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Urgent Message – New Laws Worldwide – Help Us To Stock Pile

"Crying out, and YHWH heard, and delivered them out of all their distresses. YHWH is near to the broken-hearted, and saves those whose spirit is crushed." Tehillim / Psalm 34:17-18.

We need your help to prepare for the future... As a team, we have been praying for quite a while now to put measures in place for His Word because a time is coming soon, due to many laws being passed, to inhibit the work of true believers and the spreading of His Truth. Many Laws that YHWH gave are being vilified and certain portions of Scripture deemed as "hate speech."

We feel there is an urgency to get large shipments to the countries we have been working with for many years, for the time when we will not be able to send shipments, as countries are putting laws into place to make it harder for us to send large shipments.

A number of countries are demanding people get a National ID card and if they refuse, they cannot be part of the system. A number of countries are going cashless and pushing laws that are making it harder for His people who recognize the dangers. All many people in parts of the world have taken a chip into their hands which we know will be forced on the world soon.

We feel things are racing so much faster towards total control and we feel that the HalleluYah Scriptures - YHWH's Word - needs to be available in large numbers in the countries we have worked with for a while now. What this means is, that when that time comes when we will not be able to do shipments, the stock is there for those hard times for believers to share. Storage in these countries is relatively cheap so that will not be a problem. 

Through prayer, we feel it is important to print very large shipments and send these to each country to store for when we will not be able to send shipments. We feel that YHWH will lead believers and those seeking Truth to those that are holding the stock. We really feel an urgency to put this into place.

If you are feeling like there is an urgency as well, kindly share with us as we have had many emails concerning this. 

If you can help with these shipments, kindly let us know, as we would like to get this underway. It will take 6 months to organize the print runs and shipments to each location.

We would like to start with the following countries as there are a number of trusted believers we work with and have for a number of years, so they will be spread out around these countries. 

We have an urgent need to get more copies to Israel as we are reaching a good number in surrounding area's which we have been praying for.

Israel  5000 standard editions. We have a good number of the Hebrew/Edition in Israel. We also would like to share some of these copies with prison Chaplains we work with so they have stock on hand for prisoners in need.

Philippines & Surrounding Countries 20,000

South Africa/Zimbabwe/Zambia 20,000

Nigeria & Surrounding Countries 20,000

Kenya & Surrounding Countries 5000

India/Pakistan/Dubai and surrounding countries 20,000

We ask that you kindly pray with us for believers to step forward who can afford to donate to help with one of these shipments or more. It can only be possible if His people come forward to help. Your donation will go to the printing and shipping costs.

We also kindly ask you to take some time and read the huge amount of articles on this site and the comments from thousands all over the world on the comments page to see how special and wonderful this project is. Our desire is to see His people receive His Word freely when they cannot afford. 

Please pray for the project and volunteers daily as we need your prayer more now than ever. If you want to donate towards these important print runs you can below.


The HalleluYah Scriptures Team.


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