful offer of love.

May the Father show these donors much favor always, as they have shown much favor to His Word. We say a very special thank you to you both. We also thank those that have donated towards the shipping of the stock to NJ as we need help to cover the costs of shipping. As you know, we have vowed not to use HalleluYah Scriptures donations for needs like this, as those that donated in the past did not know of these needs therefore we have to request specifically for this help.

HalleluYah, we only need $25,000 from the $60,000 that was needed for the warehouse and shipping. We continue to pray for this need to be met and know that YHWH will move His people to help His Word. Again, we praise YHWH and thank you for your help towards this important move.

The place YHWH provided is so wonderful and perfect with so much office/fulfillment space. We have two large places in one, so that the postal agent family has a place to live on site saving hours of travel, HalleluYah. We were going to take this move a little slower and wait for donations to trickle in for the move and to build the warehouse for the extra space that is needed, but with the earthquakes and no power or phone services we just cannot operate out of Puerto Rico anymore and we all feel the Father wants us out of there faster. 

As you know, we are all volunteers working freely, trying to do the best we can in serving the Father and His people, with the huge amount of work we do each day and are not complaining, as it is a great honor to do this work for the Father and you, his children. The HalleluYah Scriptures belongs to the Father and not to us, or any man.

We pray you can help with this situation, as it is urgent and we would like to move asap as our postal agents are in Puerto Rico and are quite concerned.

Thank you for supporting this urgent and important work and being a part of dealing with His Word. We can do nothing without the Father and we pray He will move you to help this move.

You can visit this link for donation options which includes our address.

Please be assured that all donations go to printing and shipping unless specified by the donor. You are not supporting lifestyles or people's material wants, as this work is so important to us all. The donations that are gathered for this need will go to this need.

Can you please kindly pray for the project needs and also we, as volunteers, need your prayers.

Thank you once again to those that have supported this wonderful and special project with prayer, fasting and donations, we are honored to come to know so many wonderful brothers and sisters who are really encouraging and uplifting, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you and many He show you favor always.
The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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