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Large Shipment Arrived into Hong Kong For China Japan Believers. Update Included

"Because the poor one does not cease from the land, therefore I am commanding you, saying, 'You shall certainly open you hand to your brother, to your poor and to your needy one, in your hand.' " ~ Deuteronomy / Deḇarim 15:11. HalleluYah for YHWH providing through you His people! We want to share about this amazing special shipment with you that was sent into Hong Kong for Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Japan. This arrived a number of weeks ago. We wept when this was shared with us. A wonderful believer who has been helping with the project for many years has a huge heart after her own people and she would like all those that are seeking His Truth to come to own His Word, the HalleluYah Scriptures. She shared their story on receiving the special shipment.

Update, we will be arranging another large shipment soon as the word is really needed in China, also the brother who does this work, travels to share His Truth has just come back from Indonesia and emailed this message.

Hello HalleluYah Scriptures Team from Jakarta Indonesia!

My ministry has expanded into Indonesia and we are here encouraging Chinese and Indigenous Christians here.

They asked me to bring them Bibles. They are so happy with them, they asked If Halleluyah would consider sending them a shipment of Bibles.

What a great opportunity as almost 90 percent of the country is Muslim and the Christians want to study more about our Savior and be taught the Truth. They also need children’s materials for their schools and other materials. Please help. Brother Ken.

Indonesia is a persecuted country with only 10 per cent Christian, Christians who are wanting to know more Truth so this is a great opportunity to get His Word and Truth into this country before all doors close. People are killed in this country for believing in a Creator and Savior. It is very dangerous to be a believer. Please pray for the support for this shipment for it is urgent.

Also Brother Ken has just come back from China and the needs there for the HalleluYah Scriptures is urgent, we will be organizing another shipment to Hong Kong for China. Please pray for this and pray for the safety of those that go out and reach the unreachable.

A wonderful and special couple who are trustworthy supporters of the HalleluYah Scriptures project wrote the following after they donated toward this shipment and the next larger shipment to Hong Kong for the Chinese believers who are fleeing China. Most of these believers live in refugee camps in Hong Kong. Their prayer is to own a copy of His Word.

Here is their lovely comment. HalleluYah:


We are pleased that our donation will be used to send Bibles into China. I (Darryl) am a third generation Australian born Chinese. My mother had a passion for sending Bibles to China. She would sell pot plants at the markets in Cairns, North Queensland every Sunday and forward the money over to China to buy Bibles for people who needed one. She died in 2007. What a surprise she will get when she hears that her son and wife have helped to sponsor Bibles to China with the work and aid of all in the HalleluYah team also. May your work continue to expand and grow as the doors open into these underprivileged countries. Birekoth, Darryl and Julie

This is the Hong Kong shipment leaving the USA - It has now arrived. HalleluYah

On Tuesday morning, the 28th of May, our adventure began when we got on the 7:25 a.m. ferry. From there, we took the train and met up with part of the crew to go to the warehouse with us. The taxi line was very long because of the rain, so he called an Uber car. Due to the rain, everything was slower. We finally got to the warehouse and after paying the fees, found where the bay for collection was. Then we got in a line of 27 trucks ahead of us. During this time, it was pouring rain.

Then while we were waiting in this very long line, we were told to move out of the way for 2 VIP trucks!!! Wow! We were in line about an hour. Our comment, what could be more VIP then YHWH's Word. HalleluYah.  What wonderful believers for being so patient and waiting. Sadly most in the world today are not patient or considerate of others.

"For YHWH is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love which you have shown toward His Name, in that you attended to the qodeshim, and do attend." ~ Iḇrim / Hebrews 6:10

At last, we finally got into the bay and the warehouse. HalleluYah this would have been amazing to finely come to receive the BEST gift one could every own. 

Once we were in the warehouse, we gave them the paperwork and then waited some more.

After about 25 mins. Joe got out of the truck, into the pouring rain and went into the warehouse. He started taking pictures and looking around and suddenly someone showed up on a forklift. We told him we only had 1 pallet and he said, So? Then he took the paperwork and brought back the pallet. We had to laugh through our tears at this, this one pallet has hundreds of HalleluYah Scriptures.

Then along came the loading truck to do their part, what a wonderful site to see such a treasured possess. Some of the team recall their first shipment and how some of us wept and you could feel His Word even though you could not see it in a warehouse like this but you felt it and when they bought the pallet to you you wept as you know how special that pallet is and how special those copies are for His people, those who are waiting with open arms.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no change, nor shadow of turning." ~ Ya'aqoḇ / James 1:17

At last we were ready to start to the ferry pier, which was another 45 mins in the rain. We had part of the crew waiting in Central to get the carts and hold them as we were trying to catch the 11:30 boat.

We had been praying all the way that it wouldn't rain when we were not under covering. As it turned out, it stopped raining when we arrived in Central. Also, there was covering where the books were unpalleted and put on the trolleys. HalleluYah!!!

Then it was time to pay the driver of the truck. He wanted 1200 HKD because of all the waiting time, but our Chinese speaking crew got him to take 1000. HKD. Thank You, Father. :-) HalleluYah.

Then the loading of the carts continued.  They worked feverishly to try and make the 11:30 boat, but just as the last box was put on the trolley, the boat left.  :-( It seems the enemy was doing all he could to make this hard but we know who wins in the end:-) HalleluYah

Then we had to wait until the 1:00 boat because it was cargo. So we paid the fees and waited. Part of the crew waited for a while, but had to leave when we missed the 11:30 boat. Finally, it was time to load the boat.

At last we were on our way to destination. Time to rest a little bit. The rain had thankfully stopped. I forgot to take some pictures of steps because I was busy directing traffic of where to put the carts, etc. Also, we were busy pushing the heavy carts and didn't have time for more pics. But will update you soon.

May YHWH and His Son be praised and all honor and esteem be given to Them for all They have done for Their people through you.

If you know anyone that is in need of His Word and have never seen nor owned a copy of a Restored Names Bible and have no means of affording, kindly let us know as we love to hear about those in need.

Thank you so much for your support with prayer, fasting and donations. HalleluYah.

May He always show you favor
The HalleluYah Scriptures Team

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