Restored Paleo Hebrew Name Scriptures , No Footnotes , No Man's Doctrines , No Paganisms , Literal Translation , Closest To The Hebrew , Not For Sale, Free To The Poor, Prisoners and The Very Needy, Supported By Those Who Can Afford. 80% of Added Words Removed


Comments on The HalleluYah Scriptures

We have received hundreds of comments and we have put a small portion here for the benefit of YOU the Body of Mashiach! All praises and esteem are to YHWH the Father and His Son… HalleluYah! (All personal details have been withheld from comments for reasons of privacy.)

Thank you for all that you are doing to preserve the word of the Most High Yah. Shalom, and thank you. I am thankful for the ministry that Yah has called you to. It is a blessing that you are doing this for the people of the Most High Yah. — Washington USA

Thank you that you will send to me a copy of the scriptures. I am new to this but would love to own a copy Due to an illness I have been unemployed for 12 years and am presently wanting prayer for my healing. Thank you again for your vision of reaching people who are in need of a personal Bible. — JB OK USA

We knew Dr Chris Koster personally and we are pleased to see his work and vision being reinstated. He was a man that was humble and lived a basic life. His desire was only to see the Fathers Word get out to all on a donation bases only. He knew the Torah well enough to know that no man was to sell His Word. It is a sad loss to this world as his work has changed many lives. He would be happy to know his work has been reinstated and done according to His Word. Thank you and Blessings to the Team. — B & K S South Africa

My wife and I would like a copy of the Scriptures each if possible. We only have one income at the present time and the financial situtation is not good hear in Michigan. Please keep us in your prayers for financial needs. When my wife finishes school the winter and finds employment we would love to assist in this project, but right now money is tight. We are trusting in Yahweh every day. Thank you so much. HalleluYah!! Shalom — DC Michigan USA

I really enjoyed listening to the Audio. I also learned scripture and what it says from the audio. Thank you so very much. I am very hungry for the TRUE Word. I will pray daily that you and yours are blessed for the blessing of giving the TRUTH. — CB, Texas USA

I would give if we could, I lost my day-time job, and we are keeping a homeless family from out Shule, and only my wife is working part-time :-( — WC, Colorado USA

My husband is unemployment and now with out income. We are struggling, but trusting in Yahweh. Thank you for providing such a wonderful gift, this is an honor in itself. Also is there a way to get extra bibles, we have some people who are VERY BAD income wise who are learning these truths along with us in fellowship. Thank you — CB, KY USA

Will keep you all in prayer. May He bless you for doing this and bring the TRUTH to all. — JV, Ohio USA

I am a nurse, but became ill a few years ago, and am on SSDI. I may be able to return to work within the next 6 months, and will definitely contribute to this project! I am so appreciative to this website for what they are doing in YHWH!:) Blessings to you all!! — SC, IN USA

Would be such a blessing to own a copy for myself, as it is the most accurate translation. I keep you guys in my prayers. Much love. Shalom. New Mexico. — BF New Mexico USA

I am a homeschooling mommy to three children.we currently use the king James version. and it has been quite difficult for the kids, as well as myself to continue reading it with the titles and such. we are currently under foreclosure with our house, but Yahweh has blessed us with an older home that we have now bought and have paid for in full. the home is great need of major repairs. all the money my husband makes from landscaping goes into it.but I really felt lead by our Father today to get online and use some of our grocery money to order the Scriptures, and HALLELUYAH! I came across this site. thank you all some much for what you are doing. I feel that this is very important! and we need to all do our part as children of Yahweh. and if it is not to much of a trouble can I please order two copies, many times I will be reading and my two oldest children following along, and using it for their school work. may the favor and peace be onto all that help in this matter, in Yahweh our Father. — A J Florida USA

This translation is very good and we as a family are so excited to learn some Hebrew words. This is truly a wonderful translation. The quality is very good in fact it is higher quality than what we expected. Praise His Name for His Word and keep up the good work. You are all in our prayers. Blessings — H & I B GA USA

I have just started learning about the original names and the sacred NAMES of our heavenly Father. Keep me in your prayers as I learn, teach my family and others. May YHWH Bless you. — JB Illinois USA

We are fixing to go in to some villages to speak to the native Indians about Torah and really need scriptures to give them. We have started a group here in Alaska and are trying to spread truth the halleluyah scriptures would be very beneficial. — JB Alaska

Thank you and may YaHuWaH bless and keep you — VB Co USA

I want to help to the best of my ability. I had tears in my eyes listening to the audio. I bought some of the ISR Scriptures 1998 to distribute free. I tried several times to order some of the 2009 and every time something happened that I couldn’t complete the order. I had a feeling that I wasn’t supposed to. Now I know why.Shalom and blessings — KL Californa USA

We love our Halleluyah Scritpures this is truly an amzing translation. No mans added words only His pure Word. We are His people need to support such a project. Halleluyah is all our family can say. Thank you and bless your team — G&O M Europe

