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YHWH’s Word Continues To Shine In Kenya,Nigeria & Philippines

1-photo-110 bibles distributed care of Elders-May2013"How sweet to my taste has Your Word been, more than honey to my mouth! From Your Oders I get understanding..." Psalms/Tehillim 119:103-104.

Praise YHWH and His Son --- more brethren and truth-seeking newbies in Kenya, Nigeria and the Philippines, who need of YHWH's Pure Word, and are being reached this May 2013! In KENYA, several Sacred Name congregations thru their respective elders/pastors were so grateful to receive their FREE copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures. They are located in various areas in Kenya such as Shamata, Ortum, Kericho, Nairobi, Kitale, Mpeketoni, Lungalunga, Nyeri/Lamuria, Wiyumiririe/Kamiruri, Oljotok, Mombasa, Timboroa. Our dear sister in Kenya has sent us some photos and we would like to share them with you. HalleluYAH!



An American elder has also shared with us some photos of his ministry trip early this year to Kenya. He is so kind to bring some copies of the HalleluYAH Scriptures and to distribute them to other Kenyan brethren (see above), as you can see from the photos.

Kenya 2013 1

We will be adding a special article with many pictures of this missions trip this brother took to Kenya and Nigera. Meanwhile, we have some brethren in NIGERIA located in Lagos and Abak, Akwa Ibom State who earnestly requested for FREE copies of the HalleluYah Scriptures as many brethren there are truly poor. Words cannot express how overjoyed and grateful they are when they received their FREE copies this May 2013. As they share copies with their families, they thankfully gave all the praises to Father YHWH and Our Messiah!


kenya 10

Here are some comments from our brethen in Nigeria:

"All Praise, Honour, Glory & Esteem be unto YHWH alone who has made this possible.

Now I can well meditate on the scriptures every night and day (daily) without being frustrated with the errors of the regular translations and pagan originated names in the bible.

I am too well pleased to receive the HS. Let YAH continue to bless the work of your hands team HS. Todah! Shalom!" - Bro. Gabriel Y.I. , Nigeria."

These brothers and sisters have never known what it is like to have a Restored Name Bible. It is truly heartbreaking. These are our brothers and sisters who have been without for so long. The joy on their faces is amazing as they hold the greatest gift ever in their hands. They are pleased to share their copy with others.

"We feel all too glad, grateful and blessed to receive the Hallelu-YAH Scriptures. It will help us to better know and understand YHWH our Elohiym. Praise YAH!!!" - Ikedinaonu family, Nigeria

"We are very happy to receive the Hallelu-YAH Scriptures, because it will teach us to better know and understand our Creator more."- Udeh Family, Nigeria

YHWH's Work in the PHILIPPINES continues to flourish. We have a number of volunteers there who joyfully witnessed for the True Names of our Almighty Father and His Son.

One active supporter sent us the following wonderful report --- HalleluYAH indeed!

Mia Angel received HS"Shalom, This is a wonderful news. . .all praise belongs to our Father ! . . . a Columnist of a nationwide newspaper is now a believer of YHWH our Father and His Son together with his family. Now his brother is a Christian pastor in Palauig Zambales [ somewhere in the north ] became interested also in HS . . . pray for me because that pastor and his co - ministers are showing interest in HS. It is a great opportunity to proclaim the Qodesh Name of Our Father and His Mashiyach. Halleluyah !"

HS touch Police SBMAEven the Police in the Philippines are interested in truth. Bro Carl shared with this family who have a Police Officer as a family member. They were excited to receive His Word and truth and considered it an honor to have a photograph with their copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures. HalleluYah.


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