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“From the rising of the sun to its going down, the Name of YHWH is praised. YHWH is high above all nations, His esteem above the shamayim.” Tehillim/Psalms 113v3-4. We have set up a special page with the HalleluYah Scriptures picture verses. You can go to the link below and go through and download as many picture verses as you want and email them out to whoever you want, great to share on your social media page. It is a great way to share His Word. The team at HalleluYah Scriptures project are always praying about ways to share His Word for you to take and share with those in need of Truth and who are seeking His Ways. We will update the page regularly, so keep coming back and check out the new pictures. A special thank you to those who have supported this important project, those that pray, fast and donate to help others. We thank you as well as those you have helped.

Speaking about the Good News in today’s society with all the negative pressure of talking about religion, due also to laws that are being passed, can sometimes be hard to do for some, also throw in what is taking place in every country of the world, it seems the world is going crazy, but we His people know that we have expectancy and strength in Him. HalleluYah.
A lot of believers are afraid to mention anything about YHWH because of the fear of not knowing how someone would receive it or how it may affect them depending on where they are at.

Many do not have the courage to share as they feel they will get their words twisted or wrong, but remember and bear in mind that the Ruach (His Spirit) give us the words that are needed if we allow Him to share through us.

That is why we felt it was important to print the Cards of Hope for His people to leave in places where they visit, at the coffee shop, on a shelf at the supermarket, leave on park chairs, putting in magazines at the book shop or add them into your payments you send in the mail, or simply give out to those you come in contact with.

We have also shared about the Last Days Booklet we will be starting work on soon for His people to take and share with those as we go into the last days. These will be very stressful to most in this world who will be in such fear and stress and will be seeking answers, which is why this booklet is important, as you can share it and leave it in places with your prayer for those who are seeking His Truth to find. It will explain with Scripture why things are happening to them. We are so excited that we have donations to print around 30K of these to send them all over the world for His people to share in those day’s.

Many supporters share in this Project through His Word with prayer and fasting and donations and some cannot donate, but work on the streets to share His Truth, so they take materials to share with others that make a commitment, or who are seeking Truth, so without those of you who have donated, these brothers and sisters would not be able to share Truth.

Please keep the HalleluYah Scriptures team in your prayer and ask the Father for wisdom over the new booklet.

We have been working on picture verses for over 10 years now and have set up a page for you to copy and share them in your emails to your friends, family or anyone you email, to share with others and to use them in any way you want to share His Truth through His Word. You can, as we have suggested, share them on your social media pages.

Concerning the coming last days, there will be a lot of fear and stress upon many all around us. Please remember His Word and how He will be with us, as we are not to have fear of man, for what can they do to us? Remember, our lives are not our own, but belong to the Most High and He can take our life anytime He wants. He ordains when we die, and remember, we are already dead to this world.

“Fear” is spoken of many times in His Word. Furthermore, in addition to the “Fear nots” many Bibles read to “Fear” YHWH, which really means revere YHWH (as HS translates it) and do not fear anyone or anything in this world. 

Fear is a natural response to challenges or the unknown. It’s an emotion that serves a valuable purpose, think fight or flight response, but it can quickly become unhealthy when it paralyzes us or propels us into frantic behavior. Negative outcomes aside, His Word actually commands us to not be afraid.

As believers, we don’t need to fear because we know YHWH is in control. YHWH is on His throne, meaning nothing else is – not a diagnosis, unmet expectations, or uncertain future. He alone has all power and all authority, and nothing can threaten that. Remember that NOTHING happens in this world unless He allows it. The enemy has to get permission to do anything against His people. (see Iyob/Yob.)

Remember, what is coming upon us all are His judgements against a world that has rebelled and turned away from His Commandments .It is time to come back to Him. We read over and over in Scripture His curses and judgement against those who do not want to obey.
Verses on Fear to Memorize. There are over 500.
Isaiah 41:10
Hebrews 13:5-6
2 Timothy 1:7
Psalm 23:4
Deuteronomy 31:6
John 14:27
Psalm 27:1
Psalm 46:1-3
Psalm 55:22

We can rest in the fact that nothing takes our Father YHWH by surprise. Take your fears, worries, and anxieties before Him because He cares about them, and when we obey, we are His children and He will protect us through the coming hard days. (1 Peter 5:7; Romans 8:28).

The Psalmist, Dawid often leads us in a “Fear not” prayer. The Psalms/Tehillim are the Scriptures we go to when we are stressed or in fear and worry as it strengthens us and we see how Dawid handled many situations that would make our hearts fail us. Dawid went through some very stressful times with armies coming against him to take his life. This Book is filled with ways to deal with stressful situations.
(Psalm 56:3-4, repeated in similar words in verses 10-11)

Brother Yochanan (John) shares much on fear. (read 1 John 4:11,18)

The truth in YHWH’s Word and His promises bridge the gap between the fear we may feel and what we know to be true about YHWH and His love for us. Renewing our minds through the memorization of His Word is the best defence against the fears of this world. His Word has such power, so let us store it up in our hearts and minds.

But remember and bear in mind that our lives are not ours and He can take us home anytime He wants. No man can do anything against us unless our Father allows it. This is His promise to us when we obey his Commandments, Right Rulings, Shabbat and His Festivals.

The pictures used are copyright free for any use.

Here is the link to the picture verses to share freely.

We want to take the time to say a very special thank you to our all our supporters who have stood by us in the hard times and the good times. Your prayers, fasting and donations have made this possible. We pray for you daily and ask the Father to show you favor, as you have shown many of His people much favor.

You can also order the new Topic’s Book, a four year project that is very special. You can order and read more on this link:

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HalleluYah and thank you

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team


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