I am glad to find this new effort by a Messianic Group Like you. This will be a blessing to all Messianic believers worldwide. I wish to donate some amount in the future Yahweh provides. But as of now, I faced a financial constraints. Yahweh bless your effort. BeSheM YaHShUA, — O P A Philippines

I was a christian for 19yrs & a yr messianic i cannot get the proper wording scriptures anywhere, be so blessed to have this. i thank you so much — BC UK

i agree with what you are saying about the Scriptures should be made free as Chris Koster had envisioned. i want to see this done. i love your passion for spreading the Truth, and exposing the lies. so many people are ready to just compromise His Word to fit thier own prospective and beliefs. guess it’s hard to let go of that religion for ’em — CA LA USA

What I can do is let all my friends and Messianic sites know about this wonderful project. May His Name be praised.. I would be happy to do all I can and to pray for this cause. — A & N P USA

We have worked for years giving away many ministry materials based on the same principles that you are quoting regarding freely give, freely receive. We appreciate what you are doing and would love to receive a copy of the Scriptures. We will be praying for this project that YHWH will bless your efforts. Shalom. — SB OK USA

I am a humble servant of the Living Elohim of Israel and His son Yahushua Ha’Mashiach. I do not receive any money as a minister. Please send me a copy of your halleluyah scriptures because I do not have any money to send to you. I will pray and fast before Abba Father and lift up your work to Him and ask His Blessings be upon you — SB VA USA

I am just learning the truth. i was raised baptist and just coming out of babylon. i only work part time and can’t afford to buy right now, but will gladly donate later when my income increases. thank you soooo much and Yah bless you for all you are doing for His kingdom!!! — NB, New Mexico USA

May Abba Yahweh continue to bless & use you for his Glory in Yahoshua’s name . In Abba Yah’s Service — LA Indiana USA

I gave my HalleluYAH Scriptures to a number of Rabbis and they all agreed that this version is the purest they have seen. They said this version is the closest to the hebrew than any other english version they know of. It reads and flows so well. I am so excited I saved to get a copy of His Word. NO MANS EXTRA WORDS. BUT ONLY HIS PURE WORD. Thanks and blessings. — CT FL USA

I give all praise, honor and power from within to YHWH & Yahushua for the works they have placed within your hands to do and you are doing it. I know ministry and there is nothing like fulfilling that which has been placed before US to do. As of now, I would rather Have a copy of the Halleluyah Scriptures that are blessed of YHWH that are from you all, than to keep a copy of one that has been put out by robbers and thieves. And as soon as I can, I will donate. Papa YAH knows!!!! Todah Raba YAH!!! — DD IN USA

My husband lost his job, he teaches the Torah and I know he will love this version and with my own copy as well I will be able to study along with him or when he is away. I know when he gets another job he and I would love to bless you for your vision and out reach to the world. Bless you all Shalom. — ED CA USA

This is a great ministry! I pray that many people will be able to support this cause and further your ministry. Everyone needs and deserves the truth! Blessings to you and yours… — UA Louisiana USA

My family is out of work but we are asking people for small jobs to save to help get a copy of His Word and also to help others. We know there is many more worst off than ourselves and we want to help them. We want see those that are in great need receive His Word. We are fasting and praying for your urgent work. — Y & F M Europe

Yahuah has blessed you greatly with such a wonderful calling, i thank you all so much for what you are doing… people like myself and in worst conditions than me, to us this is greater than pure gold or any other jewel… I thank you so much my beloved brothers and sister for everything that you are doing… Yahuah and Yahusha bless you all and your family. — DD UK

I feel what you are doing is a great thing and i feel in my heart that this will bless many to come! — RB SD

Praise YHWH for this project to help with spreading His word with His true name. — GA FL USA

Everyone!!!! needs to get behind this Minsitry. His Word urgently needs to get out to those who have ears to hear. Those that are struggling and those that have nil and cannot afford. There is no better job for His people than to see His Word into those hands. Lets us all do our part. HALLELUYAH — B & P V UK

A friend favourited you on youtube and my Spirit just leaped when I saw the video. HallelYah is all I can say, after hearing the history of what happened with The Scriptures. It made me so sad, yet seeing this project go forward by Abba’s Hand lifted my Spirit!! I take issue with people selling Abba’s Word. No amount or type of of justification has ever sat right in my Spirit. It grieves me deeply. I am very much aware that even though our circumstances seem dire to some in the West, we are very ‘comfortable’ when I know many brothers and sisters in other parts of the world are struggling to merely eat I will definitely be praying Abba’s Hands — LA UK

I want my son in Prison to have the restored name bible. He is asking me for a bible and I looked around for one that would have the father’s REAL name in it and you were recommended. Thank you. — JB WA USA

I believe that your mission is truely bless by Yeshua! Thank you — MC WA USA

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