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Calling All Believers & Nations – Do You Know Anyone In Need – Free Materials Offered.

“Thus it has been written, and so it was necessary for ha’MashiahŐ£ to suffer and to rise again from the dead the third day, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His Name to all nations, beginning at Yerushalayim.” (Luke 24:46-47). We want to say a deep, heartfelt HalleluYah to the Most High for all He has done with His Word and project! Kindly join us to say HalleluYah! We also want to extend a special thank you to all those that helped get the 130K materials out around the world, with the last of these pallets leaving next week. We are praising the Father for all the support for the printing of the 130K materials and the shipping of all the stock around the world. A very special thank you to those that heard that call to cover the costs for shipping.

HalleluYah. We have the stock, and it needs to get into the hands of those in need. You might have His Word but hundreds of thousands do not, and they need His Word to walk this path. Supporters have done their part in donating to make this happen so kindly pray and do your part in helping to find groups/fellowships and believers who would love a free copy of His Word.

We are now working around the clock contacting fellowships/groups in 3rd world countries to offer free stock, and while we have been able to send out a large number of boxes of materials, we need your help to reach and seek out many others. There are thousands and thousands in need and who have no means to contact us, these we need to get free materials to.

“And the Good News has to be proclaimed first to all the nations.” (Mark 13:10)

Do you know any groups/fellowships outside the USA and in 3rd world countries or countries that forbid His Word? If so, could you please email us their name, address, phone number and/or contact email so we can make contact with them to get free stock to them?

We are a small team with a heavy workload and need your help, as time is short, and if anyone takes notice of the news, there is serious talk of another lockdown that will likely be more serious than the first one.

We are told it could be as close as December. If this is the case, then all shipping by sea could be stopped or delayed for months and the prices will continue to go through the roof.

Here are a few pictures of pallets being prepared and sent around the world. You can check out other articles on the website showing a huge amount of stock and pallets moving around the world.

This may also stop posting of parcels around the world. We ask that you pray in agreement with us, that this will not be the case, as we truly need to move out hundreds of thousands of free materials to empty hands, so that His people have His Word. We have moved a lot of boxes and copies in Africa this week. Keep all parcels in your daily prayers so that they get to the hands that need them.

If you are a long-term supporter who share Truth with those coming to Truth kindly let us know as we want to help.

“Hallelu-YHWH all you nations! Extol Him, all you peoples!” (Psalm 117:1)

We feel an urgency to get as much stock out as possible. We have also just finished another print run of the Standard Edition and will be printing other books, so are now looking for more countries to send the stock. Once we get the 130K out we will be working on sorting the next shipments out if time allows.

There are thousands without His Word in 3rd world countries, who have walked this path of Truth all their lives without His Word, and it is very hard to live this way without His Word, which is His Love Letter to us all. So, if you know anyone in need and have no means of affording, kindly let us know. If those you know are in the western world, have them fill out the form for a free copy on the website.

“And this Good News of the reign shall be proclaimed in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come.” (Matt 24:14)

The Project has sent more free copies to those in the Western World, who do not like to send pictures. We will go where there are needs, and many thousands of copies have gone to prisoners, homeless and those in need, who cannot afford. Those that receive freely are very thankful and grateful for the Free gift.

The project helps prisoners, homeless and those who are truly in need in the USA and Western world. We feel we need to track down those who cannot contact us in 3rd world countries so that we can spread the stock out to all that are in need. But yes, we want to hear from everyone who needs His Word and who cannot afford.

Do you know any groups in 3rd world countries who have orphans, widows and  truly poor and needy that we can help get self-sufficiency programs in place for long term food help for them. If you know anyone in these countries that are truly in need. We are here to help.

We want to take the time to say a special thank you to those who pray, fast and donate to this special Project that has enabled hundreds of thousands to receive His Word freely all over the world. The Father has touched your heart to help His children who are without His Word and you heard His voice. We all give praise and esteem to the Most High for you all and we keep you in our daily prayers.

You can contact us on this link:

Contact HalleluYah Scriptures

May the Most High show you favor always.

Much love from us all,

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team.

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